Pryor takes full blame for Raiders loss to Chiefs


By Carl Steward

ALAMEDA — No member of the Kansas City Chiefs was as rough on Terrelle Pryor as he was on himself.

The Raiders quarterback passed erratically during a 24-7 loss at Kansas City, but he wasn’t passing the buck Monday in a brutal self-examination of his performance after watching the game film.

“What disappoints me is we lost the game because of me; that’s how I look at it,” said Pryor, who threw three interceptions and was sacked 10 times Sunday.

“You know what?” he continued. “I deserved them hits, because I didn’t get the ball out, and on one play I called the wrong protection. You make mistakes like that, you deserve to get pile-driven into the ground.”

Pryor went on bashing himself for nearly 15 minutes. Good thing he didn’t have a sword in his locker or he might have fallen on it.

“Defensively we played great, offensively we played great,” he said. “It was just No. 2. That’s the only way I’m going to get better is taking the blame that’s really my blame”

Pryor went into detail about his mishaps Sunday, but one of the most obvious ones was failing to get the play called in the huddle promptly, which resulted in three delay-of-game penalties.

“That’s tough, I’ll take fault on that,” he said. “I’ve got to get guys in the huddle, and I wasn’t calling the plays until about 15 seconds left. I thought we rushed a lot because we were rushing. It starts with me.”

Coach Dennis Allen, while conceding Pryor might have had his worst game, was mindful that his inexperienced quarterback is going to take some hard lessons.

“He’s still a young player,” Allen said. “That was his fifth start of the season, so he’s still got a lot of growing to do and a lot of getting better to do. We’re going to continue to try to build and grow with him.”

Pryor said he was “ashamed” of how he represented the coaches who worked so hard to prepare him and added that if he has more games like he did Sunday, he wouldn’t blame them if they gave him the hook.

“I have to be on top of my stuff, because at any moment I could get pulled off my job and I won’t be the starter,” he said. “I can’t play like I played yesterday or I won’t be here very long.”

• Allen had his own view of the breakdowns getting plays called in the din of Arrowhead Stadium.

“The communications, getting in and out of the huddle, those are the things we have to get cleaned up,” Allen said. “That starts with me, and I’ll do a better job of getting our guys prepared and understanding exactly what the game plan is and how we have to execute.”

• Sebastian Janikowski missed his fourth field goal in 11 attempts this season, which is one more miss than he had last season in 34 tries.

“It’s obvious something we have to look at, because all the misses have come off the left hash,” Allen said. “We have to see if it’s the operations or something he’s doing in his kicking motion. Obviously, he mis-hit the ball. He kind of toed it a little bit, but that’s a kick we normally anticipate him making.”

• Of the Raiders’ 11 penalties, only one was against the defense, but it was a costly one — the pass interference on rookie D.J. Hayden right before halftime on a third-and-10 play. It kept the Raiders from going into intermission with a 7-0 lead.

“That was a big momentum swing in the game, that two-minute drive,” Allen said. “D.J. is a young player who’s out there against Dwayne Bowe, and he kind of panicked a little bit on the play. He was actually in pretty good position.”

• The Raiders didn’t report any major injuries from the Chiefs game. Center Andre Gurode pulled a quadriceps that forced him out of the game, right tackle Tony Pashos suffered a hip-flexor injury, and cornerback Tracy Porter has a shoulder injury.

The Raiders will practice Tuesday and Wednesday but then take four days off to heal their wounds.

“I think the bye is coming at a great time for us,” Allen said. “We’ve got a lot of guys down with injuries right now, and we need them to be able to get some rest, get healed up and get ready to go for Pittsburgh.”

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Steve Corkran

  • SnBG

    Actually the D got a lot of credit for the SD game also. I think there’s enough blame to go around. Oline and Pryor both had a horrible day. I think the Oline wins the prize for worst play though.

  • Prometheus

    IDK man, those INTS were 100% panic driven. he just threw that shat to get rid of it without any zip or chance of completing it. P6P panicked, not even palmer did that with all of his INTS.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Pride goeth before the fall.

  • Prometheus

    Raiders should cut McSlowfoot and give reece the job.

  • Dakota

    But it will be a fun ride!

  • Charlie

    Anyone that thinks Reid is not a very good coach is an effing idiot.
    Until Howie Roseman came on the scene in 2010 and started his dream team BS Reid was 108-67-1 appearing in 5 NFC Championship games and one SuperBowl.
    Similar to Schottenheimer, Reid has lacked post season success but he took a TERRIBLE Philly team in 1999 and built them into a strong contender for a decade.
    I swear some people on this blog have no recall past last week.

  • SnBG

    The biggest myth in the NFL is that the QB and the HC get all of the blame. Football is the ultimate team game. They all have to play well together to really win in the NFL. The Oline is the most important part of the offense next to the QB imho. Everything flows from the Oline. If it isn’t good then the O will not win consistently.

  • Dakota

    So our decimated o-line this season has nothing to do with it?

  • Prometheus

    hate being an armchair coach but this coaching staff is slow to see things. they should bench McSnuggles and make reece the Every down back. they won’t see this fact until at least week 14 though. we all saw last year

  • Prometheus

    same excuse every year. what last year? 2011, 2009, 2008? 1 good year in 6. cut him

  • Prometheus

    Aaron rodgers and be rapistberger won Sbs with bad OLINES.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    That’s the spirit!

  • Dakota

    You don’t have to cut him he is a free agent this offseason. Hopefully he signs with a legit NFL team. Like Randy Moss had to do. And Charles Woodson.

  • Prometheus

    Reece and Jennings can pound the rock. don’t need McExcuses. another bust

  • The_Judge37

    McFadden was good on Sunday. If anything they should given him the ball more, but they kept him in to block. Too bad Olson didn’t figure out the Screen game untill the 2nd half. Either way this loss is all on TP2

  • Charlie

    Been saying that forever and most on this blog seem to get it.
    There a few hold outs but not many.
    Yes the Chiefs got Smith last season but take a look at what they drafted with their first round picks the last two years.
    Games are won and lost in the trenches.

  • Prometheus

    bench him then. he’s in the way of progress.

  • The_Judge37

    I think the hold outs need you to list the past decade of draft busts again.

  • Prometheus

    how did GB win the superbowl with an OLINE that gave up 50 sacks?

  • Sad Hat In Tulsa

    I can toast you to that.

  • Sad Hat In Tulsa

    Loss was so bad there is plenty to dish up. But TP2 was driving the bus and Allen was tellin him where to go. You can figure out the rest.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Stop it!

  • Sad Hat In Tulsa

    What does anyone think of Jenkins? Seems like he missed a few.

  • The_Judge37

    He’s been good. I like his aggressivness on tackles.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Don’t really want to remember that either.

  • Looking ahead to 2014

    1. decide if Pryor is
    the franchise guy or determine if one is available in 2014 draft

    2. Decide on resigning McFadden – not

    3. Add pass rusher via free agency, Greg Hardy or Jared Allen or Michael

    4. Stay the course with D.Allen/R.McKenzie or jettison one with an eye on a
    more experienced HC/GM combo

    5. Offensive line help!

    6. decision to re-sign
    Veldheer or go for Jake Matthews in draft

    7. dt and best rb
    available via draft and free agency


    Jared Allen, DE

    Kevin Boothe, OG

    Greg Hardy, DE

    Jeremy Maclin, WR

    Kenny Britt, WR

    Mario Manningham, WR

    Randy Starks, DT

    Richie Incognito, OG

    Ben Tate, RB

    Jon Asamoah, OG

    Cassius Vaughn, CB (Colts)

    Chris Clemons, S

    BJ Ward, S

    Brandon Browner, CB


    QB – if Pryor isn’t it

    Aaron Murray, Georgia

    Derek Carr, Fresno St.

    AJ McCarron, Bama

    Taj Boyd, Clemson

    Teddy Bridgewater, Lousiville


    Jadeveon Clowney, S.Carolina

    Stephen Truitt, Notre Dame

    Ben Gardner, Stanford

    ZaDarius Smith, Kentucky

    DT/DE Henry Anderson, Stanford


    DeAndre Coleman, Cal

    Louis Nix III, Notre Dame

    Ed Stinson, Bama

    Ra’Shean Hagerton, Minnesota


    Ka’Deem Casey, Arizona

    Bishop Sankey, Washington

    Marion Grice, Arizona St.

    Carlos Hyde, Ohio St. (ground n pound)

    D’Anthony Thomas 3rd down back /slot receiver/returner


    Xavier Su’a-Filo?, UCLA

    Gabe Jackson, Miss St.

    La’el Collins, G/T, LU

    Anthony Steen, Bama

    Cyril Richardson, Baylor

    David Yankey, T/G, Stanford

    Zack Martin, G/T, Notre Dame

  • bcz24

    You’ll lose points for pick6 Palmer-ceptions

  • Sad Hat In Tulsa

    KC is not a real 6-0 team. Can see them flaming out soon. Ugly style.

  • The_Judge37

    No! I wasn’t here yesterday to properly troll this loss so I’m playing catch up.

  • Dakota

    Personally, I am not giving up on McFadden until I see him play on a team that knows what it is doing. Too bad he will probably sign with the Cowgirls…my nightmare is that he signs with Denver.

  • Prometheus

    QB is suppose to lead and make the team better. hasn’t happened here, but Denarious Moore is a WR2 now in FFB, good shat .

  • Prometheus

    McFadden can have a nice game once in a while but he’ll get hurt. doesn’t matter who he signs with.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    You missed 300(really!-300) posts from Rifflicks trying to make the same point, you lucky guy.

  • Dakota

    That’s what people said about Woodson when he left.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Top pass rusher in FA and Sammy Watkins in Round 1 or Top WR in FA and Top pass rusher available in the draft.

    The rest of draft can be spent on the trenches.

  • bcz24

    I always go to tvembed.eu to watch the games (if no other option is available). You just have to play the ‘ad closing’ game and then you can watch.

  • Prometheus

    so resign McSnuggles based on hopes and dreams.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    He’s better now. Two pick 3’s early in the game instead of ‘the worst possible time’.

  • Prometheus

    Raider Defense has a lot of upside, add a pass rusher and its top 10. could attract a proven HC. lot of possibilities. face it this is a 5 win team.

  • The_Judge37

    Yes, You don’t have to pay him or play him like a lead back. But he helps the team.

  • Steveopa

    Our oline didn’t look like it has this year either.

  • Dakota

    If the price is right…..it would have to be an incentive ladened contract with easy out clauses if he continues to be injured.

  • Prometheus

    great pass blocker and good Reciver out of backfield. shouldn’t be a 1st or even 2nd running option. I’d give 4yrs 12 mil at the most

  • yeah, let me add Watkins…can stretch the field…Marquise Lee, too (return guy)

  • bcz24

    I can’t understand why Dmac only gets blasts between the guards and center. No tosses, no sweeps, no screens. I wonder if they know he is pretty fast?

  • bcz24

    No massive signing bonus or guaranteed salaries. We need to be able to get out of it at any time.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Can’t go wrong with either imo.

  • Prometheus

    u guys seen DHB miss that 60 yd TD catch last night? should have had that one. what a buster

  • yoblackbooty

    Tp2 took responsibility like he shoul… Now bounce back after bye week

  • bcz24

    If the game is in Seattle I wouldn’t start the AZ D