Live chat: Inside the Oakland Raiders, Tuesday at noon

Join NFL writer Steve Corkran as the Raiders prepare to return to action against the Pittsburgh Steelers following their bye week.



  • 8raiderreign8


  • 8raiderreign8

    2nd time being 1st

  • 8raiderreign8

    So I just heard DA on the radio. He sounded pretty happy about Terrelle spending his time to get better

  • 8raiderreign8

    Also said that all the degrees don’t really help Tarver

  • the inimitable dr robert

    Really? He wasn’t unhappy about it?

  • 8raiderreign8

    Well, unlike you, he realizes that Pryor has huge potential and generally bounces back from setbacks.

  • the inimitable dr robert

    My point was what else could he say?

  • Mike_Trail

    We should be 3-3 and are a Janikowski kick away from being 4-2 and right in the hunt…
    If this team ever strings together 3 wins and starts believing in themselves and each other with some confidence and swagger watch out….They just lack depth and some real talent in certain spots—I hate to say it, but I am really looking forward seeing what Reggie does next year in Free Agency and The Draft with 60 million in cap room.

  • brad

    weren’t some of the sacks and delays stemming from no true Center last game?

  • cliftonpugh

    Could have been… that is hands down the worst Oline play Ive seen in a long time. http://thegoalpostjournal.com/last-days-of-mcfadden-writing-is-on-the-line/