No Wiz as Raiders begin practice


The Raiders closed the media window at practice Friday with center Stefen Wisniewski not in attendance, raising the possibility the Raiders will have to make another significant shift on the offensive line against the San Diego Chargers.

Wisniewski, who injured his right knee against Washington, was in attendance during practices Wednesday and Thursday, with coach Dennis Allen expressing optimism he would play Sunday night at O.Co Coliseum.

If Wisniewski can’t play, then veteran Andre Gurode, a former Pro Bowl center with Dallas who has been playing left guard for the Raiders, would move to center.

That would leave left guard to Lucas Nix, who opened the season as the starter but eventually gave way to Gurode in part because of an ankle injury and in part because of ineffective play.

The Raiders have shuffled their offensive line since training camp, beginning with a torn left triceps by left tackle Jared Veldheer.

The initial plan was to have rookie Menelik Watson open the season at left tackle after a strong preseason finale against Seattle. Watson, however underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and just began to practice again.

Instead, the Raiders moved right tackle Khalif Barnes to left tackle and installed Tony Pashos, who was signed on Sept. 2, at right tackle.

Watson, who was getting some work on the right side Friday, expressed optimism Thursday about playing while Allen seems to proceeding with caution, given the fact he missed almost all of training camp with a calf injury and then had minor knee surgery.

Running back Darren McFadden was not present at practice and is expected to be declared out of the San Diego game following practice Friday.

Despite the late starting time Sunday night (8:35 p.m.) in order for O.co Coliseum to be reconfigured for football following two A’s playoff games, Allen has not adjusted practice times.

He said the Raiders will alter some of their meeting times, however.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer



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