Raiders to play in London in 2014


The Raiders will be one of three teams to play one of their eight regular-season home games in London’s Wembley Stadium, with the opponent and date yet to be determined, the NFL announced Tuesday.

Also playing home games in London will be the Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons.

“We are excited to embrace this great opportunity to assist in building NFL popularity worldwide,’’ Raiders owner Mark Davis said in a statement released by the league.

Two Raiders players, defensive lineman Jack Crawford and offensive tackle Menelik Watson, are from the United Kingdom. Crawford was born in London and grew up there before moving to the United States in high school. Watson is from Manchester, moving to the United States to play college basketball.

The Raiders have played outside the United States five times since 1990, but never in a regular-season game.

The last time the Raiders played outside the United States was on Aug., 27, 2001, when they faced the Dallas Cowboys at Azteca Stadium.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Tony Rasmussen

    What I don’t understand is how if Flynn has such a bad attitude Reggie missed that having spent 4 years with him in GBay…

  • DKnight007

    This Raider team needs two BEASTS at the Guard position next year.

  • dplunk

    as an East coast resider..I’m just glad I’ll be able to watch this sunday’s game at a decent hour 🙂

  • R8erEduc8er

    I find it funny that every upcoming opponent talk about us like we’re best thing since sliced bread.

  • Gdog

    Understood. He was in full prevent mode the entire second half though…

  • If 12+ years isn’t patient enough, then whatever floats your boat if you choose to be McKenzie’s personal cheerleader. None of my business. I hope you understand that a football TEAM consist of BOTH offense and defense, and your boy is hired to handle and improve BOTH SIDES. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that.

  • Oaktown Raiders

    It’s not enough. A true fan can wait decades.. So keep waiting. With that being said it doesn’t take two years to rebuild. It doesn’t take a couple seasons to make up for the multitude of mistakes brought on by the late Al. I would’ve thought 12+ years would be enough for you to understand that. Last time I checked a cheerleader involved skimpy outfits and pom poms, and all I’m doing is analyzing what he’s done thus far and noting the positives. Defense is a start. And watching today’s game I’ve seen how much of an impact Reggie’s decisions have benefited our defensive unit. We did work despite the loss. So spare me the unsolicited lessons. I’ve played and watched enough to know the aspects of a damn football team. A single man cannot do it on his own. I would’ve thought living in this country would help you understand that.. Hmm.. it seems your understanding of many things is more lacking than mine. So first off, why don’t you understand the difference between positivity and pessimism, then go and play freeze tag with the faulty Raider fans I’m assuming you surround yourself with.

  • Oh spare me your experience. If you want to keep on waiting to year 15 it IS YOUR CHOICE little boy. And btw, “freezetag” is a reference to theater, not a game, but with regards to your level of consciousness, I’ll allow such concession. I suppose I’m not a true fan after all according to YOUR standards. No, I had my hopes dashed in 82 when the jettisoned to LA, then dashed again during their “coming back, no staying” drama episode in 1990, then finally in 95 their return to see a 6 game 8-2 meltdown to Chucky and then the 12 year SB hangover. If being a true fan means to sacrifice common sense and intelligence to lower myself to your level, then such fanship I’ll yield and pursue positive growth.

  • NewEra S&B

    You seem to have digressed. We were originally debating the capabilities of Reggie Mckenzie who, despite the disastrous history you so kindly illustrated for me, has changed the culture of this entire organization. A true fan will understand that and bask in the new direction.. even after all these years. But it seems from your response that you feel the need to prove yourself to me. I could care less how much of a fan you think you are. In the end it’s all you. If I was as unintelligent and ignorant as you make me out to be, you shouldn’t have even replied for now you have stooped to the low level you placed me on. So why don’t you stay up there on stage with your props and scripts, and leave the football talk to the degenerates that are willing to hold fort for the silver and black long after your fanship is yielded. Good riddens.

  • All this from my overall concern about his scouting abilities? LOL, honestly, I’m having fun. You have the back of the team your way, I’ll stick to mine. Oh and yes, the stage is a sacred home to me. No apologies here. I also make no apologies being from Oaktown. This all started from my comment that I was “unsure of his eye for talent.” Entertaining. Thanks!

  • NewEra S&B

    You threw the first punch when you assumed that my analyzing was comparable to the way a cheerleader dances for a team.. And I’m misunderstanding your references to being from Oakland.. I take it you were from Rockridge.. or Lake Merrit.. Hmmm.. Glenview. Certainly no where near East Oakland yes? Where your mighty claim would actually mean something. Nonetheless.. It was fun. Til next time Brad Pitt.

  • OK, who is this. If you could place me accurately to a specific Oakland area, And no non-Oaklander knows your reference.

  • NewEra S&B

    Don’t have to be an “Oaklander” to know the good and bad parts of Oaktown. Just a fellow bay area native.