It’s Pryor .. . no, it’s Flynn

If Dennis Allen’s aim was to confuse the issue of his starting quarterback for the sake of a “competitive advantage” he’s done a heck of a job.

Both Fox Sports and ESPN reported Sunday morning Matt Flynn would start against the Washington Redskins, with the San Francisco Chronicle reporting the previous evening it would be Terrelle Pryor.

If it’s Flynn, it would behoove him to get off to a good start. It’s a pro-Pryor home crowd, but one that could be bought off by a couple of touchdown drives and an early lead.

Will check in from O.co Coliseum later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raider_Riff

    The same source I got that info from, was the source that broke the news days before the rest that Pryor won the starting job. He has a mole within the locker room.

  • the soulful dr robert

    we don’t care

  • the soulful dr robert

    new post b1tches

  • alex7

    Mike Glennon with a TD pass for Bucs.

    He doesn’t need 8 games to look like a decent NFL passing QB. Neither did EJ Manuel or Brian Hoyer.


  • the soulful dr robert

    i’m fvcking geeked

  • the soulful dr robert

    new wave clown

  • 10centsworth

    Try it. Then we’ll set up a statistical base and feed it back to the dudes…still scratching away. We can even say HI once in awhile. Hi doc and alex. Go ahead, collapse me.

  • stormbringerSS

    you better call Sharpton & Jackson !

  • 10centsworth

    I see the docs’ name. Voice sounds…scratchy. Can’t make it out. Oh well, sure it was important and more the loss, huh.

  • 10centsworth

    Mole in the locker room, rats on our blog. Oh Raider Nation, UP is where we need to go. Its on the close horizon. Go Raiders. Beat those little brown brothers.

  • raider_39

    will the defense allow him to do all of that on every play ? no.

    then what ?

    i really want us to win, by 100 pts, and think that Flynn is a good passer, but i just cant see him survive back there on the long run.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Another ‘super receiver’ catch. What’s wrong with our guys?

  • stormbringerSS

    the “100% new wave” teams are 6-12 = hahahaha

  • raider_39

    and on the other hand, an established Flacco and some others are struggling… i say give the DCs two three more games, then we talk

    and Hoyers currently at 10 points in the 3rd at home

  • stormbringerSS

    ” i feel good ” …i knew that i would = FLYNN STARTS !

  • SharksA’sRaiders

    I posted this as a joke before the game. I was wrong. Flynn really did suck. That Bears game was not a mirage.