Raiders try to play takeaway with Smith


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Being Alex Smith means dealing with backhanded compliments.

The quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs got another one the other day, courtesy of Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor, when asked if he aspired to the kind of efficiency displayed by Smith, said, “ I think I’m a little more risky than him. He does his thing and that’s him. I just go play ball . . . I know they’ve got a lot of checkdowns. That’s efficient, I guess. We want to be explosive and try to attack.’’

Less than a year after losing his job to Colin Kaepernick because of a concussion, Smith leads the Chiefs (5-0) against the Raiders (2-3) Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Smith, traded to the Chiefs for two second-round draft picks, remains as he was with the 49ers. He’s safe and efficient. More of a game-manager than a game breaker.

“He doesn’t turn the ball over. He makes good decisions in the passing game,’’ Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “They’ve done exactly what they need to do.’’

What Smith has done at a higher rate than any quarterback since 2011 is win games. His 24-5-1 record as a starter during the span is a winning percentage of .800. That is superior to Tom Brady (29-8, .784) and Aaron Rodgers (27-8, .771). Only Peyton Manning (18-3, .857) is better, and he missed the entire 2011 season with a neck injury.

Smith took over a team that was 2-14 a year ago and had better passing and rushing numbers than Kaepernick, but has no interest in claiming vindication.

“It’s five games in,’’ Smith said by conference call. “This is still so early in the season. We’ve done a good job positioning ourselves, but talk to me in December.’’

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Smith probably has exceeded expectations in terms of being a leader.

“It’s not so much what he says, it’s the way he carries himself, the way he emits what it is to be a leader,’’ Chiefs tight end Sean McGrath told the Kansas City Star.

Smith said he didn’t attempt to assert himself as a leader so much as he simply tried to be himself.

“I think one thing everybody sees is when you’re not sincere and when you try to be someone you’re not,’’ Smith said. “Everybody can see a fraud.’’

Smith faces an Oakland defense which blitzed heavily and from every angle through most of the first three games, only to back off somewhat with a lead against the San Diego Chargers. The result was 315 passing yards in the second half by Philip Rivers, but also two of their three interceptions in successfully protecting a lead.

Whatever the Raiders were doing, don’t call it a “prevent’’ defense.

“Prevent means taking your foot off the gas,’’ defensive coordinator Jason Tarver said. “We don’t ever take our foot off the gas. We play.’’

Allen called it “situational’’ football.

“At that point in time, yards don’t cost you anything,’’ Allen said. “The only thing that costs you is points.’’

From what Smith has seen on film, he expects the Raiders to vary their looks and send extra rushers from different angles.

“They throw a lot at you. A ton of different looks. A lot of pressure,’’ Smith said. “I think every guy on that defense is coming at one point or another, all 11 guys. Last week they scored early and were kind of able to sit on it a little bit because the Chargers were out of a balanced game. ‘’

The Chiefs are an NFL-best plus-10 in turnover ratio in part because Smith has only three interceptions and Kansas City has lost just two fumbles. Allen feels the best shot the Raiders have of getting the ball back lies with being unpredictable.

“It’s all predicated on being able to get some pressure on him and make him uncomfortable in the pocket, to be able to do some things that hopefully make him make a bad decision,’’ Allen said.

— Running backs Darren McFadden (hamstring) and Rashad Jennings (hamstring) practiced for the second straight day, increasing their chances of facing the Chiefs.

Center Stefen Wisniewski (knee) did not practice and Andre Gurode is the probable starter at center.

— Sebastian Janikowski was puzzled a bouquet of balloons at his locker Monday. They came courtesy of punter and holder Marquette King, celebrating their first 50-yard kick to together.

How did Janikowski respond?

“He said, `What’s wrong with this guy?,’ ‘’ King said.

— Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston, second in the league with 7.5 sacks, has been cleared to practice but has not yet been cleared to play in the game against the Raiders following a concussion, according to ESPN.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • inonewordraider

    The prices are cheaper in every case ive seen when u factor in yearly iincreases, i also work in the industry. People were dropped or denied now theyre not. Ever met someone from canada england etc? They love their health insurance and happily pay higher taxes for it. Not everythin in usa is better, look at car reliability the metric system etc

  • Raider_Riff

    Stormbringer is Dr Roberta. Just ignore him.

    And Rockstar doesnt speak for the masses here.

    We’re all well aware that racism is still alive and well.

    But to say it reflects across the vast majority of membership here is a bit far fetched.

  • this is horribly inaccurate. I don’t want to call you a liar, but maybe things are just THAT much different in Cali? I don’t know …

  • SnBG

    If you’ve even had health care in Mx or Canada you would see how stupid the U.S. system is. That’s all I’m going to say. Other than the fact that Health care in Mx is good and cheap.

  • Oras J Washington Jr

    It’s good to know racist idiots and ignorance still exist in this world. I’m surprised he can read, or did he just pick up the paper and look at the pretty pictures. #toothlessinbred!

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    We pay more per capita for health, by far, than any other country in the world. However, our infant mortality and life expectancy are both middle-of-the-pack.

  • Oras J Washington Jr

    Very well articulated!

  • Raider_Riff

    And the economy in Mex is in shambles why?

  • SnBG

    Ha, I was one of those denied people. Having been a independent contractor and self employed I struggled with health care and it’s cost.

  • Raider_Riff

    Do you even know why we pay so much?

    What do you think a cheeseburger at McDonalds would cost if only 1 out of every 6 customers could afford to pay yet you still had to pay every customer because you werent allowed to let them starve.

    The people that can pay, subsidize those that wont. That is why a Tylenol cost $2

  • The Beeeeech Dawg


    Time for the Big Blue Wreckin’ Krew to regulate some pigeon feathers

    Get it, I totally bagged on the cardinals by calling them pigeons, thereby making the players and the fans feel majorly burned

    Greinke is going to bring the LA HEAT to the STREET and Han Ram and Puig Power will take care of the rest

    AWWWWW YEAH don’t forget about my bizzle Brian Wilson, setting up Kenley for the monster DODGER DOOR SLAM (on their ballz and weinerz, natch)

    Showing the game at the Beeeech Pad on 4 plasmas, my girlfriend Angela has to work her shift but 3 or 4 of her friends are coming over

    Should at least get to chow on a va-jay-jay or two during commercial breaks (and maybe assume the 69 position)


  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    So you think Emergency Rooms should be able to kick out indigent people and let them die on the sidewalk?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    New post.

  • SnBG

    Actually the economy is extremely strong in Mx and the banks here have been much more stable than in the U.S. Latin Am. countries are booming and the U.S.better wake up to that fact.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Just kidding, Beeeeech.

  • Raider_Riff

    McClain did much more damage than Jamarcus.

    McClain played in a lot more games and as a result, destroyed us with his inability to play up to even mediocre standards.

  • Raider_Riff

    ahhh yes. The banking cartels. Such a great example of honest politics and good economics. SMH.

  • SnBG

    Mx has a teared system of health care in which depending on you’re finances you can have several levels of care.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Neighbor just got his premium notice for 2014 from Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Showed me the letter they sent. It was quite professional, explained that in bringing their policies in line to the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act, his old policy would no longer be offered. It explained that the ACA required certain coverages for everyone. HIs premiums are going up from 445/mo to, get this, 1,336/mo. You heard me right.
    This is the reason: the ACA requires that ALL policies provide to everyone things like birth control, things like pregnancy coverage….in other words, even if, as my neighbor and his wife are over child-bearing age (he and his wife are Boomers), they must pay for a policy that covers the neo-natal care, the birth, and post-natal care as well as covering specialized pediatric care. Multiply that times all the post-menopausal women in the USA, and all the women who have had their tubes tied or had a hysterectomy, and multiply that times all other kinds of care certain people will never need. When it comes to your auto policy, you have choices to cover collision or not. Why cover collision on an old beat up junker you use to go to the store? Liability is all that is required.
    Then, you DO realize that young persons, on whom they are banking to foot the bill for the over 40s, have no incentive to sign up. You can in some states get a policy as cheap as 150/mo but it’s much cheaper to pay a fine of about 200-300 dollars a year if you’re a healthy young person…get this, especially since even the cheapest of policies have deductibles of 5,000 t0 6,000 dollars.
    It’s crazy. That’s what happens when one party won’t even consider negotiating with another–a bill made into a law, a law written by about 1500 kids out of law schools working for legislators, a law enforced by bureaucrats.
    And, on top of it all, the non-partisan gov’t. office say that even IF they got the sign-ups they wanted, there would still be 30 million uninsured American adults, the same number they claimed they were trying to get insurance for.
    Government at its worst. Government does three things well: military defense and collecting taxes.

  • I was one of those denied people. Having been a independent contractor and self employed I struggled with health care and it’s cost.
    SnBG, so have you priced these new Govt plans and found them to be “affordable” ??

  • Raider_Riff

    Nature’s law would say yes.

    And so therefore so would I.

    You or I arent forced to work for free. Why should hospitals?

    It would make healthcare costs go way down.

    It would force us as Americans to start taking care of our health better.

    Nobody is sick because of anything we dont do to ourselves. Life has consequences, we should have to deal with them.

  • SnBG

    I can walk into a clinic in Mx and see a specialist right of the bat without a nurse practitioner of Dr. recommendation. Depending on the treatment the bill is almost the cost of my U.S. insurance co pay. I had a ekg, stress test and an exam by a heart specialist and the bill was under 100 dollars.

  • Don’t forget the 7th inning Stretch…. Cardinals will be singing the Blues when its all said & done…

  • SnBG

    RR I live in Mx now so I speak to my past experience and the the experiences I have here in Mx. No arguement with you about current HC plans. No nothing about them.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Duck, I wish it were so, but it’s a catastrophe. Medicaid covers the very poor (and those who refuse to work and leech off you and me, an ever-expanding group of able-bodied young people, male and female) but the ACA was supposedly designed for the working poor or lower incomed working people.
    However, even with the gov’t. subsidies offered them if their income is below a certain level, they have a huge deductible. So, if you are a single mom with two kids (the kids, but not you on Medicaid), you have an income, say, of 20-27K), you can MAYBE (but maybe not) afford a policy of 150-250 a month–depends on the state), but you say to yourself, “$6,000 deductible!!!!!! You mean I have to have six thousand dollars of hospital bills in one year before my insurance even pays ONE DOLLAR? Or my insurance won’t even pay ONE DOLLAR to my doctor until I’ve run up $500-1000 of a doctor bill?
    “Screw it. I’m going to the emergency room.”
    And, we are back to square one, except that now you and I are subsidizing the whole mess even more than before in pure dollars and we’ve nothing to show for it.
    It doesn’t take a knowledge of calculus to figure out you can’t do this as it was presented. They lied to get it through to low-info voters who aren’t footing the bill anyway.

  • loyal

    What does this have to do with the Raiders and KC? Why not blog on Huff Post or Red State.

  • my employer has 4 plan options too. all of them meet the required criteria under this new law. nobody is getting a subsidy. we’ve got 900+ people here. The kicker is coverage only has to be “affordable” for the employee – not spouse & children. if you’ve got a wife with breast cancer or a child with autism i’m telling my HR lady to charge you a $100 surcharge for each of them every paycheck to be covered under our Health Insurance

  • 0ak R8rs

    Hrm. Well no way Peyton is tradeable by Denver this year. They r on a Super Bowl run. So no way this year. Next? Especially if they win? At his age? Instantly. No hesitation.

    Luck, no. This kid by all accounts is the next Manning. Untradeable by Indy under any circumstances IMO.

    Wilson, yea. Seattle has an incredibly strong team right now. And I’m not overly sold on Wilson anyway, again, IMO. They r on a Super Bowl run as well, but I think they could MAYBE manage to win w defense and an average QB. After this year? Instantly, same as manning. He was a 3rd round pick and they have almost nothing invested in him.

    I think Pryor can be better than Wilson. Don’t think he matches up skill wise w Luck (although athletically they aren’t very different) or intelligence wise w manning (that’s not a shot, manning is a certifiable football genius).

  • 0ak R8rs

    It happens from time to time. Annoying.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    May your next home be built on the next Love Canal.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    We’ve solved most of mankind’s most enduring and perplexing socialogical, theological, and philosophical problems right here on this blog.

    You should listen up.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    I didn’t use the terms “vast” or “majority”

    storm bringer and rock star are not alone here however.

    Again you should minister to them, it would be far more constructive.

  • Raider_Riff

    Your comments make broad sweeping judgments about “so many here”.

    You do speak in that context.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    One last thing–we have the best medical care in the world. Anyone suggesting otherwise knows nothing about medicine. You’re an idiot for thinking that or even letting it escape your lips. No other country has our technology. No other country provides the kind of surgeries this country provides with only a small or no waiting period…until recently as our shortage of doctors makes itself known.
    Surely you know how Canadians come here for stroke therapy? Sure, have a stroke, you get covered in a Canadian hospital, but their definition of a minor stroke means they send patients home with no provided physical therapy (so if you can’t use one hand, screw it, just go home and figure it out for yourself. If you are left with a speech impediment, screw it, you didn’t die, no speech therapy for you….or go over the border to an American clinic and pay out of pocket for therapy. Happens ALL THE TIME. Of course, only some families are able to send their loved ones to America for that therapy. This is the ACA, buddy.)
    Want to wait a few years for that knee surgery? Hip surgery? That’s how it is in Canada. And even then, if you’re over a certain age, even if in good health, such as 62 or so, forget that kind of stuff until the youngsters have been seen. Of course, it should strike you that it’s older people who need knee and hip replacements, not youngsters. However, they don’t have enough money to cover you , but, so they hope you’ll keep waiting, then give up…or just die.
    None of these stories is hyperbole. Do the math.
    It’s the delivery of that care to everyone that is not the best, but the model for that delivery CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be the models of places like Sweden or Canada. You need to compare the 320 mill

  • Raider O

    I hope you are joking. This is one of the dumbest posts I have read here in a long time and I’m a capitalist.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    That insurance problem can and should be addressed without causing a cataclysmic change to the medical care system.
    In other words, you seem to believe that if your auto insurance policy doesn’t cover flat tires, the government should step in and write a new law that forces everyone to throw out their old cars and buy those with new tires.

  • Raider_Riff

    Not joking at all.

    If it’s so dumb, it should be easy for you to refute. Go ahead and try.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Respond to my reply 1st and I will.

  • Raider_Riff

    Which reply?

  • SnBG

    Here’s the simple version of HC in Mx. I have insurance that cost me 600 dollars a year with a 5000 deductible. Health car is so cheap hear I can cover the cost of getting check ups and seeing specialist if the need comes up. I have already saved thousand on ins premiums. Can you do that in the U.S.

  • scinfidel

    What you are missing SnBG is you don’t have 20-30M illegal non-paying a friggin dime freeloaders that overload and crash your ‘awesome’ HC system. If I, as an American, need medical attention in MX and can’t pay for it, guess what, I’m not leaving the facility until that bill is paid, period! Here, Mexicans and other illegals use our health system like they do our educational system, food stamps etc.; everything is free, just show up! Do you get it buddy, we don’t protect our citizens in this country.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Health care in Mexico is provided via public institutions, private entities, or private physicians. Health care delivered through private health care organizations operates entirely on the free-market system, i.e., it is available to those who can afford it. This is also the case of health care obtained from private physicians at their private office or clinic. Public health care delivery, on the other hand, is accomplished via an elaborate provisioning and delivery system put in place by the Mexican Federal Government. In 2012, Mexico achieved universal healthcare.[
    WEll, there you go. The system only has to provide to the few in Mexico who can afford it since Mexico has a perpetual underclass. So, if you are serving only a small percentage of people in the entire country with your private market, you can offer reasonable rates. The wealthy in Mexico can also fly to the States for specialized treatment if need be.
    The remainder of Mexicans have the public variety of care which says it all…”public and inferior” so, they cross the border to the US to either work illegally and get benefits or to not work and get benefits. All they have to do is have a kid born here for mama to collect Medicaid for the kids, food stamps, housing vouchers.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    You know the reason for those stats? Not hard to figure.
    Youngsters having babies and not seeking the free neo-natal care given them and grown women getting pregnant (again and again) and being so damn dumb or so selfish they continue drinking and doing drugs. I’ll give you a map of the US and ‘ll bet without your doing any research you can point to the areas of the country where that happens most. They scew all the figures.
    Stats mean nothing unless you look at the whole picture.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    See above. Yes, of course you can since the private health insurance system in Mexico isn’t forced to cover everyone.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Hey, Duck, don’t know how old you are but know what? In the past in this country, people who incurred bills they couldn’t pay to doctors, the dentist, hospitals, worked out a paying schedule. They paid a tiny bit a month until the bill was paid off in full. When we stopped expecting people to do that, the whole country went to hell concerning the work ethic. The other way of paying off someone was exchanging services: I’ll rotate your car’s tires, change your oil for a visit to your office to treat my cold.
    Just about every American and his or her family worked at doing something. A family of 4 can make a lot of money with a few clean rags and some Windex, but those days of being expected to work has been knocked by the stupid “Progressives” (the name is a laugh–there is no group of people more anti-science, more lacking in their knowledge of human beings, more lacking in their understanding of biology, and nature than so-called “Prog Frogs.” Their solutions are crazy because their basic premises and assumptions are all wrong. Go to Moscow to see how paying a doctor the same as a line worker in an auto factory worked out or how paying neighbors the same for the same job while one was a slacker and the other a worker paid off. The Soviets kept all the buildings in Moscow painted, looking nice from the outside. Inside, they were like tenements you’d see in Detroit.
    Once society stops expected people to pay for themselves in life, you’ll notice how many people suddenly become helpless. It’s fake.
    The Vietnamese man who comes once a year to wash my sister’s windows inside and out comes with his wife and one teenager. He is putting his other teen through college right now. He came here a young man when Saigon fell. He owns a house. He has health care–banded together with some other small business owners and purchased group health insurance. He, his wife, and his two sons were the total laborers in the business. He has replaced the college son with a nephew. The “you can make it in America IF you want” is still true today if a person is willing to work.
    A few more years down the road and more and more millions of Americans like him will grow so bitter as to cause a huge backlash.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    That’s pure bs and you know it. Yeah, I’ve travelled in Europe and even had to use the UK system once, but when the Brits come here and see the service (which they are unaware of) they are wide-eyed.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    You were both denied, yet covered?

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    And still, the GAO says 30 million will still be uninsured, the same number as pre-ACA.

  • Raider O

    So…. Kids have autism because of things they did to themselves?

    Dumbest post here and that’s saying something.

    Do us a favor. Try to think before you post

  • SnBG

    I’m not addressing illegals and freeloading. It is incorrect that the healthcare in Mx is of an inferior quality offered to the public. It is quite good. Insurance co’s in the U.S make huge profits and do their best to limit a Dr’s practice. Hospitals charge huge sums and are for profit.