End 3rd qtr: Redskins 17, Raiders 14


Robert Griffin III threw a 5-yard slant pass for a touchdown against D.J. Hayden to give Washington a lead with 2:58 left in the quarter.

The Raiders have been unable to mount any kind of consistent attack with Matt Flynn at quarterback and the boo birds are out.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • AbusedByAl

    We deserved to lose this.

  • Jonathan V.


  • Dakota

    #1 pick!

  • Raider-Fan-inKC

    Flynn needs to go PERIOD. Matter of fact he’s glad this isn’t a road game or else he needs to buy his own plane ticket back

  • Al_istheRaiders

    if more dumbsh!ts see it for what it is…then yeah…fire shrek and we can get back to winning.

  • eastoaklandraider

    an we get Flynnch’s QBR please?

  • DJ Johnny

    Shut up. With all your Flynn talk the last month your cred is at ZERO.

  • DahlerStore

    We couldn’t get a bag of bent nails for that hack.

  • Not good.

  • AbusedByAl

    Rivera and Moore also had good games.

  • Downhomedude

    Someone tell Dexter he needs to give it up, and he’s definitely got no business trying to QB my Raidahhhsss

  • BumpNRun

    1977 Pinto w/ an exploded gas tank

  • Jonathan V.

    and she was looking good. man double shame

  • alex7

    Somehow Jennings averaged only 3 yards per carry with a long of 6. Guessing he looked good from all his receptions.

  • AbusedByAl

    Ok. Lets pray TP will stay healthy all season. Otherwise, we can start the off-season immediately.

  • Nick Gancayco

    You Pryor haters got what u wanted, u got “your guy” in. Are u happy now? I’m not

  • Marty Urias

    I think Reggie’s credibility just took a little hit with that performance by Flynn. Utter garbage.

  • Jon Train

    He looks like Ryan Philipe to me. Soft.

  • 24

    On a very positive note…Pryor will be more healed and ready to play next week and hopefully for the forseeable future afterwards as well. We sacrificed this game for the long term.

  • marks hair

    fĂșcking stupid… STUPID

  • eastoaklandraider

    Flynn debate is over

  • Try Some Reality

    Redskins allowing 488 yards/game…until Flynn.

    298 yards. 3 turnovers. 1 gift-wrapped TD

  • Ron69

    t least this Alex 7 dud isn’t talking about Pryor

  • EMRaiders

    Yes, at least we can put that one to rest. Bury it, 6 ft under, or deeper.

  • AbusedByAl

    I hope you are right. Without TP this offense is nothing.

  • kenchun24

    NFC loss…I mentioned that during the week. What sucks is the offense was even spotted 6 from the ST…and still loss. Get healthy for the Bolts.

  • 14-0 and we play not to lose, so we hand it to them. Bu11 sch1tt.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/Eternal Opt

    KC, SD, and Den. ? I liked waiting ’till Thanksgiving or Halloween, or at least Oct. before we were out of it. Palm…err Flynn’s fault.

  • Stringer Bell

    That is the only positive.

  • DahlerStore

    I hope you’re happy, Matt Flynn – you made my neighbor’s kid cry. #Bastard

  • kenchun24

    Gotta look at the positives! lol

  • Try Some Reality

    Lol, even even-keeled DJ telling Alexis to STFU.

  • El Tato

    Just shut up.

  • eastoaklandraider

    you see dr rob is scared to show his face, lol.

  • so much for the #32 D.

  • rioderek

    Not a single Flynn nut hugger is online to defend their moronic assertions. Racist football know nothings with idiotic opinions is all they are.
    They normally live on this site, but now that their guy has proven his worth or lack thereof, those jock sucking supporters can’t be found.

  • Jonathan V.

    dude you have no right to ever talk football again.. you wanted flynn and hated pryor look what the fug happenned god i hope you robert zymurge and whoever else wanted flynn goes to hell.

  • EMRaiders

    I am so pi$$ed at this one, that it’s hard to do, but you are right.

  • Just a crappy day, both SD, Kansas and Denver won tonight.. so thats it, now its pre-season rest of the year..

  • eastoaklandraider

    was that the 85 Bears D or what?

  • El Tato

    If I were Mark Davis I would order every player on defense to spit on Flynn, then beta him.

  • AbusedByAl

    Let’s not forget who signed MF to his contract… Yes, Reggie I’m talking to you!

  • kenchun24

    I’m pissed because of the 14-0 start to crumble due to ineptness from the QB Flynn. But its an NFC loss…the media will rub blah blah but Bolts on deck get healthy (TP/DMC/Reece) and prepare.

  • Ouch, but true. Fckn off season is gonna be a very long one.

  • ElkGRaider

    Still f@cking pissed. Just f@cking handed them a win! D@mnit…

  • 24

    Dr Robert…you have a lot of explaining to do…

  • Jonathan V.

    i’m pissed beyond demeanor.

  • JOn Wooah


  • woow..

  • John David Booty

    Although we lost, and I’m highly p!ssed, I still don’t hold the sentiment that the season is over. We arent a playoff team, but I feel comfortable saying that we probably won’t look that bad on offense any other time this year.