Coordinators sound off on range of issues heading into bye week


To tide you over, here’s what offensive coordinator Greg Olson and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver had to say in their final news conferences with Bay Area media before the Raiders bye week kicked in. Back at you Monday.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson

How much were you guys able to get from the seven-on-seven stuff this week?
Coach Olson:I think it’s great for the players that were available. It’s always good for a quarterback to get out and be able to throw the football and get some work with the wide receivers. It was great for us on the offensive side of the ball.

Pittsburgh has had some turnover on the defensive side of the ball, but they’ve consistently been one of the better defenses. What challenges do they present?
Coach Olson:I think continuity. I think [Steelers defensive coordinator] Dick LeBeau is a tremendous defensive coordinator and I think having him on staff there has helped the Steelers over the years. Really, their scheme is good and also they’ve had a number of players that have played together for awhile. They’ve had some turnover now, but I think continuity, both among the coaching staff and among the players that are playing on defense has helped them.

They seemed to have been able to restock at some of the positions they’ve lost people at.
Coach Olson:Yeah. Very good organization. You look over the years, that’s kind of been one of their trademarks is being able to reload and restock. They’ve done well with their draft choices and they’ve done well in their personnel movement.

Is the Kansas City game perhaps even more important to Terrelle [Pryor]’s development as a quarterback than the games that preceded it?
Coach Olson:I don’t know if it’s any more or any less important. I think it’s part of the growth process overall. He did a number of good things the previous week, and then came in and had to play a very good defense. We were a little bit shorthanded with what we had up front and the loudest environment in the history of the National Football League. I think it’s all part of the growing process and part of his growth process as we move forward.

How has his immediate reaction been?
Coach Olson: I think it’s great. Like I said last week, I think he’s a resilient player. Again, you can coach him hard and he takes the coaching. He tries to come back and take in what you’re telling him and be better the next week. He’s what you’re looking for there as far as a player that’s trying to get better.

Are you getting enough of your between-the-tackles running game?
Coach Olson:Between the tackles, as we look at ourselves more, self-scouting, a little more outside. We’re looking at our outside run game as well as developing that. Most of what we’ve been doing has been inside the tackles thus far. We have to get better everywhere, but the inside tackles has been where we’ve been most efficient actually.

Did you sense Terrelle getting frustrated in the second half last week?
Coach Olson:I don’t think frustration is the word, I think he’s competitive. He wants to win. He’s very hard on himself. He just wanted to win. It was a learning experience for him, but I wouldn’t use the word frustration. I think he’s just a competitive player.”

It was mentioned afterwards that sometimes a punt is the best thing you can do on a series. Is that a hard thing for a quarterback to understand?
Coach Olson:I do because the fact that there is going to be games like that. There are going to be games that are low-scoring games, where you have two very good defensive plans going against one another. If you’re looking overall as a staff, we have a chance to communicate with the head coach over the headsets. They were struggling to move the ball against us. We thought, ‘We’ll stay in this thing here if we don’t’ make any mistakes here. We’re going to be okay here.’ With the young quarterback, he felt like ‘I have to make a play, I have to make a play.’ At some point during the third quarter, that wasn’t a time to have to make a play. We’re controlling the game. We’ve got a lead. On the first interception, there’s no need to have to make a play at that point. There might be a time in the game in the fourth quarter where we’re down and you might have to try to make a play, but at some point you have to manage the game and understand how the game is progressing. I think it’s a learning situation for him. I think after going back and looking at it, he forced it a little bit in that situation. He’ll learn from that and understand that every game is different in how you approach and when you have to make a play or when you don’t have to make a play. It changes every Sunday.

What’s your message to Terrelle as he leaves and goes back to Tom House to work on some mechanics this break?
Coach Olson:For him, he’s a guy that’s going to be around here as well. It’s important, one, that he does take a little bit of a break. He’s started six games now in his career, with a big 10 game stretch ahead. It’s important that he relaxes a little bit. He’s very hard on himself, which is a good thing, but he’s also got to understand to take a deep breath, ready and renewed, with more energy, ready to attack the last 10 games of the season here. For me, that’s great. Let’s go and try to clean up some things mechanically. But also, just take your mind off of it for a day or two, at least physically anyways, and be ready to come back Monday.

Are you a fan of Tom House’s techniques and teachings?
Coach Olson:I’ve learned from Tom and I actually had given that name to Terrelle last spring, just because of my relationship with Drew Brees. I thought, if you’re going to go with somebody, that’s a guy that I respect that believe in. I’m perfectly fine with that.

Can Terrelle ever be too hard on himself?
Coach Olson:I think the more competitive a player is, the harder he is on himself, which is one of the traits that we like about Matt McGloin, too. He’s very competitive and he’s very hard. I think before you can be hard on anybody else, you better be pretty hard on yourself. When you’re in a position of leadership, as you are at the quarterback position, before you can go and correct the guys on the team, you better make sure you’re doing your job and doing everything you can to be the best you can be. I think both of those guys… I like that. I think you’ve got to be hard on yourself and I think you have to have a short-term memory. After any particular play, you’ve got to let that play go and go on to the next play. When you evaluate yourself, it’s a good trait to be hard on yourself.

You, Dennis Allen and even Reggie McKenzie have talked about wanting to get Marcel Reece the ball. Why is it so hard to get him the ball?
Coach Olson: Again, unless you’re handing him the football, which we have to monitor what we’re doing because we have to make sure that Darren McFadden is getting enough touches, and with Marcel it’s changed a little bit this year because of the quarterback position. We’ve become more of a read-option kind of an offense. A lot of times in the passing game, he may be involved, or may be in the progression, but if he’s not catching it in the passing game, the best chance of getting him the football is to hand the ball off. We’ll continue, again, as we look at it. Every game or every week when we finish a game, we go back through a stat sheet and look at how many times the guys were targeted and how many times they actually touched the ball. We’re aware of that with Marcel. We’re constantly aware of it throughout the game. We’ll call some things up in the passing game. He’s number one in progression and for some reason or another, we don’t get the ball to him. We’ll keep continuing to put him in the position to be at that number one in the progression, but the only way you can really and truly ensure it, is to hand him the ball.

You compete against your defense out here during practice and through training camp. The last couple of weeks, Philip Rivers and Alex Smith have looked confused. What is your observation of the job that defensive coordinator Jason Tarver does and why they’re good.
Coach Olson:Tremendous. We spend a lot of time looking at other teams, besides just the ones that we’re playing. We spend a lot of him in the offseason, and even throughout this season. Here in the bye week, we look at who has a really good blitz package, and I think we have one of the best here. I thought that last spring when I got here. I look at the Cincinnati Bengals with Mike Zimmer, and Dick LeBeau in Pittsburgh has always had a good pressure package. You go through and look at different people. Greg Williams, what he did when he was in New Orleans, was a very good package. DA has brought some of that to add to what Tarver does. You’re always looking at, who are the guys that are innovative and somewhat creative that cause problems. I think this scheme is one of those schemes that causes problems.

Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver

Q: Alex Smith said that he was confused at times during the game. What do you think of the job your defense did on Sunday?
Coach Tarver: Coach Allen says they’re no moral victories in the NFL. We’re about winning, and we played them well defensively in a lot of phases, especially pressuring the quarterback and making him throw incompletions. We had the three sacks early, but then we were in the backfield the whole game. We’ve got to play better situationally. We’ve got to play better down on the goal line, especially. We had a few guys that just need to be in the correct spots down on the goal line. On both runs where [Chiefs RB Jamaal] Charles ran in, we can play those better. That’s what we have to do better. When they get in the red zone we have to hold them to field goals, not touchdowns. That’s one of the biggest things we talked about with the guys all this week. We’re limiting yards,we’re getting better every week,we’re taking the football away these last three weeks. We’re knocking the ball out – of course DJ [Hayden] knocked one out. But, we need to do a better job down and around on our goal line. Doing that starts with us. It’s just simply guys doing their job in that situation. We’ve been good at times, we were good against San Diego, but we’ve got to be good all the time. You turn bad into good, good into great. You guys have heard that from me before and that’s what we’re trying to do. The last three weeks it’s turned closer to good, but we’ve got to turn it into great.

Q: Coach Allen has said that he hasn’t been satisfied with the way DJ Hayden has been coming along, but he has been encouraged. What have you seen from him?
Coach Tarver: I think that’s appropriate. I’m encouraged in that he learned from things that happened to him – he missed the tackle on a screen to start the two minute drive at the end of the second quarter. The next time he had the opportunity to tackle in space, it was a perfect tackle and he knocked the ball out. So, we just need those things to happen faster. DJ knows that and he’s continuing to work on that. He had a good week of practice and a good day today at practice. That’s the life on an NFL Rookie. It’s not easy covering these people. When you see [Dwayne] Bowe for the first time at the receiver position, and he touches his head to the ceiling when he walks into a room, that’s what you’re going against, and they’re the best in the world for a reason. So, I would agree with exactly how D.A. [Dennis Allen] worded that, but like we said, and like I’ve said in here before, the team knows what the kid has in him and everybody appreciates him and how he’s working to get better.

Q: When he [DJ Hayden] had that pass interference that ended up resulting in a touchdown that gave the momentum back to Kansas City before the half, but then he turned around and forced the fumble, are those the kinds of things you want to see from him? Not letting things get to his head?
Coach Tarver: Yeah. Well we just want this: The big up and down is that you just need to level. A real good corner in the NFL is a guy that makes about four really good or critical plays for the game and then you don’t notice him for the rest of the game because all he’s doing is his job. But, it’s things of being on the right leverage, and making sure that even if you miss a tackle once in a while that you miss it with the correct leverage if nobody else is there. That’s one of the things we’ve improved on as a defense, and DJ has too. You don’t want the big swings. The big swings are what allows things. And like you said, there’s a third-down conversion on a pass interference, so what? It’s 7-7 and we’ve got to stop them, that’s our job. So it goes right back to executing what our job is. You don’t know which way the ball is going to bounce. Execute when you get in a situation, that’s our job.

Q: What’s the next step for Sio Moore?
Coach Tarver: Sio needs to do a better job of taking his course and going as fast as he can. Obviously on the first play of the game this week, he got to the quarterback on the first play of the game and wrapped him up, that was nice, his first sack. Sio needs to be consistent in setting edges, using his hands in the game, and not overreacting too fast like he did last game. He’s very instinctive and he can move in space. That was the best game that he’s played. He’s just got to keep that arrow going up. But, he’s starting to do some things that we thought he could do – using his hands and setting edges. And that’s what he needs to do to be consistent.

Q: Can you define the overreacting in the pass game?
Coach Tarver: Oh I just mean, young players do it all the time, if you see a quarterback twitch over here, they go that way versus, ‘Hey look, that’s just a twitch. That’s not a throw. Hey, QB key, ball out,break. The ball’s not out; he didn’t take his hands off the ball, right?’ Everybody goes through that, even veterans need that coaching so it’s a big overreaction to anything. It’s just, OK, you’re a vision zone defender. I’ll give you an example, I’m all squared up, I’m the quarterback now. So if your vision is on the defender and I’m a quarterback and I twitch my shoulders and you move, well, the next time he’s going to do it again because he’s going to get you to move. But, if you’re a vision-zone defender and I twitch my shoulders and you stay right there and then the hand comes off the ball, you’re that much quicker to go make a play. It’s what everyone goes through. That would be the way I describe that.

Q:Opposing offenses, like Alex Smith said after the game, look at your defense and say that it’s something complicated and complex but when you talk to your defensive players they say it’s simple. What goes into teaching that and making that so on defense?
Coach Tarver: You’ve asked a form of that question before and these are my favorite questions because it’s this; it’s categories. We can make the look, look totally different by only switching two or three guys and what they do. ‘Hey guys, you all know this call right? Well you two guys are going to switch,’ so now, to an offense, it looks totally different because somebody is blitzing and somebody is dropping when it’s the same call to everybody else. That’s how we function, we put things in categories and that’s how we can learn them. That’s where we want to go. We’re scratching the surface of where this thing can go, and that’s being multiple but still simple for us, but it looks like a lot more than it is them. That’s one of the whole ideas that we have base this on. The guys are starting to do that. They’re starting to see, ‘Oh yeah, okay. If we do what we’re supposed to do, this is my turn I’m going to make sure I do this one right.’ And this one over here, ‘This is my turn, so I’m going to do this right.’

Q: As long as they’re where they’re supposed to be at the snap of the ball, do they have any freedom to move around back there, to do their own creativity in terms of giving a different look?
Coach Tarver: Yes. That’s my shortest answer ever. (laughter)

Q: Jason, how fine is that line between teaching and over coaching?
Coach Tarver: It’s huge, and it’s what every coach has to learn at every level. You don’t want to take the feel away from a football player. A lot of times, you ask them to set and edge and get extension and say they take it and get the block like this; a guy grabs their pad like happened to Sio [Moore] early during the game as an example. A guy grabs their pad and turns him and they got four or five yards. Sio, what did you feel? ‘Well the guy got my pad Coach.’ I said do you know why he got the pad? Because you didn’t get extension first. He has longer arms than you so you have to get extension and if you get in this position with your elbows in and thumbs up, he can’t grab your pad and you’re in command, that’s what you need to feel. The next time, he did it and I asked him, what did you feel? He said, ‘Oh Coach, I could have done whatever I wanted.’ There you go. That’s kind of an example of coaching versus over coaching. If I just tell him 100 times, you have to set the edge, you have to set the edge, you have to set the edge, you have to set the edge, but then don’t tell him how, that’s what D.A. [Dennis Allen] is hitting on. I just gave you a coaching example of what he’s working on, and it’s different for every player. It’s different for every player. It’s different at every level and we really try to go in the room and figure out what the guys need to help them make plays because that’s why we’re here-to help these guys make plays.

Q: Coach, what are you initial thoughts on the Steelers? They’ve had some change at the skill positions but the quarterback is the same. Is there anything you can take from last year’s game and apply it to this year?
Coach Tarver: Yeah, definitely. Last year’s game we didn’t challenge enough early, we started challenging later in that game and were able to make a comeback. Obviously, they know what happened as a result as well. Their wide receiver position, they can make plays. That quarterback, it’s amazing how strong he is naturally. We need to make sure that our rules are correct, our looks are correct, we activate guys and get him on the ground and make sure we continue to stop the run. They’ve gotten a little bit better running the ball the past few weeks and we need to make sure that we handle both phases, because sometimes, like you said, if you over coach a certain phase-there’s two things they can do at all times, they can run and they can pass we need to make sure our rules fit both phases for them.

Q: What has made Roethlisberger one of the better quarterbacks in the league the last several years?
Coach Tarver: His toughness, his arm, everything. Just the way he plays. He is a tough-minded, tough individual, and he just keeps so many plays alive, and of course, he can throw it the length of the field, almost. He’s a good player, and we’ll look more at him as we go here. We were focusing on ourselves – like Coach Allen said this week – getting healthy and learning what we can do better. A lot of the things that we were talking about here is how to make our looks all look the same, make sure we set edges better, here’s how you set an edge, all of the things you guys asked about is what we’ve been emphasizing this week because it’s about us more than it’s about anybody else.

Q: With all the rules about hitting players, how hard is it for defenders to execute a tackle properly and not get penalized?
Coach Tarver: The biggest thing is this – and you’ve asked me about tackling before – you have to have your hips down, your eyes up and you have to wrap. It’s not getting low because getting low could mean bending your upper body. What does that do to my neck and my head? What did I just do? (motions making an improper tackle) I don’t want to hit anything like that. I want to hit things with my eyes up and my hips down. If your eyes are up, your hips are down and you wrap up, there is less of a chance of hitting those areas that you can’t hit by the rules. So, we just continue to preach form tackling, make sure you wrap, see what you hit, keep your hips down, eyes up, and we put them in drills to practice those body positions. That’s one of the things we’ve been working on this week and showing them, ‘Look at your body position on contact, dude. Number one, you’re going to get hurt, number two, you missed the tackle.’ So, that’s double negative. Let’s not do that. Let’s get our hips down, our eyes up, step with the proper foot, wrap him up. If he’s bigger than you, hit him low, wrap him up, the cavalry will come and let’s get the ball out. So, we’re emphasizing that stuff all the time because, one, we want him safe, two, we want to get the guy on the ground, three, we don’t want anybody fined. But it’s going to happen at time, but that’s not what we want.

Q: Should there be a target zone, like a strike zone, on a player’s body so you know exactly where a legal hit is vs. an illegal hit?
Coach Tarver: I don’t know. When you’re moving that fast … I don’t know that answer. The safety committee looks at every single play. Witt the players and people that are on that board, we trust that they’ll have everybody’s best interest in their minds when they make those rules. I just think that you need to teach the proper form, one, for you players’ safety, so that we’re safe on contact. My biggest pet peeve is when a guy goes into contact and he’s in a position to hurt himself. That’s not why we are in this game or to play. We want to get the guy down, and using your hands as much as possible, with as much violence as possible within the rules of the game.

Q: The Chiefs didn’t have a scoring drive longer than [55] yards. Two of them were less than 30, which means that you guys are doing a good job holding long fields. What kind of a mentality to do they need to have when they are put in difficulty situations with a short field? And does your defense have it right now?
Coach Tarver: That’s what we were talking about – the execution in the red zone was the biggest thing that we need to do, and it starts with us. Some of those were the exact plays we practiced. That’s the ones we have to get right. That’s why defensive football at any level is tough, because 11 guys have to be right and go get the guy with the ball. But, here’s what we say we do and what we think when we go on the field: We’re saying watch this. We’re talking about what we do. Watch us, we’re going to go stop them, and that’s where every defense needs to improve in that area because those are the toughest situations you’re going to be in. But, we don’t care where we get the ball – our job is to stop them.


Steve Corkran

  • eastoaklandraider

    After KC and DEN, who is it NE? then Who? KC with their soft sched and DEN with theirs AFC west team could finish 1, 2, in the seeding.

  • plunkhead

    Not to mention will there be any elite QB’s left to carve them up? Brady is missing a lot of his throws. Manning may choke on a bone again. Flacco is carving up tday dinner and that’s it.
    It might take a big ben type to out muscle them.
    Anyway its been awhile since a D team went far

  • eastoaklandraider

    I gotta go with Peyton losing so JFB can go down in flames with high powered offense philosophy.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Good point, they have to stay away from Brady tho.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Second thought after the ‘Tuck the Raiders’ call was ‘If we hadn’t tanked down the stretch, we’d be playing in Oakland’

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    I see NE as the best all around team in the AFC, and SEA as the best all around in the NFC.

  • bcz24

    Actually no they cant. The best is a 1 and 5 seed.

  • DJ Johnny

    By the way. I just found out you can’t mention the D Coordinator of Pittsburgh’s first name.
    It’s banned.
    Blame his mother. I didn’t make his name up. Lol.

  • my hatred for the Broncos far outweighs my hatred for the Patriots. sorry guys – it’s not even close. the refs screwed us, not Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. get over it. That was 10+ years ago too

  • Richard LeBeau?

  • bcz24

    I wish our running backs would do more nothing like AP last week. 6.4ypc is nothing? I mean, he only had 10 carries, what did you expect from him?

  • eastoaklandraider

    Got it.

  • The_Judge37

    While I still hate them, It’s true, It was a Ref Job.

  • LeBeau’s “vaunted defense” is available in almost all fantasy leagues. It has been a major disappointment to fantasy owners who drafted them high. People have dropped them for defenses like Carolina, Cleveland & St Louis (lol)

  • bcz24

    Karma reared its ugly head for the Patsies yesterday too… they got jobbed in OT.

  • DJ Johnny

    Gotta give Reggie credit for somehow crafting together a defense in one offseason that any team would take over one that features TWO all pro corners, a probowler in Lance Briggs and a line featuring Julius Peppers.
    Now…if he can just get us an offense.

  • eastoaklandraider


  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Refs and umps were both in on it.

    It was a R-ump job.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Not a playoff game. No comparison.

  • DJ Johnny

    Lol. Yeah. I’ll go with that for now on. With another week of discussion ahead for us on Pittsburgh i’m sure others will discover their posts are ‘awaiting moderation”.

  • bcz24

    I just want to win… don’t care if we have to score 3 points or 100 to do it, as long as we get the W

  • DJ Johnny

    At the time Tebow played them were they not still entrenched in “vaunted” status?
    I can’t remember exactly how good they were considered to be.

  • eastoaklandraider

    All RM has to do is give a TP a wr, and beef up the oline a lil bit and this is a SB contending team next year. Thats not much to ask for with all the cap space and a full allotment of picks.

  • DJ Johnny

    My disdain goes beyond the tuck game.
    It’s all the winning and Belichik smugness and the constant talk of “The Patriot Way” and all that.
    I do however have more dislike for Denver.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    from SandBPride:

    Help a fellow Raiders fan: Vote to have Raiders vs Steelers air in Quebec
    By DarthGannon on Oct 18 2013, 5:10am

    Steelers vs Raiders coverage

    I’m a long time Raidersfan from Quebec and I need help from the Raider Nation. RDS our local sports network air lots of NFL games but very rarely Raiders game. Last month game agaist the Broncos was the first in more than 2 years. This year they started doing a poll each week to vote for one of the following week’s game and this week they put the Raiders vs Steelers game. Right now it’s getting crushed by the Broncos Redskins game which really pisses me off. I would like for once to watch the game with my buddies on the big screen, with food and beer instead of
    alone on my laptop.

    If you guys could take a minute of your time and go to this page.


    Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Raiders that would be really appreciated.

  • East Oak: slow down, Pryor is taking us to a Super Bowl next year? first we have to see him win a road game. 0-4 so far. Also, Reggie has a difficult task locking up all these guys on defense who signed 1-year contracts. you can’t overpay everybody to stay in Oakland. Also – what to do with McFadden & Veldheer? i’m not 100% convinced either of them will be retained. For JV68 I think it’s depends on the contract demands. DMAC & RJ are out, but who is in?

  • DJ Johnny

    I love it when some point to the ‘Holy Roller’ game as payback for the Immaculate Deception and other rip offs we’ve had.
    It was an early REGULAR SEASON game.

  • DJG: winners earn the right to be “smug”. I’m a little more annoyed by guys like Tyvon Branch celebrating after making a tackle 8 yards downfield when we’re down by 10 in the 4th quarter

  • eastoaklandraider

    I’m optimisic with another offseason with House and some more weapons around him on O and another year in the same O, TP will be ready to roll.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Apparantly it’s done deal. Don’t know how it turned out. Need RR to translate the French into English for us.

  • eastoaklandraider

    With a stalwart wr Dwow and Streater will become lethal 2nd and 3rd options, sprinkle in Rivera or Auz dont forget Reece lets do it.

  • Bcz: when you have AP projected to get like 20 points against the freaking Panthers and he ends up with like 8 points, it’s considered a disappointment or in my previous comment “nothing”. Like I said, can’t imagine him being mentally focused after losing his son. would you be?

  • R8erEduc8er

    That’s how I see it too. Sammy Watkins in round 1, a guard or 2 in FA, the return of Veldeer, Watson, and Wiz and we should be good on offense. The defense is looking good. Resign key guys on defense and add a few more pieces and the league will have to take notice imo.

  • RaiderGuy50

    For me they are tied neck and neck

  • DJ Johnny

    On the former Raiders still playing front:
    -ShoNasty forced a key fumble in the Az game.
    -Mike Mitchell looks good in Carolina.
    -DHB did really well for Indy last night.
    -Josh McCown played REALLY WELL yesterday filling in for Cutler and may be called upon to try and beat GB up at Lambeau in two weeks.
    -Wheeler?, Tommy Kelly? Doing ok I guess.
    -Palmer? On the verge of being benched.
    Overall, i’d say we’re not missing most of these guys.

  • R8erEduc8er

    I love Belicheck smugness. No love for the media. No kissyfaces at the end of games…give a cold handshake and move on.

  • Jon Train

    Oh you wanna nitpick my posts u puzzy???!!

    I own you!

    You’re infatuated with me!

    Meet me at the game then we’ll see wassup tough guy!

    Whoa. Sorry…must be my imposter cross-posting troll alter-ego talking. Carry on…

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    Good point. From Cali to a (retractable roof) dome.

  • DJ Johnny

    I’m looking forward to this matchup tonight to see how Freeman does starting for Minnesota vs a desperate for a win NYG club.
    I might even break out the cheese dip.

  • Jon Train

    LOL yeah I saw that. The pic def wasn’t of Tom House. TP was just playing around with some of his followers


  • Tonight is why I hate being in multiple FF leagues. I need a big night from Adrian Peterson (and nothing from Vikings TE) to beat JFB at Dell’s place. But i’m playing against AP (and Vikings defense) and have Victor Cruz in other leagues!! It’s almost impossible to win in all 3 leagues tonight. Bummer

  • R8erEduc8er

    Only ex-Raider I miss from that list is Wheeler. Don’t think he would fit with this LB crew though.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    DHB? Twice dropped very catchable bombs near the end zone that would have near sealed the game.

  • DJ Johnny

    Really? I missed that. I did see that TD catch and run and a couple other catches. I didn’t see the drops.
    Now I feel better.

  • eastoaklandraider

    RR, them FSU Noel boys going to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

  • marks hair

    is there a consensus top wr in college yet?

  • i’m RRS and I don’t watch college football. Are you talking to somebody else?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Love DHB with the ball in his hands. But therein lies the problem.

  • eastoaklandraider

    My bad the great RRS, I just know you like the Heat so I thought you may like some some other FL teams.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Sammy Watkins for my money.