Wisniewski returns to practice


The Raiders on Wednesday received a much-needed jolt of positive news regarding their battered offensive line with the return of starting center Stefen Wisniewski from a knee injury.
Wisniewski missed the past two games with an injury he suffered against the Washington Redskins. His return looms even larger, given backup center Andre Gurode still is sidelined by a knee injury.
The Raiders were so thin at center against the Kansas City Chiefs in their last game that career guard Mike Brisiel was forced into emergency duty when Gurode left the game. Brisiel last played center in 2007, by his recollection. And that was when Brisiel was in NFL Europe.
The news isn’t all upbeat for the Raiders and their offensive line, though. Right offensive tackle Tony Pashos (hip) still hasn’t been cleared to practice, though he worked with a team athletic trainer on a field adjacent to the practice fields today.
Wisniewski was in a similar situation Monday, so perhaps Pashos is close to making it back on the field with the rest of his teammates, too.
Rookie offensive tackle Menelik Watson still hasn’t healed well enough from his calf injury to take part in any drills.
So, the way the Raiders lined up offensively today figures to be what they go with against the Steelers on Sunday: Khalif Barnes, Lucas Nix, Wisniewski, Brisiel and Matt McCants, from left to right. If Pashos is able to play, he’ll bump McCants from the mix.
Beyond that, the Raiders are pretty healthy, with the exception of strong safety Tyvon Branch and left offenisve tackle Jared Veldheer, two players still a ways away from returning to action.

— Linebacker Miles Burris also worked off to the side with a team trainer as he continues his inexorable march toward a return from offseason knee surgery.

— We won’t know for sure until Thursday afternoon whether Sunday’s game is a sellout. However, early indications are that the game will sell out in advance of the league deadline and be televised locally.


Steve Corkran

  • SR Raider

    Yay, good news for the O-Line

  • Raider Al from Atlanta, Ga

    The Wiz is back!! Go Raiders !!!

  • JLofty

    Oh hells yeah!

  • seymour bush

    Hopefully he is back healthy.

  • Duck: I just crunched the numbers. Mario Williams, Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Chris Long & DeMarcus Ware have salaries between $11-16 million this year. is LaMarr Houston ready to join that elite company? if not – don’t tag him and blow $12 million on a rental (like we did with Nnamdi)

  • FF is mostly 90% luck
    you’re right Plunk. thats how you lose to JFB when he starts Atlanta’s 3rd string RB and gets 23 points and you start league MVP Adrian Peterson against the winless Giants and get 5 points (lol)

  • JOn Wooah

    I see the steelers pick up Richard Gordon.. and on monday picked up the RB Raiders just cut from the Psquad. Gee wonder why

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  • Theghostronin79

    Sounds as if that’s what he’s asking anyway……Or his agent rather.

  • Too bad we couldn’t get anything for him.

  • plunkhead

    KC has some tough games coming up in two weeks from pft

    They play Campbell and they previously beat the Ryan Fitzpatrick-and Case Keenum .
    The Chiefs also get to play Thad Lewis before finishing the year against real, live quarterbacks. Barring injury, they play Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers twice each down the stretch, along with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Terrelle Pryor (although one of those things is not like the others).

  • why is it considered “news” that McFadden probably wont be retained after the season? absolutely zero Raiders fans were surprised to read that

  • go Campbell, Lewis & Pryor!!

  • JOn Wooah

    Raiders need SAMMY WATKINS on this team next year.. I’d take him over Marquis lee.. .. not by a big margin.. but still have him ahead of lee

  • Coming up at 1:10 p.m. Head Coach Dennis Allen and QB Terrelle Pryor live streaming press conference. http://bit.ly/193McLt

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    Just received this from cork:

    I banned him again a few days ago and told him as much via e-mail. He responded with a string of racial slurs and a promise to return. I told him that I’ll keep tracking him down, as I have done eight times within the past month. Feel free to let the others know on the board and, please, let me know as soon as he resurfaces again.

    My guess, and hope, is that every time I ban his username and I.P. address, he has to find another location to post from. That means another computer, too. So, he can do this for only so long before he runs out of options, time, patience, etc. Thanks.


  • the electrifying dr robert

    Regarding stormbringer

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    Oh yeah, he’s been on notice for quite awhile.

  • no Veldheer, Watson, Gurode & Pashos and we’re considered “healthy” on the O-Line? Doubtful Wiz is even 100% yet, given today was his first day back at practice (not Monday – following the bye). Better have the depth guys coached up and ready to step in at a moment’s notice. Steelers are a physical team

  • Wiz & Porter “limited” per DA presser

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    Where was that written?

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    Feed seems really bad today.

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    Extreme skill, lol.
    I tried to tell you to start Matty Ice, you would have won.

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    Do me a favor and try to keep track of how many time DA says “I don’t Know”

  • the electrifying dr robert


  • or Packers WR Boykin or don’t drop Sidney Rice. haha! Rivers would have killed the Jaguars secondary if he had to. instead they ran it down their throats with Mathews & Woodhead. Phyllis a modest 295 passing yards and 1 TD

  • who is the dude in the red shirt with moobs on the live feed?

  • RealTruRaider

    Ken Laird ‏@Ken_Laird14m
    Current #Steelers QB & former #Raiders QB Bruce Gradkowski: “I love the fans out there, they were awesome.. I think they’ll welcome me back”


    Someone needs to make a sign for Grads, suggestions?

  • Judge: the first question was “is Reggie a moron?” – what did you expect him to say !?!?

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    I got a very similar e-mail from Cork last week. Glad I’m not the only one trying to get that pathetic KKK-wannabe off this board.

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    Suck it, Grads?

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    I like it

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    Straight to the point, nice

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    Thanks for helping us beat the Steelers, Again!

  • Bruce back to Oakland in 2014? we do need a veteran presence at QB who will sign at the minimum

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    Is Hwnrdr around?

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  • RealTruRaider

    I’m thinking more along the lines of “The Polish PopGun” something or another

  • Pryor says he became a better QB over the bye week

  • The_Judge37

    They should give him 25 sec to answer all Questions.

  • “It’s my job to make guys better” – Pryor
    the anti-Palmer

  • “8 of the 9 sacks were on me” – Pryor on KC game

  • the electrifying dr robert

    Why? He would just immediately start to scramble and go off script.

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    Will you marry me?

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    Help wanted

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    He responded with a string of racial slurs and a promise to return.
    Damn feel bad for Cork on this one. Not what a professional scribe should be doing at all.

  • Pryor just paid respect to Lamar Woodley re: Steelers pass rush – Hali & Houston last week

  • Pryor getting better at making quick decisions, he says

  • the electrifying dr robert

    Why? He played hard as a raider. Never did anything wrong. Oh, except interfere with ur chosen qb playing?