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It’s Pryor .. . no, it’s Flynn

By Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer
Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at 7:16 am in Oakland Raiders.

If Dennis Allen’s aim was to confuse the issue of his starting quarterback for the sake of a “competitive advantage” he’s done a heck of a job.

Both Fox Sports and ESPN reported Sunday morning Matt Flynn would start against the Washington Redskins, with the San Francisco Chronicle reporting the previous evening it would be Terrelle Pryor.

If it’s Flynn, it would behoove him to get off to a good start. It’s a pro-Pryor home crowd, but one that could be bought off by a couple of touchdown drives and an early lead.

Will check in from Coliseum later . . .

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  • R8derdiehard

    Alex seriously you need to suit up in your Matt Flynn cheerleader outfit and get on the field with dr slobert flynns going to need your support today. And someone to console him

  • Marios Kontopyrgos

    Really? Patriots playing with a lead? Saints playing with a lead? Last time I checked they need late game heroics to win the game apart from week 3.

  • 10centsworth

    He lives on facts but reason escapes him. COLLAPSE and bore the guy watching the game with you. If you watch the game in between searching for a clue of what to do on 3rd and 8. BYE…

  • 0ak R8rs

    It has been crazy. Except Seattle. They r hugely overrated in the road. Not close to the same team. I hate that facking Seattle stadium. Gives them 2 it 3 wins a year.

  • alex7


    we’ve been discussing the Broncos terrible pass D for the last 15 minutes.

    Get off your high horse and your Flynn obsession.

    I want the best QB to play, WHOEVER that is. It’s not that hard to understand. Others want one guy no matter what.

  • 10centsworth

    One last clue, nu mb nu ts. The last ten years does not “analytically” make a Raider fan. Take a hike.

  • marks hair

    I never called you a name

  • alex7

    running QBs get injured often. Get used to it.

  • 0ak R8rs

    So is Pryor.

  • alex7

    run carries should be distributed thusly:

    DMac – 8-10
    Reece – 6-8
    Jennings – 8-10

  • Raider_Riff


    Here’s some stats for you….

    Alex7 has only 1 up-vote for every 5 posts he makes.

    Dr Roberta has only 1 up-vote for every 6 posts he makes.

    That is some sorry company to keep. Some of the worst stats on this site.


  • Raider_Riff

    Romonowski is killing Flynn on the radio right now. Says no leadership. No ability to rally the troops. Not a leader. UnFlynnspiring. A energy killer.

    He’s worried about the team even leaving the locker room.

    Time for Olsen & DMC to earn their paychecks.

  • alex7

    lol, you are obsessed.

    One wins games and throws TD passes. The other has potential.

    Did you invest in him or something?

  • 10centsworth

    His cue cards got mixed up, obviously. Bronco pass D? Take your disorder pill and say…bye.

  • c2e

    TP inactive

  • 10centsworth


  • alex7

    awww, it’s high school all over again for you guys :)

    only the like-minded are cool.

  • marks hair

    every rb I see seems to have more wiggle and power than dmc.. I’d swear he’s running soft to not get hurt

  • alex7

    calling people trolls for having different thoughts…you’re cool with that?

  • alex7

    ummm. you make no sense.

    Last 10 years PROVE analytically how it’s a QB league, which I’ve been saying for 5 years in here. Nothing else matters. Look at the Bills this year. QB = franchise turnaround.

  • 10centsworth

    This is on Flynn. He needs to earn that checks he’s cashing. I hope he does. We should/need to beat these guys.

  • alex7

    ran fine vs Jaguars.

    Broncos had NINE in the box. Not even eight. Nine constantly. But I do want to see Jennings and Reece get more touches.

  • alex7

    if he puts up 20+ points, no one will care about rah-rah. All the rah-rah has given us a 1-3 record in our last 4 games.

  • Raider_Riff

    A troll is, as a troll does.

    It’s not name calling if its accurate.

  • marks hair

    he ran fine in perfectly straight lines. He never broke tackles or ship anybody

  • 10centsworth

    Can’t read? Miss the point? Stats bear that out. Now really, 2nd cousin that came to dinner and won’t leave…you and I are done.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Something really stinks in alameda today & it is very suspicious. First pryor is cleared & quoted saying he is 100%. Suddenly the raiders adds and administer some mysterious extra test and Pryor gets scratched?!?!?

    Somebody really wants Flynn to play. Who ever made this call Needs to be fired before they leave the stadium.

    The teams best player on the bench while healthy is inexcusable!!!

    Allen must go tonight.

    If it wasn’t for griffin this would be completely unwatchable. I hope griffin blows th raiders out by 40 so we never see Flynn again and Allen is canned.

    Flynn is awful and we have no shot in this game with him at qb & d a as coach

  • RealTruRaider

    Nah, he looks like he running hard, just no where to run, Oline needs to man the fk up and blow some fools off the line like these other olines are doing today

  • alex7

    get ready to see a QB drop back, make a read, and get rid of the ball. I know that’s crazy and all. Kinda like watching Murray for Georgia yesterday.

    Not every other play will be a “broken” play.

    No “play-call clock issues.”

    And we’ll have more than 7 points in 44 minutes.

  • marks hair

    I said you were trolling. Nouns verbs adjectives they all mean different things.. I didn’t call you a name

  • alex7

    the Chargers safety would like to speak with you.

  • RealTruRaider

    Just like you said below, stats aren’t everything, you have to account for who you playin….right?

  • KoolKell

    I still think the Raiders win, if the D can staunch the flow.

  • alex7

    when analyzing footwork and mechanics? No.

    Stay in the pocket, make your read, get rid of the ball. QBing 101.

  • Raider_Riff

    Mistic, no conspiracy.

    Pryor asked for a dark visor last night due to light sensitivity. The equipment manager notified the coaching staff.

    They care about Pryor. They know he is their meal ticket this year, and possibly the long term future.

    6 days is not long enough to recover from a concussion like that. Just because Pryor says he’s 100% means nothing. Ive been concussed and I didnt really know how bad it was at the moment. I didnt know until about a month later. That was after I re-concussed my self just two weeks after the initial concussion.

    It’s ok dude. Pryor’s health is more important than this one game.

  • 10centsworth

    I guess if he breaks down and starts sobbing on the field, we’ll really know the depth this team has reached…and some of the fan base that welcomes that thought.

  • RealTruRaider

    lol, ok

  • alex7

    I told you DAYS ago that if Allen was saying Pryor was fine, he wasn’t. Basic misinformation.

  • raider_39

    right, but no one wants just a running QB.

    i want a mobile QB that successfully operates out of a traditional offense and makes plays with his arm and legs.

    and TP has a chance…and we got time.

  • RealTruRaider

    Palmer being Palmer

  • alex7

    Redskins O is scary good and just now gelling after no preseason for RGIII..

    Great test for our D.

  • 10centsworth

    Gee, that sounds logical, sane and in keeping with being a Raider fan. Where in hell is the argument here?

  • Raider_Riff

    Pryor is not at the point of his career where he can step into a game without any prep work and reps that week.

    A vet can do it no problem. Pryor isnt there yet. He needs the reps.

    Im totally fine with losing this game if it means preserving Pryor’s health long term.

  • marks hair

    I hadn’t heard that.. good to keep him out then.

  • alex7

    Matt Cassell lighting up the Steelers.

    Everyone is passing our QBs up.

  • stormbringerSS

    WHY?…….because your dumb baboon isn’t at QB?

  • alex7

    Seriously, the league has skewed the passing rules so far in favor of the offense…

    that if your QB isn’t flirting with 280-300 yards and 2 or 3 TDs PER GAME…something is very wrong. Brian Hoyer, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Alex Smith are all doing this :(

  • 10centsworth

    Raiders. I have to admit to a smug satisfaction with this “collapse” button. I SMILE every time I see the doc’s and alexander the great’s name on here, with no comment. I picture them outside the sound proof window, scratching at the glass. Its a wonderful day for Raider football. Go Raiders.

  • raider_39

    said it before, he better not b dressed up if he doesnt start…

  • alex7

    ummm, rookie QBs are coming in and NOT needing 8 games worth of reps.

    But our guy, our guy needs half a season apparently. Hey, another EJ TD, another Brian Hoyer TD, another Geno Smith TD, another Glennon TD.