Live chat: Oakland Raiders vs. Washington Redskins, Sunday at 1 p.m.

Join NFL writer Steve Corkran for a live chat as the Oakland Raiders host Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.



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  • JLofty


  • Goldie7

    lol good one Lofty!

  • JLofty

    As little faith as I have in Matt Flynn, Pryor should sit this week out. For his own long term health and even for his health as our QB in the next few years…
    A second blow to the head in a few week’s timeframe after the first is EXPONENTIALLY worse than the original. Simply not worth the very real and likely risk. A football game is not worth it….

  • As much as I am a Pryor fan you are absolutely correct. The game is very winnable. Even with Wilson.

  • LTR

    If Pryor starts, that will speak volumes as to what this staff now thinks of Flynn.