Criner working hard to get on the field

Juron Criner burst onto the scene soon after the Raiders selected him in the 2012 NFL draft. Criner made jaw-dropping catches, eye-opening adjustments to off-the-mark throws and head-turning plays on regular occasion.
It seemed as if the Raiders got a steal in the fourth round of the draft last year, when Criner remained on the board when the Raiders turn rolled around.
Fast forward to today, it seems almost incomprehensible how Criner is buried on the bench, deemed not worthy of even being one of 46 players active on game days, viewed as a less-attractive option than 2013 seventh-rounder Brice Butler, 2012 undrafted free agent Rod Streater and free-agent signee Andre Holmes.
“I’m not really sure what it is,” Criner said Monday, when asked what’s keeping him from being on the field when the Raiders play. “I just come out, work hard, do what I’m told to do and wait for my number to come up.”
Criner was deactivated for all six of the Raiders games so far. Coach Dennis Allen said it’s incumbent upon Criner to work hard every day, impress the coaches and, most important, be consistent.
In the end, Allen added, the way the players perform on the practice field goes a long way toward dictating who the Raiders play in games.
“The guys that go out and practice the best, the guys that make the most plays in practice then make the most plays in the game, those are the guys that go out there and play,” Allen said.
Criner said he hasn’t spoken with Allen or offensive coordinator Greg Olson about his situation. He did speak with wide receives coach Ted Gilmore.
“He told me a few things,” Criner said of Gilmore, without elaborating. “At the end of the day, all I could do is still wait.”
At one point, Criner was asked if there was an issue with his work ethic. He said that wasn’t an issue at all.
Just the same, he added, his approach to practice has changed since he joined the Raiders.
“My practice habits are definitely getting a lot better,” Criner said. “So, I feel like it’s really helping me a lot being in this situation and having to take practice a lot more serious. So, it’s definitely helping me as a player.”
Allen said Criner brings something of value to the equation when it comes to the receiving corps, even if Criner hasn’t been active for any games this season.
“He’s an athletic guy,” Allen said. “He’s a big guy. He’s got good hands. But he’s got to be able to do it on a more consistent basis day in and day out.”

— Allen said everyone was on hand at the team’s year-round facility Monday and that no one was excused.
He also said that he won’t comment on players’ injuries until Wednesday, the earliest he is required to do so by the league.
Therefore, no official updates on the status of injured offensive linemen such as Stefen Wisniewski, Andre Gurode, Tony Pashos and Menelik Watson, none of whom practiced today.
Allen went so far as to say that he is confident in the five players that worked with the first-team offense today if he had to go with them Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers — Khalif Barnes, Lucas Nix, Lamar Mady, Mike Brisiel and Matt McCants.

— The Raiders are off again Tuesday. They resume practice Wednesday in preparation for their game against the Steelers.
Suddenly, the Steelers seem like a far more formidable opponent than they did earlier this month, when they started 0-4.
The Steelers are fresh from a victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens for their second straight win.
The Raiders have recent history on their side, in addition to being fresh after a week off. They beat the Steelers at the Coliseum last season and haven’t lost to the Steelers in Oakland since 1995.

— The three quarterbacks on the Raiders rosters — Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin on the active roster and Tyler Wilson on the practice squad — combined for five years’ NFL experience. And that’s counting this season as a full season for all three.
Pryor has made six starts in his three-year NFL career. McGloin and Wilson are rookies that haven’t played a single down in the Raiders first six games this season.
It stands to reason that all three could benefit from the presence of a veteran quarterback, something Pryor had the past two seasons with Carson Palmer.
Maybe so, Allen said, but that isn’t enough to compel the Raiders to sign a veteran backup right now.

— The Raiders signed Jason Foster to their practice squad. He fills the vacancy created by the release of running back George Winn last week.

— The Raiders will play a home game on an all-grass field for the first time in 2013 this Sunday.
They played their two home exhibition games and first three home regular-season games on a field set up for baseball because the A’s season remained in full swing.
Now that the A’s are eliminated, the Raiders are free to play the remainder of their games on an all-grass surface.

— The Raiders lost each of their past 10 games coming off a bye. Allen said he and his players are well aware of that ignominious stat.
Just the same, Allen told his players, the past won’t affect what happens Sunday or any other game. True, indeed. Still, there’s no doubt there’s added pressure on the Raiders to end the skid.


Steve Corkran

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  • Duck: Roach already signed a multi-year deal and Pashos can be retained at vet minimum. I see your Walker & Woodson and raise you a Sims & Burnett. Also, Jenkins & Porter. I think Houston & Veldheer go without saying, unless they want MAJOR bucks, like Top 5 at their respective positions. Even Top 10 would be a stretch imo

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    I am telling you for a 100 percent FACT she was NOT let go because of the ACA. I am not an Obama supporter by any stretch of the imagination, but I do manage a large business and have anywhere from 9-20 subordinates at any given time.

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    Once we get Veldheer re-signed, Reggie can always Franchise Houston, if necessary. It’s not like we’ll need the tag for DMac.

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  • Tagging either of these players would be a huge upset imo – like tagging Branch. once you go there, you can’t go back. You’re already admitting you can’t live without said player and will pay whatever the asking price is to retain them. Everybody knows that allowing a player to play on the tag and then lose them to FA the following year with nothing gained in return is a massive GM fail

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    IF (and I’m saying if) Houston wanted to be a jerk about it, we could Franchise him two straight years (it doesn’t become prohibitively expensive until year 3). That would take us up to the 2016 season, at which point he’d be a VERY high-mileage 29 years old, and we could probably re-sign him for much less.

  • Rico Stifler

    Comparing your business to a nationwide corporation is apples and oranges. It’s easily to pay for insurance when you only have a few employees. Home Depot has hundreds of thousands or even millions of employees. Giving employees insurance maybe cost a couple grand, it costs Home Depot a couple million. Let’s not forget about the penalties that come with not giving those employees the insurance either.

  • the DE tag is reserved for 15+ sack guys. pass rush artists is where the money is at. not base DE’s stout against the run & pass, but not overall game changers (like Houston)

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    The thing of it is that the ACA is raising premiums. Businesses with over 50 full-time employees are required to provide insurance or they get stiff penalties. As a result, a lot of businesses are cutting hours to avoid paying for insurance.

  • FF is mostly 90% luck
    you’re right Plunk. thats how you lose to JFB when he starts Atlanta’s 3rd string RB and gets 23 points and you start league MVP Adrian Peterson against the winless Giants and get 5 points (lol)

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    Also, did I say him being black is the reason I dislike him? No, I did not. he’s incompetent. Plain and simple.

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    My business is a world wide corporation my friend, my particular branch is just one of the locations, much like your wifes particular Home Depot store. My company is a very fair comparison to Home Depot.

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  • Duck: I just crunched the numbers. Mario Williams, Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Chris Long & DeMarcus Ware have salaries between $11-16 million this year. is LaMarr Houston ready to join that elite company? if not – don’t tag him and blow $12 million on a rental (like we did with Nnamdi)

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    You said you have 9-20 subordinates. My wife’s store had about 150-200, a vast majority of who are part-time like herself. Yeah, that’s comparable….

  • bcz24

    I said my company is comparable. We are both the largest company in the world in our particular industry. Of course Home Depot employs more people, they are a retail chain, I am in distribution. I am trying to tell you that the company I work for would fall into the exact same ‘rules’ category for the ACA as Home Depot. My company, like Home Depot offers health insurance to all full time employees, and my company like Home Depot does not offer health insurance to part timers, and is not required to. You have it set in your mind that your wife lost her job because of the ACA, this is NOT true. It is very possible that she lost her job because the particular location she works at is not profitable enough to add more full-time employees. It is also very likely that her boss didn’t want to let her guy, and chose to blame the ACA so that he didn’t have to be the bad guy. I am simply trying to point out to you that ACA is not the reason she lost her job, even if the manager who let her go said that.

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    Things will tighten up in KC in 2 weeks
    According to Adam Teicher of ESPN.com, Campbell will be the third replacement quarterback they’ve faced in the last four weeks. They previously beat the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Titans and Case Keenum and the Texans in their first starts with those teams.

    The Chiefs also get to play Thad Lewis and the Bills next week, before finishing the year against real, live quarterbacks. Barring injury, they play Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers twice each down the stretch, along with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Terrelle Pryor (although one of those things is not like the others).

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    . How long was her probationary period?

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    Secondly, if you think the Texans r gonna cut half their draft class on a “maybe” then you r truly retarded. I’ll believe what the Texans and the NFL says over you, him or his agent. Just a reminder:

    Montgomery, running back Cierre Wood and linebacker Willie Jefferson were all sent home ahead of the Texans’ game in Kansas City on Sunday for what was deemed a violation of team rules. On Monday, the three players were released for apparently smoking marijuana in the team hotel, according to ESPN’s Tania Ganguli.

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    Her probationary period was six months and they let her go like a week before it was up.

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    Two, The Texans nor the league has come out and said that those players were cut for weed. The only person saying that is some reporter’s source. I’m not saying that they weren’t, but there is no factual evidence to say they were outside of that source. If Montgomery is lying, it’d likely be on the advice of his agent cuz he’d be lowering his chances of signing with a new team. I don’t judge until the facts are out there and right now all there is is speculation.

    I still stand by the fact that you are an idiot….

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