Notes, quotes and stats from Raiders-Chiefs game


KANSAS CITY – The Raiders offensive line had its hands full against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday even in the best of circumstances.
Imagine the task when the offensive line was forced to play with career right guard Mike Brisiel at center and rookies Lamar Mady and Matt McCants summoned for duty in the middle of the game.
“It’s something we’ve been battling, but it’s the name of the game,” Brisiel said. “You’ve got to keep moving on. You’ve got to find a way. We can’t use that as an excuse. We’ve got to keep moving forward somehow.”
The Raiders entered Sunday’s game with a makeshift offensive line that was minus two starters and one starter playing out of position.
Things got worse in the second quarter when backup center Andre Gurode, who was starting in place of injured regular Stefen Wisniewski, left the game with a knee injury.
That necessitated Brisiel sliding over to center, a position he last played in 2007 when he was with NFL Europe.
Matters got almost comical when right offensive tackle Tony Pashos left the game at halftime with a groin injury.
Gurode and Pashos were playing to being with only because of injuries to Wisniewski and regular left tackle Jared Veldheer.
The Chiefs showed that they could get to quarterback Terrelle Pryor from the outset. However, it’s worth noting that seven of their 10 sacks came after Gurode and Pashos were gone.
“As good as they are on defense, you want to have all of your weapons, all of your guys up front to protect,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “But that’s the NFL, and we have to be able to go out and function and play. We weren’t able to do that (Sunday).”
By halftime, the Raiders had no offensive linemen playing the position they played last season or were projected to play this season.

— Raiders rookie cornerback D.J. Hayden once again turned in a feast-or-famine performance that showed he still is adjusting to life in the NFL.
On a second-quarter drive, Hayden got beat for 17 yards on a pass to receiver Dwayne Bowe and committed a pass interference penalty on a third-and-10 play.
The latter play gave the Chiefs 17 yards and a first down at the Raiders 7-yard line. The Chiefs scored a game-tying touchdown on the next play.
“I didn’t get my head around,” Hayden said in explaining the penalty. “All I got to do is get my head around and I’ll be alright.”
Hayden atoned for his spotty play by forcing a fumble on a short pass to receiver Donnie Avery. Fellow cornerback Charles Woodson recovered the loose ball.
“I don’t care if it’s D.J. or whoever out there, you’re going to get some pass interference calls,” Woodson said of Hayden’s performance, “but you can’t quit playing. We know he’s not going to quit playing. He came up with a huge play when they were driving down.”

— It’s reached the point where the Raiders can say they have Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles’ number.
Sure, Charles scored two touchdowns Sunday, but that owed more to favorable field position than what Charles did.
Charles finished with 78 yards on 22 carries for a 3.5-yard average. He averaged 4.3 in the Chiefs first five games.
Last season, Charles rushed for 1,495 yards and averaged 5.5 yards in 14 games against teams other than the Raiders. He totaled 14 yards on 14 carries in two games against the Raiders.

— Running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings played Sunday despite lingering hamstring injuries. They combined for 64 yards on 20 carries and four receptions for 40 yards.

— Sebastian Janikowski missed short on a 51-yard field-goal attempt early in the second quarter. That marked his fourth miss this season, or one more than he missed all last season.

— The Chiefs padded their league-leading sack total (31) with 10 takedowns of Pryor. The Raiders fared pretty well in that category, as well, as they sacked Alex Smith three times and improved their season total to 16

— Wide receiver Andre Holmes was active for a regular-season game for the first time since he returned from a four-game suspension. He had one pass directed his way.
The Raiders waited a week before they activated Holmes to their 53-man roster upon his return from the suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.
Coincidentally, second-year receiver Juron Criner was deactivated for the sixth straight game.

— The Raiders averaged 8.8 penalties for 67.2 yards their first five games. They got flagged 11 times for 68 yards against the Chiefs.


Steve Corkran

  • 2romes

    Man, we needed Jano yesterday and he did not show up. He would have changed the complexion of the game.

  • 2romes

    Are we going to here some luck sucks?

  • Seattle Raider

    Prometheus seems personally aggrieved by Flynn’s flaming and is outraged that the fans have Pryor’s back. There are numerous reasons for this, but no use in preaching to the deaf.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Fair. I know what I said.

  • David Kern

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Hayden? I know he missed time but when we picked him I saw him as a ‘plug-and-play’ guy. He’s been far from it. It isn’t the major mistakes that bother me its his general lack of coverage skills. All Rookies make blunders but he has shown zero redeeming qualities. I want someone to convince me he is improving or isn’t as bad as I think he is.

  • pistolpete9

    All you idiots posting here are not Raider fans!!! Read the article and comment on IT not insulting each other. It is hard enough for Rm and DA to put a team on the field with all the injuries and paying out 40% of the team’s salary cap to players no longer on the team. Al Davis signed those players and they never delivered so you really expect them to be kept on the team?? I am from Arkansas and have been a true Raider fan for over 30 years. Through the good years and the bad years, and still today a Raiders fan. Give DA ad RM a chance to get players they want for the game they play. And YES, before you ask, I am ashamed of DMac and his continued lack of mojo on the field, but just maybe that is because he is being misused. He is not a middle of the line runner, but more of a scat back.

  • pistolpete9

    Still think it is the new holder affecting Thunder Foot. Not comfortable with him yet….

  • David Kern

    On that note, I am beginning to question my defense of Reggie and his drafting. I like his approach, I think he got the right positions and he clearly has a plan that he’s enacting in a disciplined way but his actual selections have left a lot to be desired. There is just no one he’s picked yet who you look at and say, “i’ll be really surprised if he doesn’t pan out.” At this point I am convinced that Watson, Hayden and Moore could just as easily end up as role players instead of every down guys. That is really scary.

  • pistolpete9

    There are not many QBs out there with Manning’s ability to read defenses like he does. In fact, I cannot think of another one like him in today’s game.

  • Davy Jones

    Ah, but Flynn didn’t. Not the way Pryor did. That’s why he’s a Bill. McGloin didn’t as much against lesser competition. Never get tired of having your false equivalencies pointed out to you, do you?

  • Davy Jones

    I watched the game. First half he did fine. As the o line worsened, so did Pryor. Sure, he had a bad game. He’s also had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more good QB plays than Flynn did in silver and black. Accept it or become a Bills fan. Don’t get tired of having your false equivalencies pointed out to you, do you?

  • Raider Al from Atlanta, Ga

    Terrelle Pryor will end his career like Raider Greats, Ken Stabler and Jim Plunkett. Undefeated in the only game that counts. The Superbowl.

  • Mike_Trail

    Yep, those were freaking killers…..Ugh!

  • Mike_Trail

    Im tired of the “its the holder” excuse—Its bullsh!t—Kickers get moved all over the league every year and don’t miss a kick every game with their new team/holder–because if they did, that team would bring in a new kicker. Jano is too comfy for his own good if you ask me and hasn’t faced competition in a decade. I mean, they bring in a freakin replacement kicker (Carmona) every season so Jano doesn’t have to kick so much and work on his golf game.

    Get good or get gone—I promise you the coaches are sick of this crap as well. He is costing us games. Plain and Simple.

  • Jojo

    How do you read set and throw when you are running for your life? How do you read set and throw when the D knows you have no running game and cant pass block? The majority of cepts came AFTER a 3rd string center and tackle came in the game!!! Pryor is a YOUNG RAW QB that did not even have a full preseason with his team! LOL, with the exception of the Denver game every game has been competitive have they not?