Pryor practicing, showing no obvious signs of concussion

ALAMEDA – Quarterback Terrelle Pryor is at practice Friday, and he is doing far more than he did at any point this week while he recovered from a concussion. Therefore, there’s still a chance that he will start against the Washington Redskins.

Pryor took a few snaps and wore a helmet at Thursday’s practice, according to coach Dennis Allen. However, Pryor did not wear a helmet and attempted only one pass during the media window.

Most coaches are hesitant to start a quarterback who hasn’t practiced much the week before the game. Allen’s history puts him in this camp. The Raiders host the Redskins on Sunday.

Still, it remains to be seen whether Allen goes with Matt Flynn or Pryor. He said Wednesday that he likely won’t make an announcement beforehand, meaning people might not know until Sunday morning.

Pryor started the Raiders first three games this season. Flynn’s lone snaps came at the end of the Raiders-Broncos game in which Pryor suffered a concussion.

Allen will speak with the media shortly after noon today, at which time he is expected to provide an update on Pryor’s status.

Pryor said Wednesday that he is confident that he could perform well in a game without much, if any, practice time.

Just the same, he added, it’s hard enough to succeed taking all the reps with the first-team offense, let alone missing significant time in practice.

“I’m not Peyton (Manning),” Pryor said. “I do need experience. It’s definitely what I lack. I need experience. I need more time with my guys. That’s what I’ve lacked this whole season, starting from the first game.”

Pryor has started four games during his NFL career, including all three of the Raiders games this season.

As for the legality of the hit that concussed Pryor, the league said today that it won’t fine Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard for his helmet-to-facemask hit, according to a Fox Sports report.


Steve Corkran

  • marks hair

    oh good news.. we didn’t need another setback

  • JOn Wooah

    From a few days ago.. HOF’er says it all

    Tafur ‏@VicTafur
    25 Sep

    #Raiders safety Charles Woodson on how big of a blow it would be if Terrelle Pryor (concussion) can’t play Sunday: http://sulia.com/c/oakland-raiders/f/655d00b7-8bc4-4388-b704-126e77f37219/?source=twitter

  • eastoaklandraider

    1) Rodgers

    this is where it gets tricky

    5)Matt Ryan
    6)Russell Wilson
    7)Big Ben
    10) Eli

    Last six are hard to put in order

  • jumpnjiminy

    Oh I get ya – you must be a McGloin fan…yay!

  • jumpnjiminy

    daggonit doc answer me….or the whole ‘teeth swallowing’ thing will be happening for real this time!

  • JOn Wooah

    Rodgers is 5-24 when trailing from behind. Yes he is a SB winner but now way is he number 1. BRADY still best Qb in the league

  • JOn Wooah

    Tafur ‏@VicTafur
    25 Sep

    RG3 and Terrelle Pryor are from same high school year and have been “watching each other. I am happy he’s got his shot,” RG3 said.

  • JOn Wooah

    Tafur ‏@VicTafur

    RG3 on #Raiders defense: “People say they’re not good because of what happened Mon., but u can see how aggressive they are. I’m impressed.”

  • J Hill

    After the top 4, there are about 15 guys who are all about the same.

    Those 15 guys need a lot of help to win.

  • eastoaklandraider

    east oak.
    Need to run enough to keep down and distance managable for TP.
    If we do that we can win this week.
    Have a good weekend.


    Yeah this needs to be the gameplan every week. Hopefully Tarver has found his nuts now that Peyton isnt starting him down.

  • jumpnjiminy

    Don’t make me ‘vote down’ ya…I mean it…clicker’s floating……

  • the soulful dr robert

    Honestly, 50/50 cuz who can tell if DA will make another stupid decision?

    It should be Flynn for lots of reasons. Better passer. Barely any practice for ur “foggy” pass-challenge” qb. A winnable game if u can execute a real offense.

    However, Pryor really doesn’t need to be part of a game plan since he doesn’t stick to designed plays very often.

    That’s why his best function would be that of “change of pace” when the offense is stalling.

  • J Hill

    A game plan focused on running to keep the QB in manageable down and distance is a recipe for disaster, imo.

    We are going to HAVE to pass to open up some running lanes.

  • RaiderCDE

    If Flynch starts, Pryor will be inactive. We might see McGloin play on Sunday when Flynch gets crushed. It could get preseason ugly…

  • the soulful dr robert

    Really? Never heard of a “qb change” when the starter is sucking and losing?

  • R8erEduc8er


  • R8erEduc8er

    Harvey Long Neck Williams

  • jumpnjiminy

    bit of an overstatement…so when there’s a bye week tp’s whole game goes to pot b/c he didn’t play???

  • eastoaklandraider

    J Hill

    • a minute ago

    A game plan focused on running to keep the QB in manageable down and distance is a recipe for disaster, imo.

    We are going to HAVE to pass to open up some running lanes.


    I agree but I think we can run on Wash, but Olson needs to be more creative that would help the run game immensely instead of just runs up the middle every time.

  • Goldie7

    Speedy and successful recovery to you Pryor!

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    #Raiders coach Dennis Allen on the simple reason that Tony Pashos has stepped in and done well at right tackle:

    Allen: “He’s played in the league a long time. He stays in between his guy and the quarterback. It’s really as simple as that.

    “I think sometimes we try to make this game too complicated. It’s not
    that complicated. You have a guy you’re supposed to block, you stay
    between him and the quarterback and generally you’re going to be

  • KoolKell

    Raiders need to line up in the Power I and go from there. Play acton.

    You don’t need trick plays for Pryor. He can always scramble and extend plays if he needs to.

  • “Still, it remains to be seen whether Allen goes with Matt Flynn or Pryor. He said Wednesday that he likely won’t make an announcement beforehand, meaning people might not know until Sunday morning.” – He’s killing my fantasy football team!! Go 4 Pryor!!

  • R8erEduc8er

    Luck should be top 10

  • eastoaklandraider

    • a day ago

    Olson has to get more creative with this offense, I wanna see more shifts, I wanna see ford lined up in the backfield then run a route out the backfield, I wanna see more fake reverses then run a reverse, I wanna see dmac throwing a pass to Pryor, I wanna see Reece lined up at TE. We have too many dynamic players to be so ordinary I’ve seen enough wr screens to last a lifetime. LET’S GO OLSON.

  • NFL Network says to start TP2 on your FF team this weekend, damaged coconut and all …

  • eastoaklandraider

    He’s killing my fantasy football team!! Go 4 Pryor!!


    This is why guys like you dont know REAL football, damn FF bs.

  • seymour bush

    Washington cannot stop the run. Which just happens to be our strength. We should be able to line up on them and beat them and not have to run a bunch of misdirection or things that can get us in trouble. The problem is if the Redskins do not respect the pass, they will all jam the POA. This game gets a little interesting as to how to attack the Wash D. If Pryor can stand in the pocket, and make some medium length completions, Wash is in for a long day.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Exactly! Exactly! If a play isn’t there, he can create with his legs.

  • East Oak, don’t ever question my football knowledge. you got smoked in every debate we’ve ever had. thanks big homie

  • seymour bush

    An interesting statement from Allen. Basically all football boils down to is beating your guy. For the last 10 years 99% of the time, on every snap, their guys have beaten each one of our guys.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Has Flynn been reduced to a guy that takes practice snaps for Pryor while Pryor rests up? LOL.

  • eastoaklandraider

    lol, then you woke up.

  • …And Justice for AL

    I thought the leagues double standards were going to stop when Al passed away. If Brady or Manning get hit like that, someone’s getting fined and suspended.

  • RaidingTexas

    Lol ok, whatever man. I’m on record as being in the Pryor Brigade.

  • Stringer Bell

    This is winnable game. They can get back to .500 and stick it to shannarat in the process.

  • seymour bush

    Haslett has never proven he can coach in this league. He has a bunch of new players in the secondary, and RGIII just has not looked like last years dual threat. This is certainly a winnable game.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    RaiderRockstar says:

    I hate having to scroll down to read replies, so half the time I don’t even bother with it. Anybody else feel the same way??

    You click on the ‘comments below’ button and it takes you there, or that thread. Then repeat.
    But you can’t find it if it’s a reply to a collapsed post, and then it haunts you forever at the bottom of the screen.

  • RediaR

    No Alex Barron. It will be fine.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Allen is a boob. Just tell us pryor is starting or flynn is starting that way nobody waste any money on tix to watch flynn eat sacks throw picks and get blown out by 20.

    There is no ‘competitive advantage” in the qb shell game as it pertains to this raider team. why? BECAUSE NOBODY WILL PREPARE FOR FLYNN AS LONG AS THEY ALSO HAVE TO PREPARE FOR PRYOR!!!

    pryor demands a defenses full attention at all times, flynn…not so much.

    The oakland high wildacts could roll out of bed sunday motoring coming off a saturday night beer bender and beat flynn. You dont have to do anything to beat him but press cover the wides over laod the box and send the heat.

    We saw the colts completely dismiss flynn and admit they were prepping for pryor, im sure the redskins would do the same in terms of prep.

    LOL at preparing to stop flynn. The seagulls flying over head and dropping excrement at the coliseum will have a bigger impact on the defense than flynn.

    Stop the charade. Allen continues to prove that he is not head coach material, and I am counting down until his firing. at seasons end.

  • RediaR

    Ben should be about 8 spots lower at this point.

  • JLofty

    The medical and scientific community are in the infancy of understanding concussions in almost EVERY respect. They have just begun to scratch the surface of things.

    It won’t (and shouldn’t) be long before they pull players for taking a blow to the head. ANY blow. And sit them for a week+.

    Going to need to expand rosters and have college like “systems” where you can plug players in and out and maintain success…..

  • Jon Train

    Alfred Morris averaging 5.6 ypc this season. This is a dangerous team. Not to be taken lightly. Hunter not playing would actually be a big loss especially vs PA rollouts. If Flynn plays, Haslett will bring the blitzes. WRs better be ready for quick hot reads, short passes, and be on the same page with Flynn.

  • eastoaklandraider

    if big ben had an oline worth a damn he’d still be top 10

  • jumpnjiminy

    okay…just checkin’

  • eastoaklandraider

    not quite yet with more experience yeah same for RG3, Wilson just has that (IT) FACTOR

  • the soulful dr robert

    the biggest mistake he ever made was starting pryor to begin with. flynn will own the position going forward. goodbye clown.

  • RaiderGuy50

    I hate to say that I agree, even though he was in the tackle box and lowered his head and no illegal. I truly believe that if brady did that it gets flagged at the very least

  • the soulful dr robert

    if it’s legal, its legal.

  • the soulful dr robert

    i’ sure u wanted me to paint myself in a corner, right?