McFadden, Wiz doubtful; O-line hurting


The fact that Darren McFadden has been here before doesn’t make it any easier.

The Raiders officially listed McFadden as doubtful Friday with a hamstring strain, meaning it’s likely he will miss the 24th game of his career due to injury.

Only on rare occasions does a player listed as doubtful on Friday end up playing on Sunday, which also means center Stefen Wisniewski, who has the same designation, could end up a spectator when the Raiders host the San Diego Chargers Sunday night.

“I can’t even describe it or put it into words,’’ McFadden said when asked about his level of frustration with being injured again. “I just try to keep my head up, keep pushing forward an remain positive.’’

McFadden acknowledged the possibility of sitting out back-to-back games against San Diego and Kansas City preceding the bye week would “help me out a whole lot’’ but stressed he was taking it “day to day.’’ He has yet to be able to sprint.

“Hamstrings are one of those things you want to be careful with,’’ McFadden said. “I’d rather miss one or two games than to come back and pop it and miss four or five.’’

Allen said Wisniewski’s progress hasn’t been what the Raiders hoped but didn’t rule him out of recovering before Sunday night.

If Wisniewski can’t play, left guard Andre Gurode would start at center. Complicating matters is that guard Lucas Nix (ankle) and starting right tackle Tony Pashos (groin) are both listed as questionable. So is tackle Menelik Watson, just coming off arthroscopic knee surgery.

In an extreme circumstance, players such as guard Antoine McClain, guard Lamar Mady and practice squad tackle James Cornell could be forced into action.

It’s been hard,’’ Gurode said. “You’ve just got to make sure everybody is communicating on the same page and you go out and play an do the best you can.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • turf toe

    Thanks, GotNext.

  • The back up QB for the Cougs is the place holder. Maybe the Raids made McGloin the #2 so he could place hold? NFW

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  • KoolKell

    Actually I’m pretty impressed with the Defense. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Raiders blitz like this.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Supposedly need a certain amount of time for the sod to take, but the NFL and NBC wouldn’t let them play at 5 or 6 when it would be good to go.
    Why didn’t the A’s and Tigers just play T-F, instead of F-S?
    This whole thing was f’d up.

  • Just Fire Baby

    That Chargers-Cowboys fan fight video just futhers reinforces my lack of hope for this country moving forward.
    TWO GUYS, not one but two, completely cheap shot and blind side a guy with beer bottles.
    What happened to the old fist fight, and break it up when someone is KO’d?

  • 0ak R8rs

    Umh, first of all, you’re a douche bag. Second, I’m actually w the youngest now w 6 of her friends after her birthday party at great Wolf lodge (which costs about $600 a night, so im sure you’re not familiar with it), and now we r shopping. And the other 3 kids r all 20 and over and I’m still their hero. Because I’m involved. And i take care of them. And im not a douche bag. Like you.

  • the fiendish dr robert

    yeah, u guys love u some mediocrity.

    the defense has improved from historically rotten to midland, but it’s far from good.

    but hey, we have an “exciting” qb that “leads” us to 1-3 as a starter while passing for 2 tds in 3 games, and u guys think he’s awesome.

    so at least ur consistently stupid.

  • Cougs choking away.

    WSU 14
    Cal 12

  • kenchun24

    Not sure if this was mentioned but the Seachickens cut WR Stephen Williams to make room for the now unsuspended DE Bruce Irvin. I liked what I saw from the dude, big WR (6′ 5″ 210) and showed some good stuff in the preseason (he caught that bomb from Wilson against the Raiders in their preseason tilt). I know Holmes just came back, but in case any WR’s gets injured…

    Blurb from ESPN on the release…

    “Williams was signed in the offseason as a free agent who spent two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Williams, 27, had a strong preseason with three long touchdown receptions that showcased his speed and his ability to out jump defenders for the ball by using his 6-foot-5 frame. But Williams did not have a catch in the first four games and didn’t help much on special teams.”

  • kenchun24

    Thinking of the A’s/Raiders games…gotta get a stadium some how,some way for each team…that being said it
    would be cool if someone were to do a time lapse filming of the “quick style
    conversion” starting tonight through tomorrow – any Bay Area media creatives reading this? lol

  • Just Fire Baby

    Holmes isn’t necessarily “back” yet. They still have to make a decision on that and cut someone else if they move him onto the 53.
    Going to wait until Monday to decide.

  • kenchun24

    Copy that.

  • KoolKell

    It would be nice to have a QB guru in the film room with TP.

    He’s gotta do everything on his own.

  • turf toe

    They’ll hate you for trying to buy their affection. See you on Dr. Phil, 4and8

  • the fiendish dr robert

    that’s maybe the stupidest comment u have ever made, and that’s saying something.

    he has nfl coaches who are known for qb development.

    u guys are seriously too dumb to even talk to.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Yes, because QB “guru’s” are dying to come to Oakland to be a QB coach.
    What QB coach or even OC in the league do you consider a “guru”?
    Serious question.

  • 2:45 on a Saturday, shoulda known the ole koot would be drunk by now.

  • turf toe

    P. Q R S, T U V.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Those QB coaches TP hired in the offseason, work with other QB’s all the time. That is because TEAMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK WITH PLAYERS during certain parts of the offseason , per CBA rules.
    Steve Clarkson = works with Big Ben every year
    Craig Austin and George Whitfield = worked with Cam and Luck the past two offseasons, Donovan McNabb previous to that.
    Did those QB’s have “to do everything on their own” as well?
    TP deserves credit for doing that, but that is what starting QB’s do. It is kind of the minimum requirement.

  • 0ak R8rs

    You know nothing about me. Or my kids. You must be talking from personal experience when you say my kids will grow up to hate me.

  • Raider O

    New post!

  • Blackholepriest

    This Andre Holmes kid may be just what TP needs, I do remember during OTA’s whenever TP did throw deep usually this kid was at the other end. Streater when throwing deep has been a disappointment IMO. the ball may not have been perfect but he seems to have no clue how to fight for the ball.

    Hopefully the deep ball starts with the addition of Holmes.

  • turf toe

    I know people at the Wolf Lodge. They said some dweeb came in with a bunch of kids, got drunk, and tried to hit on the waitresses in a very uncool way. Then he tipped 6 percent.

  • turf toe

    Oak 4and8 is correct about something. Pryor is not injury prone. It’s not his fault that Olson rammed him into a brick wall of defenders with that stupid call.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Your about as unfunny and pointless as your butt buddy beeeeeech. You’re trying way too hard now. You should just move on.

  • Cougs 21
    Cal 15

    Half time. Still time to choke.

  • MistaBrown

    a world full of liberals with their hands out and who pays for it

    mope and change

  • turf toe

    I just said you were right about Pryor. Quit being so sensitive.

  • 10centsworth

    I think Pryor needs to have some tough guys looking back in that huddle. He gets that, we got a QB…and a team. I dont care if they miss a block now and then. Give me TOUGH guys with…excuse me…real Raider Attitude. aaaaaahhhhh…I just got wet.

  • otomis

    McF has to go. The time has come to cut him lose. How long have they been waiting for him to not be hurt. He just can’t cut it in the NFL … face it.