Pryor not at practice; Porter returns


Quarterback Terrelle Pryor is not at practice today, though cornerback Tracy Porter is back on the field less than 48 hours after he and Pryor suffered concussions.
Matt Flynn is taking the reps with the first-team offense today, and he is in line to make his first start for the Raiders unless Pryor is cleared by team doctors before Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins.
For Porter to be back on the field, it means he passed the league-mandated test that allows players to be at practice, though without contact, or he passed the test that allows players to resume activities without restriction.
Either way, the fact Porter is on the field today and Pryor isn’t says that Pryor suffered a more severe concussion.

— Defensive end Jason Hunter is not at practice, either. He was not mentioned by coach Dennis Allen as being injured during the Denver Broncos game Monday night.
Hunter is on the practice field, but he isn’t taking part in drills.

— Linebacker Sio Moore is at practice. He didn’t play against the Broncos as a result of a concussion he suffered in a car accident the day the Raiders flew to Denver.

— Andre Gurode is working at left guard, even though Lucas Nix is healthy enough to practice.
Nix started the first two games before he suffered an ankle injury. Gurode started against the Broncos.


Steve Corkran

  • RealTruRaider

    Hope so, then we might be able to trade to some sucker and get one of our picks back

  • jumpnjiminy


  • Javi Perez

    Here we go with sucky flynn… great!

  • bigmike34

    Pryor is definitely out….Get behind Flynn…we have to see if he is worth the $8 or whatever it is we are paying him….
    AND Pryor need to rest and get Cleared by the NFLPA before he can play….Step one is to be Cleared to just workout…do some running…when he goes through that THEN he can do heaver work …Like lifting…..THEN if he is still OK he can work out with the team….

  • bigmike34

    Jason…Flynn had another start against N.E. He threw for 3 TDs and racked up over 40 points in a shoot out with Brady..

  • bigmike34

    The Raiders have always been a team with Great Fan support…..
    Yet we have a guy that is saying those of us who want Flynn to get a Look are Racists….Other guys that have said they want Pryor to start no matter what how disgusting is that…The guy should put himself at great risk just so Flynn doesn’t get a chance to show what he can do……
    SOMETHING …Pryor said really turned me Off on him and Proved to me that he still has a LOT of Growing up to do….
    PRYOR Said: The fans shouldn’t worry….that EVEN Flynn can with this next game….Flynn Has a lot more Class then to every say anything like that about a Team mate …Or a fellow QB..
    When Flynn took over even for that 2 minutes….He was calm, Knew what to do …Looked like a field General…and got us a TD…

  • R8derdiehard

    If Flynn had so much class how come he hasn’t come out and showed support of his teammate Pryor I stead of hiding and pouting. With that being said if he starts i hope he does great cause its a good thing to have a good backup qb

  • bigmike34

    What on earth do you expect Flynn to do….have tears in his eyes about Poor Pryor….Or …WHAT…Be specific…
    Note: before being named a starter Pryor talked about how much he was learning from Flynn in the QB room…I am quite
    certain that Flynn has continued to help Pryor….Just as he did with Wilson….in Seattle….NOTE: In both cases had Flynn’s Elbow not
    gone out on him…..He would have been the Starter…..Even though Russell Wilson is a much better QB then Pryor will ever be
    Even though he is not 6’5″ tall or have Pryor’s speed ….But Wilson is a Student of the game…he is a QB….