End 3rd qtr: Raiders 21, Steelers 3


The Steelers controlled the ball for most of the quarter but failed to score, as Shaun Suisham missed a 32-yard field goal attempt following a 16-play drive that took 9:21 off the clock.

The Raiders are finding the going tough against a Pittsburgh defense that gave up 182 yards rushing in the first half.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Blackholepriest

    This defense is very underrated. DA has my full support as we grow s a TEAM. I hoped it would happen but had zero confidence in his decision making. He waffled way too much early. Now he seems t have some momentum. His conservative approached will rankle some feathers but I see the wisdom in it. He just wants to win. He knows he has very young mistake prone players and he takes the variable out of the equation as he gets them to understand HOW to win.
    Young players can make great plays and will get you beat. He takes the pressure off and puts it on his defense. As they get Better and more consistent I expect the M.O. To change and see him go for the throat more. But until they understand how to make game winning plays he is much better off playing it safe.

  • alex7

    excellent post. DA is handling things the right way with the O right now.

  • funnyfalcon

    DA and Tarver were both brought in with a focus on bootstrapping this defense and the plan is going good in year 1+ with limited resources.

    The offense kind of looks like the defense did last year with some good, some bad. I blame the stagnancy on the year wasted on Knapp plus the problems at offensive line.

  • Dan H

    Totally agree. Sure the conservative playcalling was frustrating yesterday. A lot of fans were grumbling about it at the Coliseum, and that’s understandable when it looks like your team is slowly losing the game. On the other hand, if you have a decent lead, do you want TP throwing from deep in their own territory, risking a pick six, with the kind of pressure Pittsburgh can put on QBs? And if the O-Line and DMC could actually generate a consistent running game, it wouldn’t have looked nearly as bad. Like the priest said, I expect that as the season goes on and the O-Line gets healthier and DA’s trust in TP grows, these problems will work themselves out.

  • Dan H

    It’s been a long 10 years, and I am tired of losing football. But as long as the players are buying in and giving it their all, and the team continues to improve, I am not sure I can ask for more as a fan. And the defense has been flat-out fantastic at times. Keep it up, indeed,