McFadden watch will go to Sunday

Looks like the Darren McFadden watch will go up to kickoff Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

McFadden was listed as questionable Friday by the Raiders after limited practice time and was less than emphatic that he would play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I feel pretty good,’’ McFadden said following practice. “We’re just going to try and make that decision whenever it comes time to make a decision _ whatever the coaches and the trainers feel like is the best for me.’’

Asked if he had run with the burst he would in a game, McFadden said, “If I haven’t done it I feel like I’ve gotten pretty close to it. I’m just looking forward to whatever decisions the coaches and trainers make.’’

Both McFadden and Rashad Jennings, also listed as questionable, were limited in practice all three days. In most cases, players who participate in practice throughout the week even if limited wind up playing on Sunday.

“I watched him all week in practice,’’ Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “I like where he’s at. I feel good about where he’s at. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow. But I think every day he’s gotten a little bit better.’’

Also listed as questionable were linebacker Kaluka Maiava (hamstring), defensive tackle Stacy McGee (shoulder) and right tackle Tony Pashos (shoulder). Running back Marcel Reece (knee) is probable.

Listed as out were center Stefen Wisniewski (knee), tackle Menelik Watson (calf) and strong safety Tyvon Branch (ankle). Branch is still on crutches but was not wearing a protective boot.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • fingersrdrs

    Good news…. The ” Oakland Raiders” belong in
    Oakland !.. Period!

  • fingersrdrs

    Sunday Afternoon……. Chefs.. 5 & 1….

  • rifflicks

    Another big factor today will be Penalties….and even the DA haters have to acknowledge the strides the Raiders have made.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Jason Taylor 2.0
    Been hyping up Barr in here since last year

  • rifflicks

    Wow it’s hard to figure out between you and Black Hole Priest which is the most prolific talent evaluator

  • Just Fire Baby

    Not even a contest

  • Just Fire Baby

    Wow it’s hard to figure out between you and captain obvious which writes a more snoozer of a comment

  • rifflicks

    you’re right….you’re both from the same train of thought

  • marks hair

    Raider Day!! run with Reece coach. best back on the team

  • plunkhead
  • Just Fire Baby

    No, but LOL at him just being married to a Fertitta and getting the CEO gig

  • plunkhead

    Comments are funny. He is a buddy of mine. Same grad class. Have not talked to him in many years though

  • John David Booty

    KC is the biggest fluke 5-0 team I’ve seen in a long time. Raiders defense is going to give Alex Smith BIG problems and Wood will have opps for INTs. Raiders run game goes over 250 this week, TP included. Sparano and his work with the O-line starts getting credit. Go Raiders!

  • plunkhead
  • Just Fire Baby

    You should have hung around and tried to shack up with another Fertitta, lol. But I always liked the Coast casino’s more than the Stations, although Red Rock is really nice.

  • 00

    You saw Otto play but forgot his number? yeah right

  • rifflicks

    give it up pipsqueak….no one forgot anything

  • rifflicks

    I’m sure it is ,but seeing as you have no life, and live on this blog, I’m sure in time you’ll figure it out.

  • I’m going to be taking a road trip today and don’t think I can wait til after the game. Can I pick up the play-by-play online at 95.7 the Game?

  • And why hasn’t there been a post in two days?

  • J Hill

    Reece at RB?????


  • rifflicks

    you can watch the game online at firstrowsports or atdhe…the popups are annoying but nonexistent with a good adblocker….some of the links are in HD too

  • I will be driving I want to listen to it, on my phone.

  • RaiderGuy50

    agree- however, this will be a white knuckle affair-with raiders on top
    I see defense causing some TO on hard nose tackling with tarver getting some credit too

  • rifflicks

    Raiders.com has a list of radio stations that broadcast the game live in the Media Center tab

  • Thanks. Go Raiders!!!

  • plunkhead

    I drank too much to attract upper crust and it was obvious I was not going places.

  • nomoreseasontix

    I’m working in Des Moines, Ia right now. Had an opportunity to drive down to KC for the game. $135.00 ticket.
    Didn’t pull the trigger,

  • Raidersfan727

    Good morning raider nation! It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in florida, cant wait to see the raiders play today.

    A raiders win usually sets up a good week

  • J Hill

    Kenny Britt on the trade market.

    Hmmmmm …..

    Might just want to wait on Nicks. Can’t see the Giants paying him.

  • Raidersfan727

    if its for the sole purpose of just watching the game, and not really into the crowd and stuff, I always prefer to just watch at home

  • J Hill

    Flacco, Ryan, Schaub are examples of why you don’t overreact and pay a QB or any one position a ridiculous amount of money.

  • J Hill


    Tom Brady = worst QB in the AFC east????

    56 pct completion pct????

  • Thec
  • SnBG

    Good morning nation.

    Warner and Mariochi loves then some Pryor.
    Nice piece on the Raiders by the NFLNet.

  • SnBG

    No just new receivers.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Flacco got paid, this year, and his salary numbers go way down in years ahead. And they will be fine and prob win the division.
    Ryan is struggling, but he has brought that franchise back to relevance. Might be overpaid, but the Falcons are making money off that deal.
    But yeah, not sure what the Texans were thinking on the Scaub deal, especially after his date with Lis Franc.

  • plunkhead

    DMAC is playing

  • SnBG

    For the last 10 years Schaub has been the 11th rated passer. He is good but he’s going through some kind of slump. Coaches can’t quit figue out his issue yet but I believe that if they handle him right Schaub will be back to form.

  • SnBG

    Can’t wait to see the Pryors play today. Really want to see how Pryor plays. Does he improve from last week as he’s improved in every game he’s played this year.

  • SnBG

    With the new cap in the NFL it may not be possible to pay these guys what they’ve been getting.

  • Miamiraider78

    Heading to Big dawg 3, South Florida Raider booster club to see the boys beat the Chefs. I feel something special brewing in the air.

  • jesusraiderjim

    Would like to see our pass D put up a solid effort today. If our run D holds up as it has been we could certainly use the help from pass D. Excited to see the game. Seems like last couple years the games were over by the half, at least in my mind, different feeling this season.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Lis Franc took him from being immobile to being an old man.
    Panics in the pocket as well, seeing ghosts.

  • Thec

    Yeah, don’t pay them up front but, put it in a trust fund. /oe pay for play account.

  • Ray

    Raiders 24 chiefs 13

  • Try Some Reality

    And yet our QB still struggles to get the proper due from certain members of this blog, despite having green WRs and a general unfamiliarity with them (due to a lack of first team reps).

    Funny that.

    Making chicken salad out of chicken schiit.

  • r8ter4evr

    Not true raiders just negative punk haters

  • SnBG

    The issue with Flacco and most good QBs today is that they get paid a huge amount in the front end of their deals and still collect tons during the course of their contracts. This may not change with QBs so what happens is it squeezes the balance between the cap limit and the overall amount the team is spending. This causes the GMS to be very careful paying the rest of their players.

  • M.Shorter

    Gameday live giving Pryor some love.