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Sanford, Crawford in line for playing time Sunday

By Steve Corkran
Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 3:00 pm in Oakland Raiders.

ALAMEDA — Left defensive end Jason Hunter missed all three practices this week with a sore quadriceps. Even so, coach Dennis Allen is leaving open the possibility of Hunter healing well enough to give it a go against the Washington Redskins.
More than likely, though, Hunter won’t be able to play — he’s listed as questionable — and the Raiders will turn to Brian Sanford and Jack Crawford to help fill the void.
Sanford is a third-year players out of Temple. Crawford is in his second season out of Penn State. Allen feels as if Sanford is a bit ahead of Crawford in terms of being a polished all-around player.
“He’s got some versatility,” Allen said of Sanford. “He can play inside in the nickel, he’s got a little bit of rush ability but he’s also athletic enough that he can play some base defensive end for us and that’s really the role that he’s played on our defense.”
As for Crawford, he didn’t play much his rookie season, as the Raiders leaned heavily upon veterans Lamarr Houston, Andre Carter and others.
If Hunter can’t play Sunday, it’s an ideal opportunity for Crawford to make a case for more playing time from here on out.
“There’s still a lot of improvement that he needs to make,” Allen said of Crawford. “We feel good with some of the guys that we have and feel good with Brian Sanford going in there. … It would be a great opportunity for Jack if Jason’s not able to go, to get in and play and do some good things.”

– Rookie offensive tackle Menelik Watson hasn’t played all season because of a torn ligament in his right knee that required surgery.
Allen said he is “hopeful” that Watson will be cleared to resume practicing next week. Watson missed most of training camp with an injury he suffered during the offseason and then got shut down a few days after he first practiced in camp.
It will be interesting to see what the Raiders do upon Watson’s return. He was slated to start the regular-season opener at left offensive tackle.
Khalif Barnes is at the left tackle spot now, with veteran Tony Pashos playing well at the right tackle spot. It says here that Watson goes to left tackle — at least until Jared Veldheer returns from his triceps injury — and Barnes moves into one of the guard spots.

– Here are the official status reports of the injured Raiders for Sunday’s game:
SS Tyvon Branch (out); Hunter, LB Sio Moore (probable), G Lucas Nix (questionable), FB Jamize Olawale (probable), CB Tracy Porter (probable), QB Terrelle Pryor (questionable) and Watson (out).

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  • the soulful dr robert

    moore and streater are good wrs.

    rivera and reece and dmc are too.

    the weapons are there. they’re waiting for good passes.

  • Smitttstyles

    Or play calling at times – WTF is up with not using Reece more?

  • xXRaider2DaHeartXx

    well im actually trying to do it from my phone. So that my be the prob?? So im on the laptop now…

  • the soulful dr robert

    fortunately, pryor only lost one winnable game.

    we simply aren’t at denver’s level.

    but if flynn can beat wash, we are 2-2 and ready for a run.

    only at houston and against denver will be what i would call close to unwinnable.

    except if we are rolling at that time.

  • EMRaiders

    Ok, we will find out soon enough I guess. Let’s hope the Oline is better by then too.

    THough Moore and Streater hardly compare to Jennings and company.

  • the soulful dr robert

    that is one glaring problem.

    have we ever seen a worse attempt at getting our best offensive player the ball?

  • xXRaider2DaHeartXx

    What if flynn flops real bad?? Like Andrew Walter bad??? Will you still Support??

  • the soulful dr robert

    well, maybe right now, but i feel moore is a td maker and streater is showing a lot of growth.

    throw in reece and dmc as receivers and u have a lot to work with.

  • the soulful dr robert

    absolutely not.

  • Smitttstyles

    I like the sentiment of wins now but practically we are building and if we can see if we have a franchise QB in Pryor then do it. Flynn could possibly be better in the short term – but that’s all it would be because how can a QB with chronic tendonitis in their throwing elbow be considered a viable long-term option? Honestly. If we find out Pryor has the goods, we can focus on other areas draft-wise. If not, we can draft a potential franchise QB. I want to win too – but not at the expense of the future building of the franchise. There is also the fact that Pryor is far more entertaining to watch than Flynn – something we haven’t had forever.

  • EMRaiders

    well, I guess that’s when play calling comes into “play”. A few screens here and there, and play action passes, and Dmac and Reece will become dangerous weapons in the passing game. But I don’t think we have seen many, if any at all?

  • Smitttstyles

    No – Hue Jax was awesome for that stuff – I do miss Hue.

  • the soulful dr robert

    if flynn plays and stinks, i will happily go back to pryor. no other choice.

    mcgloin has promise but he’s not ready and would likely struggle to the point of ruining his career.

    and his upside may only be that of quality backup anyway.

    good arm. moxy and poise. but mistake-prone. rookies do that.

  • EMRaiders

    Let’s not get that started again….(whether he should’ve stayed or not)

  • the soulful dr robert

    well, this is where we differ.

    i see no evidence at all that pryor is the future.

    if they rolled with him thru next season, it would be agony.

  • EMRaiders

    So doc, how long would you give Flynn?

  • the soulful dr robert


  • the soulful dr robert

    he would have to at least outperform pryor and look like a real qb.

    if he fell on his face, off with his head.

  • Smitttstyles

    Pryor a poor decision maker? Yes, at times. But no moreso than any other young QB in the league. As I said, he was routinely PRAISED on Monday for his decision making and keeping eyes downfield on scrambles – something he lacked in spades against Indy. Two weeks later = VAST improvement = proof of ability to a) take coaching and b) work hard to improve weak spots. So if you support Flynn you’ve got solid clank but if not you’re a puss? Guess I’m a puss then. I can live with that in this context.

  • EMRaiders

    One game? man… that’s tough love. I’m beginning to understand your impatience with Pryor now….lol

  • the soulful dr robert

    yes, he stopped forcing it but the result was that he simply doesn’t throw deep or get the job done.

    so we are stuck with a cautious qb, afraid to make a mistake, with no real arm talent.

  • Smitttstyles

    SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN for sure – that’s the strength of this team with the QB run threat, DMAC’s receiving ability and movement in space and Reece’s all-around awesomeness for sure

  • Smitttstyles

    Nah, not trying to stir up the pot, just saying he was creative and bold with his play-calling. I think Olson will do the same more as the season progress – and Pryor does as well.

  • the soulful dr robert

    he doesn’t get the benefit of being a prospect.

    it’s now or never with him.

    if he stunk it up, no way to stay with him.

    he’s played. he’s at home against a porous defense.

    if he can’t get it done, move on.

  • Smitttstyles

    I don’t think they do that – I think they see if he’s got the goods, and if not, they bail on him. And fair enough – he will have gotten his shot here, at least.

  • EMRaiders

    Alright, have a good night men. Talk to ya’ll tomorrow.

  • the soulful dr robert

    the doctor’s prescription:

    roll with flynn. if he excels, u compete. if he fails, u know now, and move on with pryor, and hope.

    if both fail, u know u need a top qb.

    this gives us every chance to contend RIGHT NOW, while knowing for a fact what we have in house.

  • Smitttstyles

    hahahahaa that’s just so untrue it’s funny and I’m finished. You are relentless in your ability to ignore straight up facts because you have such a strong opinion. Cautious QB….Pryor….hahaha. Right. 65% completion – 7.7 YPA – both top ten – poor O line and little help from receivers (drops in Indy, anyone?) – but no arm talent. I’m done with this because there’s no point in debating someone who won’t consider fact. Your preference for Flynn is obvious but your stubborn refusal to give Pryor ANY credit for making huge strides and looking far superior to the player he was even in this preseason says even if he comes out and throws for 300+ with 3 TD’s and 75% completion on Sunday you’ll somehow figure out a way to credit someone else for his success – you just can’t give credit where it’s due to this kid.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Take it easy.

  • the soulful dr robert

    it’s simple.

    start flynn and see.

    if he’s good, u have ur qb.

    if he stinks, u hang it up with him and let pryor come back from his headache and get all the snaps his little heart desires.

    see how the season progresses.

  • marks hair

    that’s a different prescription for the qbs since tp is the starter.. when flynn was #1 you saw no reason to just give the backup a chance..

  • the soulful dr robert

    i said he has improved.

    not enuff.

    2 td passes in 3 games is hideous.

    #27 in yardage.

  • Smitttstyles

    And I may add, sir, that one of your big points earlier was how Gruden criticized him for “routinely throwing into coverage” and you have repeatedly mentioned his poor decision making. So how can one who makes poor decisions and repeatedly throws into coverage – the NFL QB handbook on risky play – possibly be cautious? Contradictory statements in the fullest.

  • the soulful dr robert

    okay, lucky.

  • the soulful dr robert

    simply due to the fact that i believe flynn can win now and pryor can not.

    give flynn the ball. he’s ready now. if he fails, THEN u give the “project” the ball.

    that’s how u do it.

    DA or MD made a horrendous decision.

  • Smitttstyles

    I can support that logic, Doc – but I still don’t agree Flynn is the answer, and certainly not long term with tendonitis issues in his throwing arm. That’s why I wouldn’t do this.

    Solid reasoning though.

  • Smitttstyles

    What’s lucky?

  • Smitttstyles

    Anyway, great discussion all – Doc, good going at it with you and we’ll see what happens – regardless of any of the posts,opinions, etc. we can all agree on one thing – ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE!! GO RAIDERS!!!!

    Gotta sleep; peace!

  • the soulful dr robert

    Later dude.

  • Smitttstyles

    I think by now you see that’s patently untrue. I like debate – and I like discussion. Winning a debate/discussion is nice, but not the impetus for me joining a conversation.

  • the soulful dr robert

    just heard what sounded like a bomb go off somewhere in my neighborhood. this is the third time in a few days.

    wtf. somebody is gonna go to prison.

  • the soulful dr robert

    and my neighborhood is supposedly very safe.

  • the soulful dr robert

    Later Raiders.

    Good talking with guys who don’t quiver when u don’t agree with them.

    Peace. Now i’m gonna go investigate.

  • …And Justice for AL

    Why does a fourteen year old white kid have a forty year old black doctor as his avatar?

  • stormbringerSS

    FLYNN OR…………only a complete idiot would pick the #&@#*^

  • the soulful dr robert

    what’s a puss like u doing on a football blog?

    go check out figure skating.

  • the soulful dr robert

    shut up trash.

  • xXRaider2DaHeartXx


  • Jon Train

    Racist P.O.S.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Raiders inactives: Tyvon Branch, Menelik Watson, Jason Hunter, Juron Criner, Matt McGloin, Lamar Mady, Antoine McClain, Jamize Olawale