Pryor feels ‘great,’ might start Sunday if he passes non-mandatory test


ALAMEDA – Starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor has been medically cleared for full contact and to play again, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Friday. However, Pryor has to pass one final concussion-related test before Allen signs off on Pryor’s return to game action.
Pryor did far more at practice Friday than he did at any point this week. As a result, Allen said, the Raiders want to see how he responds to the increased workload the day after.
“It’s not something that has to be done,” Allen said. “It’s something that we want to do to make sure. I want to make sure we’re making the right decision for this kid.”
Pryor passed the series of league-mandated tests before Friday’s practice. If he passes the non-mandatory test Saturday, there’s a strong chance that he will start against the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Allen said.
“I feel great,” Pryor said about 30 minutes after practice ended. “I was told, today I took my final test in the morning and passed. It was an impact test, and that was probably the hardest one.”
Well, he still has the additional test the Raiders are throwing at him as a “precautionary” measure, in Allen’s words. Pryor didn’t know about the added test until asked about it.
He said he feels as if he is 100 percent healthy. Just the same, he is appreciative of the Raiders regard for his safety and well being.
“That just shows they take care their players … ,” Pryor said. “That sounds wonderful that they’re looking at (another test). At the end of the day, prevention is definitely more key than trying to jump from one game” to the next.
Allen said he isn’t going to make a definitive announcement for competitive reasons. But he made it sound as if there’s a realistic chance of Pryor starting ahead of Matt Flynn.
“We haven’t made that decision,” Allen said. “The biggest thing is, I like where he’s at. I like where he’s at mentally. Medically, we’re going to continue to evaluate him. He’s cleared medically. We want to get one more evaluation on him tomorrow to see how he responded. But, he’s making a lot of progress.”
Pryor took a few snaps and wore a helmet at Thursday’s practice, according to Allen. However, Pryor did not wear a helmet and attempted only one pass during the media access.
Most coaches are hesitant to start a quarterback who hasn’t practiced much the week before the game. Allen’s history puts him in this camp. Therefore, it was imperative that Pryor get in some practice time.
Allen is comfortable with Flynn or Pryor starting, given Pryor started the first three games this season and Flynn got the bulk of the reps with the first-team offense in practice this week.
In the end, the Raiders are taking an abundance of caution and making sure that Pryor isn’t at risk of further injury.
“I’m going to make the right decision based on his health and make sure we do the right thing for him,” Allen said.


Steve Corkran

  • RealTruRaider

    Nah, I think most Raider fans know that Pryor gives us best chance to win, but if Flynn starts you better believe we want a W, if a fan doesn’t then they are not a real fan


    That accounts for so many of those games where I bet on Dallas and Romo played like crap.

  • RaiderE

    I think we need to let Flynn play and keep Pryor, our starting QB inactive and safe from re-injury this week. Flynn sucks, but he should scrape by the Redskins.



  • the soulful dr robert

    there are many who are simply afraid to see flynn get a shot.

    if he comes out and the offense explodes and he has 300/3, and we win big, there’s no way they go back to pryor. why would they?

  • the soulful dr robert

    what’s telling is that on 3rd and long and 3rd an goal, olson calls runs.

    flynn comes in cold at the end of a game, and they call passes.

    he knows. he knows.

  • RealTruRaider

    That could go against your argument, LB’s, DB’s, OL, RB, WR, usually have a lot more contact than a QB, so the chances of a QB getting hit like that are far less than those other positions

  • RaiderE

    I got an idea. Mark should remove the tarps and replace them with Dr. Slop cutouts in the seats this Sunday. That many clowns should make Flynn feel all warm inside.

  • the soulful dr robert

    don’t EVER pretend u like flynn. at halftime, when ur trying to be a flynn guy, get lost.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Just noticed HAL. Nice.

  • Raider_Riff

    So what.

    You said that Romo played like a beast with 250 concussions.

    So you expect a QB to be able to also.

    Which is not realistic at all. For the reasons I listed.

  • RealTruRaider

    Thats not true, very few fans feel that way, WE WANT TO WIN, if Flynn plays good he will get cheered if plays bad he will get booed like every other player thats ever played in the coliseum

  • the soulful dr robert

    pryor has been cleared but the org wants him to pass another mystery test saturday.

    Pryor said he was unaware of said test.

    “I didn’t know that,” Pryor said, “but that sounds wonderful that they’re looking out.”

    probably want him to go throw passes and show he can throw the entire passing tree (which he can’t)

  • RaiderE



    You need to learn a new tune man.

  • Al_istheRaiders

    non mandatory test? sounds mandatory if da wants him to pass….oh wait i know the test….are you reggies pick? no. failed.

  • the soulful dr robert

    lol. it’s “classic razz”

  • i see Robert isn’t the only one pretending to be a doctor today (ahem, JLofty)

  • Al_istheRaiders

    youre high if you think flynn wins.

  • Can you imagine the crap DA would get if Pryor is 100% and he’s on the inactive list, then we lose to the 0-3 Redskins in front of the home crowd? wow. I doubt he’d make it out of the parking lot!

  • RealTruRaider

    Ok man, thats how you feel

  • RealTruRaider

    lol, I think you will be surprised

  • Raider_Riff

    Without the practice reps, Pryor will have to depend on his legs more than ever this Sunday.

    Which means a increased likelyhood that he gets hit again.

    I hope the “impact tests” were comprehensive and he passed with flying colors.

    I hope we pound the rock and utilize the screen pass game. Oh wait… that was the plan vs Denver and we didnt do it at all.

    This is a scary game. A game we should win. I pivotal point in the early part of the season. Cant be giving these away. We already gave away the Indy game and should be up 2-1 looking at 3-1. To go down 1-3 is such a wild swing from the alternative.

    Tough call for DA. He knows who gives him the better shot to win. But he’s also gotta think long term. Cause if he fvcks this up and gets Pryor permanently hurt, he’s stuck with “his boy” the rest of the season and when we end up with 5 wins or less, he’s gonna get himself fired.

  • RealTruRaider

    Yeah, a lot of docs in the house today lol

  • Riff, Pryor is a 3rd year pro. He’s been the starter since before the Seattle preseason game. he’s not in a position like Tony Pashos where we signed him off the street and he’s thrust into the starting lineup with a bunch of dudes he doesn’t know 3 days later

  • MetalRaiders

    That’s great news! I hope Pryor starts, if not the offense is in trouble. I think the Raiders can out score Washington only if Pryor starts.

  • the soulful dr robert

    Flynn will start and Pryor will be the backup. going forward i hope.

  • I was trying to figure out what this “impact” concussion test would be, here put this helmet on and run into a wall?
    But I think the concussion test company is called ImPACT.

  • RaidO

    What is this extra test crap?

  • JLofty

    That’s not old school that’s just stupid. And what happens when Romo’s brain goes all black spots in 5 yrs and he sticks a shotgun in his mouth after killing his wife and children. Idiocy.

    Everyone’s ability to compensate for concussions is different. Some end up BAD off, others never do…

  • Raider_Riff

    Interesting point.

    I figured they did some sort of pushing or smacking to the side of his head to see if he’d get dizzy.

    Whatever the case Im not convinced that it would tell the full story of how bad it really is.

    He was knocked out cold. Adrenaline got him off the canvas. You dont recover from that in just a few days. He needs to take a rest.

  • LTR

    If Pryor starts that means the staff has zero faith in Flynn. I expect Pryor to have 400+ yards passing/rushing against Wash. and a W. I expect the same if Flynn starts, only more passing because he’s not a gifted runner . Wash. is giving up the most yards per game and are exceptionally poor against the run so far.

  • jumpnjiminy

    You’d like me to take my skirt off wouldn’t ya…fruitcake!
    Just cuz players want to play at all times doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for them. On the other hand, NFL and DA don’t know what’s best for them either…just play them til they drop! Yay! and goodbye to TP’s poor brain! What a waste!

  • impact test = running into the backs of your OLinemen, like Darren McFadden does

  • Goldie7

    the soulful dr robert Raider_Riff

    • 17 minutes ago • 0 1
    I am. it shows how much i own u pusses.
    Okay so let me get this straight. Dr. Robert are you a real doctor that serve real patients?

  • RaidO

    LOL, DA needs to stop this crap:

    “Raiders coach Dennis Allen said if Pryor passes the non-NFL mandated test, he will play. Allen would not, though, say if Pryor would start on Sunday, acknowledging that keeping the choice quiet was for “competitive reasons.”

    competitive reasons? ha ha. It’s the redskins with the worst D in the NFL. A solid #32 ranking

  • JLofty

    one tends to do a LOT of research on one’s own conditions…

  • Raider_Riff

    3rd year pro?

    Not even remotely accurate if you are going to ignore the obvious semantics.

    1st year… missed training camp, next to no reps

    2nd year… rarely suited up, next to no reps, the one start he got he still had to split reps

    3rd year… 2nd team reps all training camp, doesnt get 1st team reps until 3rd week of preseason

    He’s got exactly 5 weeks of 1st team reps under his belt. If you think that equates to being a legitimate 3rd year pro, you are sadly mistaken.

    He was 3rd string his first two years. Which means he got less than 4 or 5 reps per practice if he was lucky.

  • RaidO


  • PlunkforHOF

    I was going to say that I know JLofty has a history with concussions.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Web MD.

  • JLofty needs to quit kung foo fighting!

  • I’m thinking that if Flynn starts and goes three and out three times in a row (kind of like last weeks Raid grease fire), the O.co will be full of fools booing as loud as they can.

    They won’t be able to help themselves,,,,,,

  • Goldie7


  • “He spent the open period with his helmet on, handling reps with first-team receivers. He also took snaps in the few team drills visible as media exited the practice field. While Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Pryor took team reps on Thursday, his activity level has clearly increased.” Scott Blair CSNBAyArea

  • jumpnjiminy

    Oh God…I got 2 downers for this one…ouch…I’m telling my mommy on you!

  • jumpnjiminy

    c’mon…down it!

  • willy91137

    I think prior will start and we don’t will get to see Flynn Tintin watch him gets sacked and fumbled the ball
    I just want to see prior play most all of the games this year if he is getting any better we will draft a quarterback this year

  • Raider_Riff

    The leash is a lot shorter than that.

    The first incomplete pass and the boo’s will start flying.

    The first 3 & out and it will get unbearable.

    The first turnover and people will start throwing things at the owner’s box.

  • Riff, so Pryor learned NOTHING from Hue Jackson, Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller & Al Saunders as a rookie? He learned NOTHING from Greg Knapp, John DeFilippo, Carson Palmer & Matt Leinart last year? He learned NOTHING this offseason with those QB coaches he hired or working out with players as “the guy” or being with Olson & Flynn May through August?