Pryor practicing, showing no obvious signs of concussion


ALAMEDA – Quarterback Terrelle Pryor is at practice Friday, and he is doing far more than he did at any point this week while he recovered from a concussion. Therefore, there’s still a chance that he will start against the Washington Redskins.

Pryor took a few snaps and wore a helmet at Thursday’s practice, according to coach Dennis Allen. However, Pryor did not wear a helmet and attempted only one pass during the media window.

Most coaches are hesitant to start a quarterback who hasn’t practiced much the week before the game. Allen’s history puts him in this camp. The Raiders host the Redskins on Sunday.

Still, it remains to be seen whether Allen goes with Matt Flynn or Pryor. He said Wednesday that he likely won’t make an announcement beforehand, meaning people might not know until Sunday morning.

Pryor started the Raiders first three games this season. Flynn’s lone snaps came at the end of the Raiders-Broncos game in which Pryor suffered a concussion.

Allen will speak with the media shortly after noon today, at which time he is expected to provide an update on Pryor’s status.

Pryor said Wednesday that he is confident that he could perform well in a game without much, if any, practice time.

Just the same, he added, it’s hard enough to succeed taking all the reps with the first-team offense, let alone missing significant time in practice.

“I’m not Peyton (Manning),” Pryor said. “I do need experience. It’s definitely what I lack. I need experience. I need more time with my guys. That’s what I’ve lacked this whole season, starting from the first game.”

Pryor has started four games during his NFL career, including all three of the Raiders games this season.

As for the legality of the hit that concussed Pryor, the league said today that it won’t fine Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard for his helmet-to-facemask hit, according to a Fox Sports report.


Steve Corkran

  • Raider_Riff

    It all depends on the talent you surround them with.

    Surround a QB with talent and you go far… ie Sanchez for the Jets.

    Draft poorly and let the O-Line go to crap and all of a sudden your QB of the future is getting ran out of town… ie Sanchez for the Jets.

  • alex7

    if Pryor was going to be the starter for Allen…

    Allen would NOT be talking about how close Pryor is or how much progress he’s made. Allen always tries to conceal these types of things.

    If Pryor was for sure going to start, Allen would say Pryor is “not yet where we need him to be” so the Redskins wouldn’t easily know which QB to prep for.

  • rioderek

    If you expected to Raiders to play better than they have, you were delusional. Pryor is the face of the Raiders at this point. Had it not been for him, there would be no wins or close games. There would be no sellouts and the team would either have no national relevance or they’d simply serve as joke punch lines. Pryor is the QB for now and the future.

  • rioderek

    such a liar !

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    For you DA haters