McFadden returns to practice, Wisniewski still absent


Running back Darren McFadden is back on the practice field today, going through the same paces as the other running backs. That bodes well for his playing against the Kansas City Chiefs.
The same can’t be said of center Stefen Wisniewski, who still hasn’t been cleared to practice. He missed the Raiders game against the Chargers on Sunday night. His status for the Chiefs game is questionable at this point.
Andre Gurode is working at center with the first-team offense in Wisniewski’s absence. Also, Tony Pashos is back at practice and working with the first-team today. He sat out the Raiders-Chargers game, too.
McFadden suffered a hamstring injury in Oakland’s loss to the Washington Redskins. He departed after only five carries. Rashad Jennings replaced McFadden that game and amassed 116 yards rushing and receiving. Jennings also filled in for McFadden against the Chargers.
Jennings, too, is nursing a hamstring injury. He carried the ball 10 times in the first half against the Chargers but none in the second half, as coaches removed him from the game as a precautionary measure.
Jennings is at practice today and making good on his assertion Monday that his hamstring injury isn’t a serious one and that he won’t miss any time.
In other news, linebacker Miles Burris was spotted working out on an adjacent field to his teammates. At one point, Burris sprinted the better part of 50 yards without any apparent restriction from the knee he had operated on soon after last season ended.
Burris is on the physically unable to perform list. He is eligible to begin practicing after this week’s game. He can play in a game as soon as the seventh game or as late as the 15th, depending upon how the Raiders choose to proceed.
Here’s the wording on the new guidelines for players on the PUP as set forth by the NFL:
“Commencing on the day after the conclusion of the sixth regular season weekend (October 15) and continuing through the day after the conclusion of the 11th regular season weekend (November 19), clubs are permitted to begin practicing players on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform for a period not to exceed 21 calendar days. Pads and helmets are permitted during the 21-day period. At any time during the 21-day practice period, or prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, on the day after the conclusion of the 21-day period, clubs are permitted to restore such players on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform to their Active/Inactive List.”


Steve Corkran

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    yes snbg, that’s right after playing and watching football for most of my life I somehow still miss the fact that no one gives away their snap count by yelling out hike.. you guys are right totally got me.. I’m just humiliated by it.. Wow 30 years of football but the very first principle I’ve missed…… crazy

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    nothing better to do with your time? really? We won this week. You, myself, others…we’re wrong with predictions all the time. The fact you only have 1 to harp on with this guy… while others pimped DHB, Jamarcus, our certain playoffs the last few years…

    it’s sunny outside.

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    Is it sad that I would rather Wiz was practicing as opposed to DMAC?

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    Dude. I hope you’re right because with all the play the back-up O-line has been getting, and holding their own imo, when Veldeer and Watson and Wiz come back that can only help McF. Other positives on the horizon are when Burris is in the LB rotation, and everyone gets used to each other, and TP has a few more games under his belt, with that, the Raiders can only get better.

    I told my skeptical friends during the off season that with what I saw Reggie doing that the Raiders could win 6 this year. I still think they can.

    They are 2-3, have KC next, a bye, and then 4 teams in a row with losing records. The D is started to gel … you could see it against SD.

    The thing I found most impressive during the off- and pre-seasons was that when it was down to 2nd string against 2nd string and 3rd string against 3rd string, the Raider’s backups consistently beat the other team’s backups. Why is this important? Depth for one and more importantly it showed me that Reggie is a very astute judge of talent. He was able to assemble a group of 2nd and 3rd tier guys who are better than his opponents reserves and he did it with no money and no draft picks and limited options. To me, that is the most impressive thing so far.

    Interesting thing to me is for all the bad mouthing that went on about Al Davis and how he was old and that he should die that Al’s last pick, Terrell may turn out to be the best of the bunch. How many QBs has there been since Gannon? Al knew more football than anyone around him.

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    Alright 5-0 is 5-0, the Chiefs defense is very good.
    Lets take a look at 5-0
    3 of five victories came against NFC East Teams, these same teams coach Reid spent the past decade preparing for.
    3 victories came against defenses ranked 30th or worse.
    Chiefs first 5 opponents have a combined record. of 7-18
    2 opponents are 31 and 32 in all current power rankings.
    0 of the first five opponents are in the top 5 or 10 in NFL.
    Celebrate the 5-0 record, but the game isn’t played on the stats and opinions.
    This is a rivalry game, should be a good one.
    Well said

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    I had Venison, actually.

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    Does pryor merit the blog created title of “instant upgrade”?

    I say absolutely, and pryor is light years better than carson palmer as of this moment. I see no evidence that says palmer will ever close the gap on pryor.

    When palmer arrived amid blaring trumpets and showering rose petals palmer was heralded as an “instant upgrade ” here on this board. Of course i debunked that claim and predicted a ghastly forthcoming flop job by palmer and the total collapse of the raiders org. What followed was both difficult to watch as palmer plummeted the raiders to laughing stock status, and never came close to duplicating what his direct predecessor had achieved.

    Now that pryor is finally getting the playing time he so richly deserves it is plain as day that pryor is the true “instant upgrade”

    Here are some markers which validate my case, and it is rock solid iron clad undeniable proof.

    Comparing palmers number to pryors reveal just how steep the chasm is between pryor and the fallen golden haired hero.

    Palmer : 58.9 cmp % 5 tds 9 ints 2 fumble ( 11 turn overs in 5 games)

    Pryor ; 68.3 % 4 tds 2 ints 229 yards rushing ( 10 first downs)

    next look at the clutch factor stat

    3rd down production comparison

    palmer on 3rd down : 51 cmp % 2 tds 3 ints 15 first downs rate 51.7

    pryor on 3rd down : 71 cmp % 2 tds 1 ints 18 first downs

    rate 109

    palmer 4th quarter : 60 cmp % 2 tds 2 ints rate 74

    pryor 4th quarter : 74 cmp %1td 1 int rate 94.6

    There you have it ultimate proof that carson palmer is barley qualified to play on the same planet as pryor, and certainly cant compete with pryor in any way shape or form.

    pryor the authentic “instant upgrade”

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    I predicted 6-7 wins before the regular season. I could see this team eclipsing that mark IF the injured starters return sooner rather than later (esp on OL), and IF there are no new major injuries to current starters. That’s a big if. However, I can see this team continuing to get better on both sides of the ball if we get/stay healthy. There is not another team that plays with MORE heart, and when is the last time we could say that? They are humble and hungry, and the foundation is set for big things beginning next season (assuming the team doesn’t go crazy and make the playoffs as early as this season, lol). Pryor is the franchise QB we have been waiting on. Thank you Al Davis.