It’s Pryor, McGloin, then Flynn


Unedited Raiders for Tuesday print

Terrelle Pryor will start against the San Diego Chargers Sunday night, with Matt Flynn dropping to the third team in favor of undrafted free agent Matt McGloin.

Coach Dennis Allen said Wednesday Pryor is free of the concussion symptoms that caused him to instead start Flynn in a 24-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.

“I believe I’m 100 percent right now,’’ Pryor said.“I feel normal.’’

Flynn, on the other hand has hit a low point in his career just six months after being acquired by the Raiders in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick in 2014 and a conditional pick in 2015 to replace Carson Palmer at quarterback.

In the loss to the Redskins, Flynn had an interception returned 45 yards for a touchdown, absorbed seven sacks in large part due to indecision, lost a fumble and had another fumble that resulted in a change of possession on fourth down.

Allen, critical of Flynn following the loss, backed off somewhat during his Monday press conference, saying the defeat “was never about one guy.’’

During practice Wednesday, the guy the Raiders will pay $6.5 million this season on a restructured contract was watching McGloin take snaps with the second team.

Allen said he expected Flynn to continue to “battle and compete’’ but conceded, “It hasn’t’ worked out like we anticipated and we’ve got to make decisions and we’ve got to move forward.’’

McGloin signed with the Raiders as an undrafted free agent out of Penn State and beat out fourth-round draft pick Tyler Wilson of Arkansas to be the No. 3 quarterback.

An unimposing 6-foot-1, 210 pounds, McGloin has a business-like demeanor and said while he said he uses not being drafted as motivation, he doesn’t allow it to consume him.

“I try and improve each and every day and I do use that as fuel sometimes,’’ McGloin said.

Playing at Penn State while the program was in upheaval following the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case and the death of former coach Joe Paterno, McGloin came into the NFL knowing something about adversity.

“Not too many people go through something like that,’’ McGloin said. “I’ve seen it all. In a way it’s helped me at this level. I’m still in touch with our head coach and my quarterbacks coach there and they’re constantly helping me.’’

Wide receiver Rod Streater, whose locker is next to McGloin’s, was an undrafted free agent out of Temple last season and a kindred spirit.

“He’s very accurate, he gets the ball where it needs to be and goes through reads pretty fast,’’ Streater said. “He’s been the underdog, soall he does is work and show up to get better every day.’’

Allen said McGloin has “moxie’’ and takes to football naturally.

“He just understands how to play the game and I don’t think it’s too big for him,’’ Allen said. “I think he’ll come in if he’s called upon to run the offense and he’ll do a good job.’’

— Fullback Marcel Reece (knee) was limited in practice and Allen said he could play some running back along with Rashad Jennings if Darren McFadden is out with a hamstring strain. McFadden did not practice and appears unlikely to face the Chargers.

The Raiders signed running back George Winn to the practice squad, an indication they don’t expect McFadden back any time soon. Winn was last with Cincinnati and has spent time in camp with New England and Houston.

— Center Stefen Wisniewski (knee) did not practice but Allen is hopeful he’ll be ready to play. If not, Andre Gurode would play center with Lamar Mady as the backup. Lucas Nix would be available to return at left guard.

— Wide receiver Andre Holmes practiced for the first time after serving a four-game suspension for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing drugs

— Tackle Menelik Watson practiced for the first time since undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery about a month ago. Sitting it out were strong safety Tyvon Branch (ankle), defensive tackle Stacy McGee (shoulder) and safety Charles Woodson (day off).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Interesting read on social media fueling fights, etc.


    Seriously, what grown man would do this, short of a stalker or lunatic?

  • eastoaklandraider

    beacuse flynn needs the kind of weapons he had in GB to succeed and plus our oline will get him killed back there, he’s in a no win situation here which is why the trade for him was dumb and to give him 6.5 made it worse

  • 10centsworth

    Sure we do. You found a knothole in the fence.

  • Cervantes74

    Fewer penalties but fewer wins.

    I want wins

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Imagine that.
    Pryor, Freeman and McGroin….not too shabby.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Ill take a flier on Freeman.

  • loyal

    Do it now Reegie

  • Cervantes74

    Raider fan since 78 baby. Used to go to all the games in LA. Reggie and DA have made about 15 major mistakes since taking over, but none bigger than getting rid of Hue’s offense and going ZBS.

    That set us back at least 3 to 4 years.

  • 10centsworth

    Thanks. Kiss.

  • Wow. You were way off on Flynn, definitely off and Pryor, and your Freeman take is over the top. But, my gut feeling tells me your BS’ing the Freeman gig. Freeman, no thanks.
    Pryor is our guy. Now and long term.

  • 10centsworth

    A man with a brain.

  • Guest

    is allen further erroding the trust between he and pryor?

    would pryor rather play for ray horton, ken sumlin, or david shaw?

    @VicTafur Asked if appreciated or frustrated w/ #Raiders caution not playing him, Pryor said, “could be both. We definitely could have beat Redskins.”

  • Andy Kenyon

    I’d like to add re Pryor , what I REALLY like so far is his ability to sucessfully locate and complete passes after scrambling . I previously didn’t think he was good enough . I admit that I was wrong.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Bryant was still under contract with us when we brought Seymour back for 15 mil to skip practice and not play. $15 mil is way too much for d**n near any DT, yet alone Seymour. We should have dumped Seymour, started Bryant, and find a backup. That Seymour money could have been spent addressing other issues. RM is still fine with me for another year though.


    i think DA got scared after there were questions after how they handled the injury when it happened in Denver..and went overboard..but what i dont understand is how is “sensetivity to light” NOT part of the NFL mandated concussion testing?? regular headaches give you that..

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Might be pointing a finger a Flynch.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    finally a real leader emerges to redeem the patch and the sins of palmer and flynn

    This is Terrelle Pryor’s 2nd career start against #Chargers. #Raiders QB said SD won’t recognize him from last Dec:

    Pryor: “It was funny because Coach (Greg) Olson texted me late last night and he was like your footwork and everything is completely different from the last film vs. the Chargers because we studied that as well.
    “He’s right. I made big strides and big steps along with the progress. I have to keep on working hard and understand you’re never good enough. You always have to keep on pushing and try to better yourself because that’s only going to help the team.” a

  • eastoaklandraider

    They did the right thing sitting Pryor, it cost us the game but thats injuries, part of the game.

  • Gruden, Cowher or Johnson wouldn’t coach here for any amount of money..


    love this kid!

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    yes get freeman in now

    had his best year with olson

    perfect back up for pryor major upgrade in the qb room


    DEFINITELY cost us the game..but i cannot be too mad at sitting him..its a head injury

  • 10centsworth

    Hey, we haven’t heard you talking about your feces for awhile. Constipated? Can only imagine.

  • the hilarious dr robert

    I wasn’t wrong about Flynn or Pryor.

    Flynn is better than he showed. Pryor stinks

    My take on freeman is over the top?

    What take? He’s been good in the past. Prototype size and arm. Athletic but not a run first guy.

    I’ve always liked him.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Problem is though dont think Freeman wants to be a backup, but who know we could sign him and trade for picks later when a desperate team comes calling.


    close personal friends huh?
    that may have been the case when al was here..but this regime lets the coach do his thing..since we have DA though..thats unfortunate

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Footwork = accuracy.
    Now just work out the kinks in the timing Mr. Pryor.

  • dplunk

    Whoa! slow down big fella.I like the confidence, but don’t let your mouth write a check………………….

  • Just Fire Baby

    He isn’t “owed” anything, he won’t be recieving any actual money, we just have a dead money hit from the signing bonus we already paid him.

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    Speaking of my new hip hop jamz, y’all best get set to be rectified. The Dawg in his infinite glory will be tracking a few jointz today and will release some special lyrics on the blog. Get some!

  • The_Judge37

    Do the IHOP’s in Oakland have ESPN? Reggie may not be aware that Freeman has been released?

  • 10centsworth

    Win/win situation for all of them. Come in here, turn this program around…fast track to the HOF with a pile of dough for icing. THIS would be the year to do it, with all the room/money they got to play with next year. Sure they’d come. That is, if they still want to coach.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Pryor need to work on going through his progressions faster, I dont know how you work on that, but thats up next.

  • SlashNHack

    Not supporting the whitey is evil agenda but noticed it myself and thought it was strange the Vick got creamed and nobody touched Manning. But he’s no threat to run. Not supporting the conclusions made but the facts are facts. I saw the same thing and noted it as weird.

  • RealTruRaider

    No one really wants to be a backup but…………..

  • the hilarious dr robert

    Since Flynn won’t be given a fair shot here, I’m all for cutting him and grabbing freeman.

    Freeman is far better than Pryor.

  • I like Freeman too. But something happened, he just ain’t the same. Maybe he needs a change, who knows. But not sure here in Oakland. Don’t see it working.

  • The_Judge37

    That and he’s still slow out of the Huddle.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    When does Hulk make it back in the huddle?

  • willy91137

    If we are going to get a than other quarterback I think it would be best to draft one all we have had around here is some buddies rejecta if prior does not show promise then we should draft a quarterback with our first overall pick there supposed to be some good ones out there next year

  • Just Fire Baby

    NO, in sports it almost also evens out, players know this, that’s why fans complain 1,000 times more players and coaches.

  • Darth Raider

    Been away from this blog and everything changes for the better it seems. finally got rid of the trolls.
    Whats up nation
    Freeman could be an OK back up, but i hope the team get 100% behind Pryor.

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Great, somebody hijacked Web MDs handle again.
    The fair shot merry-go-round was a conversation based on Pryor and is so September 2013.

  • RealTruRaider

    No…………no he isn’t, when we sign Freeman the org will let YOU know that he is the backup and Pryor is the unquestioned starter

  • The_Judge37

    Don’t even think we have the cap room to sign Freeman even at the Min. Not with our back up place holder making $6.5m

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    comes with time in the offense. As you learn where guys are supposed to be, and you learn how your guys run the routes. You will see a far better pryor when we get into the week 9-10 area. he will be even better next year. he is nowhere near his ceiling

  • The Big Banana

    Lol. Sigh

  • eastoaklandraider

    yeah, gotta speed that up to have time to audible..

  • willy91137

    Freeman is a turnover machine

  • Just Fire Baby

    The best stats always come from the outside.
    Sabermetrics were not created by the MLB or anything like that, straight from Ivy League engineering classes.
    QB rating is a grandpa stat.