Makeshift offensive line shines in win over Chargers

ALAMEDA – Perhaps overlooked in the Raiders win over the San Diego Chargers was the play of their offensive line.
Sure, Terrelle Pryor got sacked four times, the Raiders averaged only 4 yards rushing – minus two end-of-game kneel-downs – and the linemen committed a few penalties. But that becomes less conspicuous when one takes into account that only two projected starters played at their respective positions.
“That’s a tribute to those offensive linemen, the way that they prepare, throughout the week,” coach Dennis Allen said. “That’s a tribute to the coaching staff, (line coach) Tony Sparano and the way he works with those guys, Those guys did a great job.”
Guards Lucas Nix and Mike Brisiel were in their natural spots Monday night. Everything else was out of whack, for one reason or other.
Regular right tackle Khalif Barnes played in place of injured left tackle Jared Veldheer, as he has all season. Andre Gurode replaced injured center Stefen Wisniewski and Matt McCants made his first-ever NFL start in place of injured Tony Pashos at right tackle.
Barnes said the seamless transition to the many moves speaks to the depth and experience of the Raiders offensive line corps.
“It’s fortunate that we have a lot of versatility in this group,” Barnes said. “We can just plug guys in. They’re interchangeable. We’re very lucky and blessed to have guys that can play multiple positions and on both sides.”

— The Raiders activated wide receiver Andre Holmes to their 53-man roster Monday, one week after he returned from a four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.
The Raiders had a one-week exemption before being forced to decide whether to activate, trade or release Holmes. He takes the roster spot created by the release of quarterback Matt Flynn.

— Veteran quarterback David Carr worked out for the Raiders on Monday. The release of offensive lineman Jack Cornell freed up another roster spot for the Raiders to sign Carr or another player between now and their game against the Chiefs.
It’s also conceivable that the Raiders will promote rookie Tyler Wilson from the practice squad to give them a third quarterback on the active roster, Allen said.

— Quote of the day: “I told him during the game, ‘He’s had enough. You don’t have to give it to him.’ ” – Allen on what he said to safety Brandian Ross after Ross failed to secure a Chargers fumble that teammate Charles Woodson turned into a 25-yard return for touchdown.

— Allen said that the hamstring injury suffered by running back Rashad Jennings in the first half against the Chargers doesn’t appear to be too serious.
Jennings rushed 10 times in the first half, but he gave way to Marcel Reece in the second half. Allen said he expects Jennings and regular starter Darren McFadden (hamstring) back sooner rather than later.
Jennings said he wanted to keep playing. Allen and the other coaches removed Jennings as a precautionary measure. Jennings said he intends to play against the Chiefs on Sunday.

— Terrelle Pryor’s 135.7 passer rating against the Chargers marked the highest-rated game by a Raiders quarterback since Rich Gannon’s 138.9 rating against the Tennessee Titans on Sept. 29, 2002.


Steve Corkran

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    this with no offensive line to speak of

    and they said he couldnt throw the ball


  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain


  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    The devil you say. That souldn’t be allowed.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Last night, Gdog also said he’d rather have New England’s 23-ranked rush defense than ours, because Tommy Kelly has better numbers than Pat Sims.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain


  • HGDaddy

    stats, stats, stats and more stats…

    Right Side Protection

    The Raiders got strong play from the right side of the offensive line as right guard Mike Brisiel and right tackle Matt McCants graded at +3.2 and +1.2, respectively. Brisiel surrendered two pressures on his 32 pass blocking snaps while grading at +2.1 as a run blocker. As mentioned, he had success sealing Reyes and Thomas inside for most of the game. As for McCants, he showed well in his first career start, also surrendering only two pressures on 32 attempts while grading at +1.1 in the run game. He filled in nicely for starter Tony Pashos, who’s also been a pleasant surprise for Oakland this season as the right tackle play has been much better than expected through five games.


  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    last year we had palmer stealing money and floundering about

    this year we have a “real qb” pryor

  • Nick Gancayco

    “Like I was telling my coaches, I’m going to try to strengthen this team. I’m trying to get the best 53, and you put them together, let them practice and if you like them, keep them. If you don’t.”
    McKenzie basically shrugged.
    “It’s really that simple,” he said.
    If you don’t believe him, ask Matt Flynn.

    I’m down with this philosophy. I think it’s good tjat the coach and GM seem to be on the same page in terms if personnel. Yea it sucks flynn didnt work out but they gave it a shot and they werent afraid to pull the trigger and let go of a guy the GM liked for the better if the team. Every team has hit and missed in players but at least raiders arent holding onto them just because The GM liked them. It shows some humility on mckenzie i think.

  • The_Judge37

    Admitting mistakes is good, but saying “My Bad” isn’t going to make us any better. He needs to start making hits on his FA’s and Drafts.

  • Nick Gancayco

    I think it comes down to knowing when to get out of the orevent and start attacking gain. Which he did once SD got toward the red zone. Got them a pick. I think tarver has done a really good job. I mean we dont have a pass rusher really unless u count houston as one but still thats one guy and he has been anle to get pressure. More importantly our D has been lined up and has rarely been out of position, especially on runs. We just look more discipline this year. Its partly one the players wanting to b discipline and playing smarter and its partly on the coaches holding them accountable

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    New post.

  • Jonathan V.

    Mckenzie is hit and miss but he always admits his mistakes which is a good thing to know about our GM. He did a nice job of getting the defense better in Fa and finding hidden gems like Rivera, Streater and bringing back Woodson. But in terms of his misses, he did get Flynch, wilson and let players like Desmond Bryant /wheeler go and firing hue but he’s coming along like everyone else

  • Nick Gancayco

    And their mst productive receiver might be out. AND we might be getting watson and DMC back. And TP and the receivers are starting to click. Raiders!

  • rioderek

    DA and Reggie Mc are basically the last 2 guys on the planet to realize Pryors talents and ability. The guy was slapping them in the face with that reality from the day those two came to town. Yet they insisted on virtually any scrub they could find, foolishly believing they’d find someone better. If they had an eye for talent they would have developed Pryor from the beginning and by now he’s be much better than he already is. They’re simply fortunate they guy has a strong belief in himself and never let their lunacy effect him. One can only wonder how many other Pryor types have these two slept on.

  • rioderek

    No O-line, No above average running games (RB), little to no coach support and while consistently looking over his shoulder worrying about being stabbed in the back by management. TP is a self assured beast !

  • Nick Gancayco

    That might be true and i dont disagree with u, but at least they are rillin with him now and seem to fully support him. It seems as though Olson likes him too. He was pretty fired up on the sideline

  • rioderek

    Lechler never punted to the sidelines or angles, he was simply a bummer. Ray Guy was the only angle and bummer guy. King is doing everything Lechler did. He’s been a great replacement. Young, cheap and years to go before we’ll need a replacement

  • R8erEduc8er

    Yea, I didn’t understand his logic on that.

  • rioderek

    I knew he was correct and predicted Flynn would flop. Flynn has been a back-up for all but one season since High School. Very few have ever felt he could excel with his weak arm and lack of leadership ability. Flynn was simply fortunate a few idiots were fooled by his 2 good games on a great team. Flynn was fools gold. Reggie Mc was simply one of the fools/suckers who thought he’d struck it rich when in fact he had nothing.

  • rioderek

    Maybe that’s an LSU thing. Jamarcus Russell was the same story.

  • rioderek

    Those two were the last guys in football to realize Pryor was/is a player.

  • rioderek

    DA has to be slapped in the head with reality because it doesn’t seem to come to him naturally. The reason Flynn / Raiders didn’t work is due to the fact Flynn can’t play. He’s simply NOT an NFL caliber starting QB. That’s reality, even Stevie Wonder could see. Flynn had to be destroyed for DA to finally realize reality.

  • rioderek

    TK was/is a good player, however I believe management rightfully saw him and guys like him as undisciplined players who hindered success.

  • rioderek

    The Reggie Mc/DA supporters are the guys who have been must consistently wrong. They opposed Pryor, they supported ineffective schemes (zone blocking, Pryor gimmicks vs. actually QB work). Reggie Mc/DA supporters also accept failed personnel decisions. The bottom line is if they didn’t have Pryor ( a guy they didn’t want) they’d probably be 0-5.

  • Rico Stifler

    It seems like no one understands the cap and the way it works. Right now, Graham has taken more snaps lined up as a WR, so if that keeps up, he will be eligible for the WR franchise which will be over 10M. The Saints are going to be about 20M over the cap after this season.

    Let me put this in perspective, we were only 4.5M over the cap this year. We couldn’t even afford to re-sign Bryant or Wheeler or Myers cuz of it. Last year we were 22M over the cap and it took major cuts and a lot of restructured contracts just to get under the cap and we couldn’t even sign a decent player by the time that happened. How can the Saints afford re-sign a player who will either cost 10M with the tag or will command a likely 5-6year deal for 55-65M?