Holmes’ suspension ends, Raiders need to make roster move

ALAMEDA — Wide receiver Andre Holmes’ four game suspension ended with the completion of the Raiders fourth game. Therefore, he’s good to go for the rest of the season.
Holmes arguably was the Raiders best receiver during training camp and exhibition games. Regardless, he has the ability and experience to add some juice to the receiving corps.
The question is, who’s reps does he take? Rod Streater, Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford and Brice Butler all played quite a bit against the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Juron Criner was not activated for the fourth straight game.
It’s safe to assume that Holmes will get playing time. Moore has been the Raiders most productive receiver so far. Streater is the other starter, though he hasn’t been a huge factor this season.
That leaves Ford and Butler to surrender some playing time if the Raiders are to get Holmes involved in the offense.
Holmes gives the Raiders another deep threat, a receiver that can make plays in traffic and over smaller defenders. He showed that ability throughout camp and in exhibition games.
At some point, the Raiders need to make a roster move to accommodate Holmes on the 53-man, active roster. That shouldn’t be too difficult.
Though it’s easy to speculate and say Criner would be the logical choice, that’s not apt to happen. The Raiders haven’t given up on Criner. He just isn’t viewed as one of their four best receivers right now.
It makes far more sense for the Raiders to cut someone such as guard Lamar Mady.
Holmes hasn’t been allowed to practice with the Raiders since his suspension for violating of the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs kicked in at the tail end of training camp. He likely will be at practice Wednesday.


Steve Corkran

  • Follow The B@uceman

    Did I stay at home? I went but knew we would lose….but I wont blame others for that….its been 11 years dude…..this is a long drought too long….its not the money but ppl give their time…you dont get time back

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnnie_Lee_Higgins RaiderRockstar

    new post


    The trainer noticed that he had a problem with brightness and that’s a sign of concussion.

    Pryor would probably want to play if he had one arm hanging off by a piece of skin.
    That’s why it’s the job of the HC to decide.

  • Follow The B@uceman

    Who knows? Criner inactive but Ford isnt even used in the offense

  • SharksA’sRaiders

    Maybe some day DMac can come back and light Al’s torch in a hospital gown.


    It’s possible that Pryor won’t be ready. Hell, as I keep saying, you don’t screw around with permanent brain damage.

  • TP2: the truth

    How is tp2 with fans? Ill be in first row behind the raiders bench in a few weeks.. will i get some love? 1st time being in the front row.. I cant wait!!!!

  • Follow The B@uceman

    yeah but you had hope after George…..99-02 was much better …Russell was 07-09 then 2010 and 2011 you had hope…as long as Reggie is in charge we are done

  • 10centsworth

    Bring in Tebow and we can pray for a win.


    The AFC Championship then = the real Superbowl.

  • Follow The B@uceman

    No he just needs to go…he may be good some place else but he is no good for us

  • 10centsworth

    If you have no hope, who you trying to drag along with you? Raider fans? Get hep. You aren’t talking to Davis II.

  • Theghostronin79

    Even Flynn has a “Debo”……..LOL

  • GhostToThePost

    Having classless fans harassing rival fans isn’t something to miss.

  • GhostToThePost

    Yeah, I mean it wasn’t like he was a superstar in high school, or college.

    Oh wait..

  • 10centsworth

    Every year. Steelers/Raiders epitomized that blend between the old NFL in the trenches, black and blue, and the AFL passing game. And boy, did we have the players…on both sides of the line. Aaaaaaahhh…when men were men.

  • 10centsworth

    Disagreement? How about we just give the guy his due? That tough for you?

  • aig

    got me. my bad.

  • 10centsworth

    I want to see his sister when I score. Drum roll, please.

  • 10centsworth

    You guys old enough to remember the rants that that character on SNL would go on…completely out of her butt. Then when the lightbulb went off. the NEVER MIND? Reminds me of a couple of characters of this blog.
    “Oh, you guys saying I put my ego, my intellect, my “wit” on a loser? Well…NEVER MIND.”

  • 10centsworth

    Remember, you can start the wave UP every time you stand up. Make sure you do just BEFORE the ball comes down between the receiver and defender. Just BEFORE. Remember, ok? Hey, with the big replay boards, not that big a thing. Try 30 years ago, BUNCH of pee’ed off people.
    “Greatest play in Raider history. Unforgettable”. And we saw the guys butt in front of us. I’ll also tell you “I WAS THERE!!!” if it comes up in conversation.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Rosanne Rosanna Danna.

  • 10centsworth

    Thanks. I was gonna say Ruth Buzzi but that REALLY dates me.

  • 10centsworth

    I’d suggest you get there by noon…or an hour before kickoff. Lots to see and be a part of, that close. I was 19 seats up and made it a point, you CAN walk right down (if you’re in that section) and watch before the seat holders in front get there. San Diego was/Is(?) one in particular, they also had great punters FG kickers and you could see them actually competing…before the game. Something to watch two guys practicing from 60 yds away. There were competing.

  • Goldie7

    I will never cheer for Peyton Manning, because he’s a Denver Bronco; however, I have always admitted that he is one of the top QBs for at least 10 years, other than that I am a Raiders fan, and I do not cheer for our rivals QBs.


    It was Ruth Buzzi but it was on Laugh-In way the hell back.

  • Scott Reid

    Looks to me like the whole TP showing symptoms of concussion on Saturday was made up so DA could start his boy Flynn. It was the last chance and only excuse DA was likely to come up with for starting Flynn over TP and DA and Reggie needed Flynn to perform so they do not look like dumb***** for trading for him.
    Too bad for them the Flynn move actually was a dumb*** move on their part.
    Next year:
    QB = TP
    RB = some as yet unnamed 1st or 2nd round draft pick
    WR = #1 receiver is some as yet unnamed 2nd or 3rd round draft pick
    RT = some as yet unnamed 1st or 2nd round draft pick.

  • W.J

    This is why some of us have been so harsh on DA. There was zero excuse not to have Pryor and Flynn practice the same offense. This Pryor as a toy and special packages was a crock of poo from the start.

  • Victor Armenta

    Emily Latella played by Gilda Radner. Weekend Update segment with Jane Curtin.

  • CognizantImpiety

    A complete lack of money for players has nothing to do with it eh?

  • CognizantImpiety

    Cut him. Bring up McGloin and Wilson.

  • Phyllis Lynn

    I saw Pryor on the sideline, and he still wasn’t looking altogether. No I am not a doctor, but someone that HAS had several concussions. There are also rumors floating that he asked the equipment manager for a tinted visor because the sun was hurting his eyes. Those require a medical release, ergo, hurt Pryor, as that is an indication of not being fully healed. remember this was Flynn’s 3rd start, which means he has 1 less than Pryor.

  • Phyllis Lynn

    We also have our RT – Menelik Watson, draft pick from this year if he can stay healthy. RB – Murray – on injured reserve. Holmes , Streater and Moore will compete for the WRs.

  • JB

    Cut Flynn to make room for Holmes. We already know Flynn has nothing to bring to the table. Let him take his $6.5M home and get on with the rest of his life. We need to move on from Flynn.

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  • Raiderkoolaid

    We should have beaten washington easily, but I guess it is hard to beat anyone when you have eight starters out on offense. Both tackles, both guards, the quarterback, half back, fullback, and tight end. (Ausberry) That is just too much to overcome.

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  • rioderek

    Lovie Smith, a proven winner
    David Shaw, a young innovative winner
    Summlin, any Mora, or past failure is a crap shoot thus a waste of time.

  • rioderek

    Payton Manning has always looked like he has water on the brain. The guy is simply ugly. A damn good QB though.

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  • Prometheus

    well I’m glad you don’t run the team. when a QB asks for a dark visor because of light sensitivity that should sound off alarms. pryor could have been seriously injured sunday especially considering that mcfadden and reese were out.