Raiders ‘becoming a football team’

Veteran safety Charles Woodson knows a thing or two about what a Super Bowl-caliber team looks like. He played on one for the Raiders and Green Bay Packers during his illustrious career.
So, when he talks about where this Raiders team stands after seven games and on the heels of an impressive victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s worth listening.
“We are becoming a football team,” Woodson said. “That’s a good way to put it. We have some good players that have been assembled on this team, and we’re learning how to play together. We’re learning each other and what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are. We’re just making some plays out there.”
People made plays throughout the game, from the outset. It started with quarterback Terrelle Pryor rambling 93 yards for a touchdown on the first offensive play of the game. It ended with Rashad Jennings securing an on-side kick.
In between, there were interceptions by Tracy Porter and Mike Jenkins, five sacks of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, a blocked punt by Jennings, two touchdown runs by running back Darren McFadden, two key third-down receptions by Denarius Moore that yielded first downs and so much more.
Added up, it’s what coach Dennis Allen talks about all the time, when he says that the key to turning the corner is putting yourself in position to win games time and again and then learning how to close out those games.
Sunday’s game is one the Raiders would have lost almost every time the past 10 seasons, if not earlier this season. Sure, it came against a 2-4 Steelers team, but it still counts as progress.
The Raiders can build on that with a victory over the reeling Philadelphia Eagles on this Sunday. The Eagles are 3-5, playing without starting quarterback Michael Vick and bearing little resemblance to the team that started off so fast under first-year coach Chip Kelly.
And if the Raiders get to 4-4 with a sweep of the Pennsylvania teams, who knows? Winning the AFC West is a long-shot, given the Kansas City Chiefs are 8-0 and the Denver Broncos 7-1 — the Raiders lost to both teams already this season. A wild-card berth is wide open.

— Fullback Marcel Reece averaged three touches per game before the Steelers game. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson again, during the bye week, talked about the importance of getting Reece more touches.
So, naturally, Reece got only three carries against the Steelers and nothing has changed. Hard to find fault during a victory, but it still begs the question why the Raiders paid Reece so much money if they don’t have any intention of making him more of a focal point of the offense.

— Steelers kicker Shane Suisham missed two short-range field-goal attempts Sunday. Entering the game, he converted all 15 of his attempts on the season.
How fortunate were the Raiders to have Suisham miss not just one from inside 40 yards but two? Of 245 such attempts this season, only 15 missed the mark. Two of those came from Suisham on Sunday.

— Jacoby Ford fumbled a punt return, fumbled away the ball after a short reception and came close to having a punt bounce off his leg and into the hands of a Steelers player.
In other words, Sunday wasn’t Ford’s best day as an NFL player. It remains to be seen whether his glaring gaffes cost him playing time moving forward.
The Raiders tried Taiwan Jones at kick returns Sunday after Ford handled that role the first six games. Make of it what you will, Ford needs to start making plays and soon.

— Rookie linebacker Sio Moore recorded two of Oakland’s five sacks. He has three on the season and is looking more and more comfortable in the Raiders defense each week.
Along with Nick Roach and Kevin Burnett, the Raiders linebacking corps is as strong as it’s been in years. Throw in Kaluka Maiava and Kaelin Burnett, recent addition Martez Wilson and the potential return of Miles Burris and the Raiders have admirable depth, to boot.

— The Raiders impressive run defense turned in another sterling performance by holding the Steelers to 35 yards on 19 carries.
The Steelers longest run netted only 8 yards. Therefore, the Raiders still haven’t allowed a run longer than 19 yards all season, something that no other team can boast of the first half of the season.

— Allen gave the players the day off today, something that isn’t uncommon on the heels of impressive victories. They also are off Tuesday.
The players hit the field Wednesday for practice in advance of the Eagles game. It’s a safe bet that this game is going to sell out, too, given the Raiders are a win away from reaching .500 and thrusting themselves into serious contention for a wild-card berth.


Steve Corkran

  • SilverNBlackPA

    People forget Peterson was coming off an injury and there were serious concerns as to his durability. I remember some people being surprised he went as high as he did.
    Looks stupid in retrospect, but that was the thought at the time

  • RediaR

    Summary: He ignored his girlfriend so he could move objects through his a-hole.

  • Sucks we got stuck with the dud…

  • the electrifying dr robert

    So let’s see.

    They are unhappy with ford and Adams.

    So they replace ford with Taiwan on KR.

    But they put ford at PR, where he’s never done anything and lacks the lateral shiftiness required.

    I don’t think that’s bobby April.

    I think its DA. The same guy who went with a raw qb with poor passing skills when he hasn’t done anything.

    The same guy that ignores Reece, our pro bowler, in favor of DMc, over and over.

    The same guy that moved Taiwan from RB but then uses him as a RB on a crucial punt fake.

  • R8erEduc8er

    I have a great idea! Let’s play “Let Alex and Nurse Rob” talk to themselves.

    Or would you guys rather play Simon says? Simon says “do not respond to Alex and Nurse Rob”.

    Who am I kidding….

  • KoolKell

    Don’t you ever shut up or go outside you dumb pos?

  • the electrifying dr robert

    Aren’t u selling houses today? No?

  • R8erEduc8er


  • the electrifying dr robert

    DA is a quality defensive coach.

    But he has no clue on offensive personnel or plays.

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    Alright Brahs and GooberDorks

    Here’s the Dawg’s hot new reggae rap you’ve all been waiting for, all about Sandra Bullock’s hot bootypie in Gravity

    Remember, when I record it there will be wafting horns and a snare drum solo going crazy in the background, so keep that in mind:

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  • kenchun24

    It’s like it was the one time in regards to the draft that Al wasn’t “Al” and it set the franchise back years (well, among many other factors – the franchise was already wallowing since 2003) but yeah, he usually takes the fast freak and goes QB via FA – so weird. Then he goes DHB instead of maybe Josh Freeman or in 2005 he traded up in the 1st for CB Fabian Washington instead of taking the falling local product QB Aaron Rodgers – oh nevermind lol

  • JOn Wooah

    Its so nice to listen to the Radio today and hearing Tp2 getting all kinds of love. KNBR which is a 49ers station, Gary Radonich was talking how amazing Tp2 could be at Qb.. he wondered if TP2 was on the 49ers and had Jim Harbaugh to work with. Same thing i have been saying.

    95.7 the game saying Tp2 has ZERO oline, and Zero Reliable WR’s.. This is true. Callers saying how about upgrading the OLINE, TE before even looking at PRYOR.

    Gary Radonich said put PRYOR on the Niners and it would be amazing.. Niners have All pro’s on OLINE 3 1st rounders, a Running game and a LEGIT TE

    Tp2 has no security blanket like Zach Miller, or Vernon Davis, heck he doesnt even have brandon Meyers. So hear the radio raving about Tp2 syaing he is the only one on offense making plays. LOVE IT

  • JOn Wooah

    Thank u Al for drafting Tp2.. He is a real Raider.. in only his 6th start this year. Wow.. get the young Qb some help.

  • Danny D

    We had 82 yards passing yesterday and 1 first down in the second half…we are learning how to continue to play like a bad football team is more like it.

    I know everyone is so excited about TP, but he is simply not a long-term solution. Look at the last 10 Superbowls and you will see what wins in this league. Smart, Accurate, Pocket Passer with great coaching and ownership.

    You guys can cheer the potential of 9-7 all you want, the only thing that is satisfying in my mind is something big. You don’t get multiple playoff wins with a QB that can’t pass…

    Looking at our fans, it is obvious that many of them are happy with mediocrity; I am not one of those people.

  • Sounds about right….

  • JOn Wooah

    Who cares Romo had 500 yards passing and he still loss, he throws for 300 near every game and loses, Stafford is always putting up 300 yard games , 400 last year and lose. Tp2 had a 135 qb rating and threw for 230 yards against the chargers and won.

    Like DA said its his Game CHanging Plays on offense that count. DA was excited talking about Tp2 “glad he is our Qb” Thats nice to hear. No matter what Flyn trolls say here.

    IT MAKES ZERO DIFFERENCE. REGGIE/ DA are a fan of TP2. Thank u Al!!!

  • JOn Wooah

    54 million dollars in ded money. An electrfying Qb getting paid 500 g’s… and they are competing. A real leader, a real Alpha Qb who can take a crappy OLINE and make them better.

    Flyn quite lmao ..thats y trolls are so upset. bahaha. Get ovah it

  • KoolKell

    I don’t think DA squatting on every 1st qtr lead helps Pryor and the Offense either or Defense.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Every game has it’s own identity. The game dictates the playcalling. TP will have some “San Diego” games and he’ll have some games like yesterday. Coincidentally, both games were a WIN. That’s all that matters. On to the next game…

  • r8ter4evr

    How many drops kept us from moving the chains need Wrs to help TP

  • Raider O

    According to ESPN, the Browns are willing to trade WR Josh Gordon.

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    KrappyRat, when are you going to choose a cool avatar?

    I saw a picture of an overweight dude spilling a milkshake down his underwear. Highly recommended.

  • the electrifying dr robert

    One step away from a suspension.

  • the electrifying dr robert

    He missed a LOT of open receivers.

  • KoolKell

    And Juron Criner can’t get a shot? Really DA?

  • the electrifying dr robert

    It’s all that matters to casual fans.

    Not to those that see how much better we could be with a real qb.

  • the electrifying dr robert

    Lol. Ur gay.

  • DKnight007

    Butler and Ford stunk. Suprised by Butler not catching that pass over the middle and causing an INT.

  • DKnight007

    I just want improvment on offense for 3-4 quarters of play and better play calling from Olsen….especially in the 2nd half of games.

  • The Real Michael Kelly

  • The Beeeeech Dawg


  • the electrifying dr robert

    The NFL’s worst passing offense = the NFL’s worst qb

    It’s obvious.

  • DKnight007

    Olsens play calling was crappy in the 2nd half and was waaaaay too conservative.

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    K-Rat, you need to take a bus down to Raider headquarters and pound on the front door until you get some answers

  • DKnight007

    Some if not most of that 54 mill needs to go to resigning players on defense and resigning Veldeer.

  • the electrifying dr robert

    Lol. That was funny.

  • Whats new Beeech??? Getting ready for the Halloween parties in the Marina…

  • RediaR

    If only that weren’t complete BS…

  • kenchun24

    Don’t know why some are freaking out on not being able to hang 50 on the Steelers. Yes…the 21-3 lead creates such an overreaction…Lebeau is a great coordinator, the Steeler D is always solid, no matter the Steelers current record his D has shut down teams passing game all year (ranked #2 in passing defense). Plus with all the close ref calls (which the Raiders actually won) and turnovers or possible turnovers (Ford ahem) – I’ll take the W. Raiders doing the best with what they got. That is the theme for this year. Changing the “loser culture” mentality from yesteryear(s), eeking out wins or staying close for losses and figuring out the “core” players/coaches etc…next year after more additions up and down the roster and another draft, the Raiders will beat some teams by bigger winning margins I believe.

    Campaigning for the Raiders drafting WR’s Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins or Lee, or Donte Moncreif, Kelvin Benjamin in the mid-rounds. TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins should be considered. That’s what I think they need. A WR/TE that D-Coords HAVE to gameplan for week in week out in the Megatron/Graham mold.

  • loyal

    Name a qb (besides Wilson and Kap) that could come close to what TP has done with/for the Raiders. No line, no receivers, no TE and less than 1 yr as a starter. Let’s see how he looks at the end of the yr…… and into next season.

  • the electrifying dr robert

    Any qb in the nfl would be better.

  • loyal

    Agreed…….and it’s nice to be watchable again.

  • Dakota

    Offer him to SF for Kaepernick and a pick then lol.

  • Scourge of the East

    Doc, Beeech-D always has KK’s number!

  • Black King

    He won with his arm against SD….wr dropped a lot of balls in that game…he needs better protection, u wouldn’t be able to put a pocket passer behind that line….

  • RediaR

    Ford sucks. Butler is a rookie. Streater and Moore having been playing outstanding football. If anything Pryor has been holding those two back.

  • 88 yards passing and 2 INT’s will not win you very many NFL games. 92 yard runs are great but you would like to see your RB and or WR have those kinds of plays. I am with you in that its nice to see some wins but Pryor is one dimensional and has a low ceiling. Great athlete just not a good passer.

  • RediaR

    I hear faint laughter from an alternate universe.

  • loyal

    Raiders not getting much for the 13mil they gave Reece. Don’t understand the lack of use.

  • Scourge of the East

    New post, gents.