Pryor bristles at suggestion he needs to prove his game well-rounded


It wasn’t so long ago when people wondered whether the Raiders would create a package of plays that would take advantage of Terrelle Pryor’s superior running ability. Then came Pryor’s meteoric transformation from a project into a legitimate NFL starter.
Sure, Pryor has started only seven games during his two-plus NFL seasons — six of those came this season — but that’s enough of a sample size for people to get the point that Pryor is more than a runner.
“We’re a little past that,” Pryor said, when asked whether he is eager to prove that he is more than a running quarterback. “You can go watch against the Broncos and a couple of other teams. I threw the ball very well. I’m not really into trying to prove anything to anybody.”
Pryor said all he cares about is winning games. If it means running 93 yards on a quarterback keeper or throwing a well-placed pass to Rod Streater, as he did on the first play of the game against the Chargers, Pryor’s focus is upon winning games these days.
And he certainly isn’t in the mood to hear any criticism about how the Raiders passing game has languished among the least productive in the league all season on the heels of a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
“It’s all about getting a win,” Pryor said. “At the end of the day, we got a win. You’re not going to question me for winning the game. Now if we lost and had that bad game, yeah, but winning … ”
Pryor paused, smiled, leaned into the microphone and ended his news conference by saying, “Just win baby.”
Eagles coach Chip Kelly apparently doesn’t need any convincing about Pryor being a well-rounded quarterback.
“They’re doing a lot more things with him as a passer,” Kelly said. “He seems like he wants to stay in the pocket and throw the ball. He’s that package that you worry about as a defensive group because he can throw it, but he can also tuck it down and make some really good plays. He’s obviously a very big threat, and we need to make sure we contain him.”
Just don’t fence him in and call him a running quarterback, coach.

— Linebacker Miles Burris practiced today for the first time since last season ended. Soon thereafter, he said he feels confident that he’s going to be activated to the 53-man roster at some point within the next three weeks.
That’s the time frame the Raiders have to decide whether Burris is healthy enough to warrant a spot on the 53-man roster. If not, their other choices are to place Burris on season-ending injured reserve or release Burris.
As far as Burris is concerned, there isn’t any question how this is going to turn out.
“I feel very confident,” Burris said. “Whenever I’m out there, I’m confident. As a football player, you kind of have to.”
Burris said he just wants to help the Raiders however he can, even if that means special teams.

— Left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer met with a doctor in Los Angeles on Monday. On Wednesday, he said everything is going well and that he’s “on track” for a return soon.
Allen said on track means “soon” and that the initial prognosis called for Veldheer to miss three months with the torn triceps.
Veldheer suffered the injury one week into training camp and underwent surgery Aug. 14. Therefore, he’s coming up on three months for both dates.
Still, Allen said, it’s going to take a little more time for Veldheer to get back into the swing of taking on blockers, getting into football shape and getting ready to play in a game for the first time since last season.

— Menelik Watson fared pretty well at practice today, Allen said. He is going to get reps at left and right tackle, given he might be needed to either spot.
Watson worked at left tackle with the second-team offense at practice today.
“Both those guys looked fairly decent out there at practice,” Allen said of Watson and Burris. “We’ll continue to evaluate them as the week goes on. That was good to see to have those guys back out there. Those guys can help us.”
The interesting part comes when Veldheer and Watson are healthy enough to play.
We know that Veldheer pushes Khalif Barnes out of the left tackle spot. From there, it’s anyone’s guess.
Barnes has fared well at left tackle, and he’s the incumbent right tackle. Still, Tony Pashos has played well at right tackle after being signed out of desperation near the end of training camp.
It’s likely that Barnes will go back to right tackle, with Pashos and Watson serving as backups, at least in the short term.
Another scenario involves Pashos or Watson playing right tackle and Barnes converting to guard.
Allen said Wednesday that the injuries to Pashos and Andre Gurode appear to be short-term ones as of now, though he isn’t quite sure when either might return.

— Eagles coach Chip Kelly recruited Pryor to play for Oregon University when Pryor was one of the most sought after high school players.
Ultimately, Pryor accepted a scholarship to Ohio State, where he guided the Buckeyes to a victory over Kelly’s Oregon team in the Rose Bowl.
Pryor completed 20 of 37 passes for 266 yards and two touchdowns that game, and he rushed 20 times for 72 yards.
He was tempted to take his talents to Eugene — OK, so it’s not quite South Beach — but, in the end, he decided to play close to home so that his mother could attend his games.
“I loved his personality,” Pryor said of Kelly. “I loved the fire he brought to the game. He came to my high school and spent a lot of time at my high school, showing me uniforms and showing me the playbook, some of the stuff that he likes, that he runs. It was very interesting and intriguing.”

— Wide receiver Andre Holmes was on the field for more snaps than Jacoby Ford and Brice Butler against the Steelers. That’s not an anomaly. It’s by design.
“Obviously we want to try to continue to get him involved. Right now, I feel good about the wide receiver position. I want to see a little bit more consistency, but that’s not too much different than the rest of the football team.
“He’s a big-bodied guy. He had a really good preseason. He obviously missed a lot of time with the suspension so he’s still getting back into the groove of the offense a little bit, but he’s a guy that can help us.”
It also helps Holmes from the standpoint that when Ford and Butler did play they stood out more for what they didn’t do than for making positive plays.
Ford fumbled at the end of a short reception, not to mention fumbling a punt and coming close to muffing another punt. Butler clanked one pass right on the money and had another hit off his hands and wind up in the arms of a Steelers defender.


Steve Corkran

  • Jon Train


    Logan Mankins got a 51M contract..with a 20M SIGNING BONUS…he is a GUARD.

    Wilfork 25M guaranteed.

    I keep tellin yall. The Patriots have the template:

    1) Coach
    2) QB
    3) Trench play

    10 division titles in 12 years.

    5 super bowl appearances.

    But please, keep arguing in circles and providing myopic stats that only tangentially support a Fantasy Football/SportsCenter induced hypothesis on how to build a team.

    I’ll take my cues from the greatest franchise in the free agent era.


  • Blackholepriest

    Red Sox, more evidence it just does not take a 5 year rebuild to do anything anymore. It’s why I am pleased we made certain decisions that remove the excuses everyone seemed to make for this franchise.
    When the A’s can do what they have done and so on. This franchise was in no worse shape than most. It took smart decisions especially at QB to go from where we were to where we are. …………period
    With the wrong decision at QB we would still be talking about the next 3-5 years to get back to 500. Well we could eclipse that Mark this year. Due to smart decisions and coaching. Tarver IMHO is a keeper, not so sure about Olson but we know if JT can get his side of the ball going it holds the OC to much higher standards. Just get it done……….period

  • Charlie

    Does the name Bobby Douglass mean anything to you? If not then I do not think you know enough about the game to enter this conversation. He is why you will only see the read option as a niche weapon. YOUR pass has been revoked.
    No QB with yesterdays rules or todays rules wins in a pass only offense. NONE. You must be balanced to have success and keep down and distance in your favor. The same holds true on defense. You must stop the run to keep down and distance in your favor.
    If not then why are Ben, Eli and Matt Ryan all at 2 wins each?????????

  • Raider O

    They run 4-3 now so I’m sure they can use more than 1 DT, and Wilfork is 32 yo.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Here comes the beast! Get ready for Andre Holmes. He and Pryor hooked up on a # of passes in the preseason. They need a sppark and he may be it.

  • Charlie

    Comparing the two sports is silly. Comparing the Raiders situation with the Red Sox is laughable.

  • Blackholepriest

    I think Olson has the talent on side of the ball I think he his PLAYCALLING is sub par he needs some players here and there but he can do better than what I’m seeing. I think to some degree DA has been a issue in second halves as he takes the air out of the ball. But I need to see more from Olson. Our ST is doing better than the O IMHO it’s matter of how to use the talent you have………period

  • Raider O

    Like I said before, look at their top 4 picks the last 4 years, no OGs, DTs, or Cs. Most of them are pass rushers and DBs.

  • The_Judge37

    I Just hope he’ll be the same player. Remember he needed Steroids just to hang on to TP’s bombs.

  • Blackholepriest

    It’s not just the Red Sox dumb bell it’s happening in every sport look at the Chiefs and so on. As I mentioned the A’s the Dubs it’s a matter of utilization of talent and coaching. It just doesn’t require 3-5 years in today’s world……….period

  • Charlie

    Coaching is about 20% of the equation.
    Our defense this year should have proved that to you.
    Same coach. Same scheme. 10 different starters.
    Get better players and we will win.
    Stop wasting time talking about coaching problems.
    Hell, even Pryor has said the players have to do a better job of executing. Give it a rest!!!!

  • The_Judge37

    You almost didn’t hold true to your form but saved it with the last sentence. LOL

  • Blackholepriest

    So we can move past the excuse making on get down to business of WINNING!……….period

  • LMAO, flip flop flip flop, due to “smart Decisions and coaching”.

    Flipping and flopping like a beached tuna, that’s BH in a nut shell.


  • R8erEduc8er
  • Blackholepriest

    CJ I think you may be right. Based on what the HC said and what we heard in TC let’s hope you are right.

  • Jon Train

    Wow. OK…once again..

    Why would they draft those positions high, when they already have pro bowlers at those positions, who they SIGNED TO BIG CONTRACTS.

    I know you are not obtuse. But take a step back and think about your counter argument here. It makes no sense.

    RBs and perimeter players are cheap labor to them. Their resources ($$$$) go towards the positions that matter MOST. QB, OL, DL, LB. That’s not disputable it’s plain fact.

    Look who’ve they have let walk over the years: MIlloy, Law, Samuels, Branch, Welker, Moss, the list goes on and on. Perimeter players who they refused to pay.

    Brady lost literally all his pass catchers over the offseason yet THEY STILL WIN. Because their core is intact. At least it was b4 injuries to Wilfork Volmer and Mayo.

    It’s so simple.

  • Charlie

    Comparing the Raiders and Chiefs is like comparing you to a Rhodes Scholar !!!!!!!
    The Chefs have spent 60% of their draft picks since 2006 on lineman. They built their team the right way.

    The Chefs were also in the playoffs in 2003, 2006 and 2010.

    We have not seen the postseason since 2002, have not had a full complement of draft picks from 2010-2013 and have an NFL record $50 million in dead money this year due to horrible contracts made prior to Reggie.

    Crawl back into your hole. We are a 3 year fix minimum. 2014 is year 3 under Reggie.

  • Goldie7

    Pryor paused, smiled, leaned into the microphone and ended his news conference by saying, “Just win baby.”
    Is this dude a leader or what? I love it! I am sold on TP2!

  • Raider O

    Dude… I get it. They have Wilfork, but they run a 4-3 defense, so they need more than 1 DT, and that’s why they signed TK and traded for Sopoaga.
    They let these players walk because they were done, had nothing in the Tank. They gave Hernandez $42 million!!
    They drafted a WR in the 2nd.
    They win because they have one of the best QBs in the league, and they have great coaching.

  • Charlie

    The Chiefs have spent 60% of their “First and Second” round picks on lineman since 2006

  • Jon Train

    They paid Gronk and Hernandez. They are tight ends. Half skill, half trench. In their 12 year span of dominance…name me one other player on the perimeter of the field that they resigned. I can’t think of one.

    They drafted a WR in the second because they NEEDED one after letting Welker walk. They would rather pay a complete unknown WR a little bit of money…rather than pay one of the best WRs in the game a lot.

    That tells you all you need to know.

  • Raider O

    And they were 2-14 last year, had 6 PBers, and that’s because they didn’t have a QB or good coaching.

  • “You can go watch against the Broncos and a couple of other teams. I threw the ball very well. I’m not really into trying to prove anything to anybody.”

    I know I will be a minority here…but I disagree with TP2 on this. Yes Mr Pryor you are trying to prove something to Reggie McKenzie so we don’t have to draft another QB in April. I hope he is not happy with where he is as an NFL QB because he still has a ways to go.

    He could have said something like, yes I am glad we won but I need to do better than 88 yards passing and 2 INT’s because turning the ball over will not win consistently in this league.

  • Raider O

    Gronk and Hernandez were enough, so they didn’t need highly paid WRs. They just needed a guy that can stretch the field.
    Btw, Gronk and Hernandez are known for their big play ability and not blocking.

  • The_Judge37

    They still don’t have a good QB, but we see what a long way Good Coaching goes.

  • GotNext

    Teams in last year’s Super Bowl were 15th and 23rd in the league in passing. Raiders were 8th.

  • The Big Banana

    The guy is always trying to improve and never happy with his results, or have you not been paying attention to him and the coaches? This is a guy that didn’t take time off during the bye. Of course he’s not happy where he is.

    Pryor was responding to a question stating that he was just a runner. He’s tired of that line of questioning and so would you in his shoes. The guy posted a 135 QB rating on the heels of a 112 rating the week prior.

    But this is a perfect example of how he’s placed under a microscope by many of you.

  • Raider O

    I said they didn’t have a QB.

  • DJ Johnny

    I love his attitude but i’m concerned about his passing.
    He can have the best attitude in the world but if he’s giving us those kind of stats he is not the answer going forward.
    I’m hoping this is just growing pains etc. but i’m officially concerned.
    I still have his back but i’m starting to worry a little bit.
    Just being honest.

  • The_Judge37

    LeSean McCoy will be a good test to see if this Run D is legit. He’s struggled the last two games but he’s averaging 4.6

  • If you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen! You are an NFL QB and guess what…that comes with scrutiny and yes you are under a microscope by not only your fans but everyone in the sport arena. I can only hope his skin is thicker than fans like yours.

  • The_Judge37

    Ahh, I see.

  • Raider O

    B Brees in his 3 NFL season (2nd as starter) completed less than 60% of his passes, and had 11 TDs and 15 INTs.
    His 1st season as a starter, he had 17 TDs and 16 INTs.

  • I was the biggest AL Davis boot licker in here so I have an emotional attachment to TP2. Not only because he is our QB and wears the Silver and Black uniform. But I am starting to doubt his ability to play QB. This seems to me to be like a Tebow situation….exciting to watch you can win some games, but a low ceiling. Lets hope I am wrong.

  • The Big Banana

    Apparently it’s some of you with the thin skin. He basically told you to buzz off and that his concern is winning the dam game.

    But some of you don’t like it, and are upset we didn’t win all pretty like and don’t have fancy stats to throw at your buddies.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Aqib Talib was resigned on the perimeter.
    Really though, the Pats barely re-sign ANYONE. They constantly let players walk, thinking they can draft a cheaper, younger, healthier version.

  • You can spout all the anger and BS you want but its not me who makes these decisions. He has to prove himself to Reggie McKenzie not you or I.

  • Raider O

    A 93 yard run by a QB is a Fancy stat.

  • Drew Brees has a QB’s arm TP2 is trying to develop one….big difference.

  • Thec

    McCoy is going to get hiz head caved in.

    Raids win this one going away…

  • SnBG

    What would you say is the biggest weakness on the Offense? I would say it is the Oline. We can talk about drafting WRs and running backs but until you fix the biggest weakness it won’t matter who we have at QB or Running back etc. There must be a balance of talent or at least be close to it to have a decent offense. The Raids are dead last in passing and the only reason we are were where are in the run game is because of Pryors legs.

  • I am pretty sure our HC and front office would rather those 93 yard runs be made by a RB or WR.

    One more time…TP2 is trying to develop a QB’s throwing arm so bragging about his running abilities is a mute point.

  • Jon Train

    Gronk blocks. Hernandez not so much.
    Either way…your original point still does not hold water. You had TE rated pretty low on the totem pole underneath WRs and CBs.
    Once again, Bill Belichek disagrees with you.

    Look I’m not claiming to have some sort of peculiar insight into being a GM. I just recognize the template that the model franchise has used. And other GM’s around the league would do well to do the same.

  • Thec

    You will be wrong on TP2 however, you are right about Jaco…

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    The o-line will be just fine once everyone’s healthy again. I’m not sure that any team in NFL history has had the kind of offensive line injuries we’ve had this year.

  • The_Judge37

    You and Charlie are jumping the Dead Horse, keep it a fair fight please.

  • Theghostronin79

    Yeah, pitting their offensive strength against our defensive strength…..

  • Jon Train

    Wrong. Talib was not resigned. One year FA deal, and he was a steal at that price. Risky move that paid off.

    You could not be more wrong about the Patriots not resigning anyone.

    They constantly let perimeter players walk. Which was my original point.

  • DJ Johnny

    I have that same attachment being Al’s last pick and all that and like I said I LOVE TP’s work ethic, drive, commitment….all that but he has digressed in the passing dept last couple games.
    I hope it’s just a fluke or something else that is going on.
    I’d like to see a nice bounceback game this week.