Raiders try to play takeaway with Smith


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Being Alex Smith means dealing with backhanded compliments.

The quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs got another one the other day, courtesy of Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor, when asked if he aspired to the kind of efficiency displayed by Smith, said, “ I think I’m a little more risky than him. He does his thing and that’s him. I just go play ball . . . I know they’ve got a lot of checkdowns. That’s efficient, I guess. We want to be explosive and try to attack.’’

Less than a year after losing his job to Colin Kaepernick because of a concussion, Smith leads the Chiefs (5-0) against the Raiders (2-3) Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Smith, traded to the Chiefs for two second-round draft picks, remains as he was with the 49ers. He’s safe and efficient. More of a game-manager than a game breaker.

“He doesn’t turn the ball over. He makes good decisions in the passing game,’’ Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “They’ve done exactly what they need to do.’’

What Smith has done at a higher rate than any quarterback since 2011 is win games. His 24-5-1 record as a starter during the span is a winning percentage of .800. That is superior to Tom Brady (29-8, .784) and Aaron Rodgers (27-8, .771). Only Peyton Manning (18-3, .857) is better, and he missed the entire 2011 season with a neck injury.

Smith took over a team that was 2-14 a year ago and had better passing and rushing numbers than Kaepernick, but has no interest in claiming vindication.

“It’s five games in,’’ Smith said by conference call. “This is still so early in the season. We’ve done a good job positioning ourselves, but talk to me in December.’’

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Smith probably has exceeded expectations in terms of being a leader.

“It’s not so much what he says, it’s the way he carries himself, the way he emits what it is to be a leader,’’ Chiefs tight end Sean McGrath told the Kansas City Star.

Smith said he didn’t attempt to assert himself as a leader so much as he simply tried to be himself.

“I think one thing everybody sees is when you’re not sincere and when you try to be someone you’re not,’’ Smith said. “Everybody can see a fraud.’’

Smith faces an Oakland defense which blitzed heavily and from every angle through most of the first three games, only to back off somewhat with a lead against the San Diego Chargers. The result was 315 passing yards in the second half by Philip Rivers, but also two of their three interceptions in successfully protecting a lead.

Whatever the Raiders were doing, don’t call it a “prevent’’ defense.

“Prevent means taking your foot off the gas,’’ defensive coordinator Jason Tarver said. “We don’t ever take our foot off the gas. We play.’’

Allen called it “situational’’ football.

“At that point in time, yards don’t cost you anything,’’ Allen said. “The only thing that costs you is points.’’

From what Smith has seen on film, he expects the Raiders to vary their looks and send extra rushers from different angles.

“They throw a lot at you. A ton of different looks. A lot of pressure,’’ Smith said. “I think every guy on that defense is coming at one point or another, all 11 guys. Last week they scored early and were kind of able to sit on it a little bit because the Chargers were out of a balanced game. ‘’

The Chiefs are an NFL-best plus-10 in turnover ratio in part because Smith has only three interceptions and Kansas City has lost just two fumbles. Allen feels the best shot the Raiders have of getting the ball back lies with being unpredictable.

“It’s all predicated on being able to get some pressure on him and make him uncomfortable in the pocket, to be able to do some things that hopefully make him make a bad decision,’’ Allen said.

— Running backs Darren McFadden (hamstring) and Rashad Jennings (hamstring) practiced for the second straight day, increasing their chances of facing the Chiefs.

Center Stefen Wisniewski (knee) did not practice and Andre Gurode is the probable starter at center.

— Sebastian Janikowski was puzzled a bouquet of balloons at his locker Monday. They came courtesy of punter and holder Marquette King, celebrating their first 50-yard kick to together.

How did Janikowski respond?

“He said, `What’s wrong with this guy?,’ ‘’ King said.

— Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston, second in the league with 7.5 sacks, has been cleared to practice but has not yet been cleared to play in the game against the Raiders following a concussion, according to ESPN.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    What “sin” could possibly be worse than the abuse of a child?

  • bcz24

    Fair enough. I’m not in the field, but from the research I have done recently I have ‘softened’ a bit on ACA.

  • 10centsworth

    They are in here…with us. Who is crazy?

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Stormbringer doesn’t even understand what the word “Marxist” means.

  • 10centsworth

    Sure he does. “all the others…”.

  • bcz24

    The sexual abuse of a child…

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    OK, you got me there. Agreed.

  • Chargers likely to be blacked out Monday night.

  • Piratical

    I heard he was a evil Russian or something. Or maybe a 20th century comedian. It’s all very confusing, so I can understand why Storm is so angry–and bringing storms.

  • inonewordraider

    Hate drones, not closing guantanamo, his concessions, no campaign finance reform to name a few. But i do like aca, great to see ppl previously denied care now covered for one

  • 10centsworth

    hmmm, confused so turns to this guys rhetoric? Explains politics.

  • Raiders blacked them out last Sunday night…..

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Exactly. 10 years from now, people are going to say things like “Remember back when people couldn’t move to a better job because they had a sick child and their new health care provider would refuse to cover their treatment?”

  • Raider_Riff

    So now that Pryor has all but killed Dr Roberta and his many handles…

    You are going to go back to being the most annoying member here?

    C’mon Mistic. You won. Give it a rest.

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    brain dead or diddled. What a conversation.

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    not to worry….he probably has 20 other kids from 20 other baby-mamma’s….uncivilized animals

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    Man, the Adrian Peterson tragedy. 2 years old.

    Our prayers, thoughts, and heavy hearts go out the the family.

  • stormbringerSS

    pryor SUCKS

  • MachoManRandySavage

    Could somebody give me some guidance here. Denver -26.5, do they take the foot off the pedal by the 2nd qtr?

  • Raider_Riff

    Or maybe they are going to say, damn why is our economy shot? Maybe its because nobody see’s the bill and the medical companies are raping us?

    Nothing the governement has EVER done has been efficient or cheap. It will get more expensive than ever. You just arent going to see the bill right away.

    The bill gets passed on to the business owner that pays taxes. And so he passes that buck onto you the consumer.

    The only thing that changes is the price of milk & eggs (so to speak) goes up. Higher cost of living. Harder to own/operate a business.

    Health care should not be a right. Once everyone gets that through their heads, maybe then they will be able to address the obvious fact that the economics dont work.

  • inonewordraider

    A person i kno killed someone and shortly after was caught by family members and beaten to near death. Cops saw the family and and turned a blind eye, that was pretty cool of them

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Well, not worse, but just as bad–the abuse of a pregnant woman. A lot of violent men kick the woman’s stomach or punch it, killing the child within and putting the mother in the hospital. Has been done for ions/

  • Raider_Riff

    So you’d take two #1’s and a 2nd and a 3rd right now.


    Would you take that trade if you were Denver and Jax wanted Payton Manning?

    Would you take that trade if you were Indy and Jax wanted Luck?

    Or maybe the best comparison of all…

    Would you take that trade if you were Seattle and Jax wanted Wilson?

  • Nick Gancayco

    Theyve pretty much taken their foot off the pedal every game except the last one. Thing that is unpredictAble is that the broncos might actually take manning out at some point and when osweiller comes in anything can happen. Jags could make a comeback (in terms of the spread, not a real comeback to where they could win)

  • AutumnThunderstorm

    Tarver has the Raider patch (actually shadow from the his visor, but it’s a coll look) working on his last press conference.
    High energy, can see why the players have confidence in his defense.

  • Raider_Riff

    So you think we missed the boat.

    This is why not starting him the last 4 games last year was such a huge mistake.

    Would he have played as good as he is now? No way.

    But he would have showed us enough to warrant a long term committement.

    His asking price would have been much lower than the 12-15 you expect it now to be.

  • stormbringerSS


  • Nick Gancayco

    I would take pryor over newton. I was saying it when we drafted him. Something about newton i dont like. Im not sure he works on his game anymore, like he thinks hes good enough he doesnt need to improve. Hlad pryor isnt like that.

  • i do like aca, great to see ppl previously denied care now covered for one
    Again – seriously misguided. Why don’t you guys go visit a local brokerage firm and educate yourselves? As a new hire any place that offers benefits, health insurance is guaranteed issue. It’s not the same as open enrollment when you actually APPLY for coverage and could be denied. Besides – pre existing conditions went away. If you have a low income and your job doesn’t offer benefits, go apply for Gov assistance. Who are all these denied people? what insurance is turning them away? and besides, hospitals can’t refuse to treat regardless of pay source. the whole question is what is “affordable”. go look at these Govt plans and tell me which ones that are. in most cases, you’re paying higher premiums AND a larger out of pocket max. same rules & restrictions apply, it just won’t help you all that much. In Missouri only 2 health insurances companies opted in with 16 plan designs. All of them suck donkey digk

  • 10centsworth

    Hospitals, doctors and car repair shops charge what they do ONLY because of their collusion with insurance companies. I had MRI’s done on both shoulders, “cost” $2200. My cost? 20 bucks. Insurance companies costs: $600. Poor mans cost, no insurance: $2200. Fact.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    You like to provoke talk of race so what you need to do since you love talking about it (but no nothing about race from a genetic standpoint) is go online to the scientific blogs that treat race in a scientific manner. The advancements in genomic sequencing, GWAS studies, brain studies, etc. have lots of info that will intrigue you. Those research results will confirm some of your basic points and will destroy some others. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will be receptive to some of what has been verified although you’d tout some of the other that has been verified. Science doesn’t care about feelings, about emotions. It seeks truth.

  • stormbringerSS

    3 VOTE UPS ! = looks like the white race is waking up !

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    The insurance pools are only for people who can’t get insurance through their employers. Low-income people will have most of the cost paid by their fellow taxpayers.

  • bcz24

    There was a national news story out of Texas just this summer where a man walked into his barn and found a farm hand raping his 7 year old daughter. The man beat the rapist scum to death with his bare hands and was completely exonerated, as he should have been

  • Papertiger

    Quit hating on drones! They are the greatest military innovation since jet aircraft.

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    Sheeple are idiots.

    They like the “idea” of “free” healthcare.

    They dont realize that nothing is free. We pay one way or the other.

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    Nah, they just want to be invited to your next cross burning. Interested in watching animals in sheets having fun.

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    yep….keep working white man

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    And who are these “fellow taxpayers”.

    Just a lil FYI. It isnt you and I.

    You’d be surprised where the bulk of the tax revenue comes from.

    Theyre going to pass the buck back on down.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Ever see a hospital bill? They charge $2 or more for a Tylenol. That’s not for a bottle, mind you, but ONE PILL.

  • Thec

    this guy understands…

  • bcz24

    Donkeys will score TDs on every possession in the first half and will sit Big Head down when they are comfortably ahead… by 42. I took the donks minus 27.5

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    And what do you pay monthly to the insurance company?

    You paid that $2200 one way or the other.

  • 10centsworth

    And? That refutes or supports what I said?

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    It supports what you said. Completely. They charge ridiculous amounts.

  • 10centsworth

    Did I not say…collusion? The hospital gets, in this example, how much?

  • Raider_Riff

    And now you want to make the gov’t foot the bill so nobody can see it?

    That is how we ended up with $35k toilets for the military.

    When nobody is watching, the hospitals will be charging $10 for a tylenol.

    Do you even realize why a hospital has to charge that much for a tylenol?

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    simply responding to the post in the thread below. Lots of race baiting, and supremacist propaganda.

    i would love to just read football here, but instead guys like rock star and storm bringer post attack after racist attack.

    My observation is on the root of their attitude as it reflects across the membership here.

  • stormbringerSS

    don’t forget