Allen likes his group of wide receivers


Other than Denarius Moore and Rod Streater, it’s anybody’s guess how the wide receivers are deployed when the Raiders host the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.

All were present and accounted for during the media window Friday, with Andre Holmes getting some extra pre-practice attention from a member of the conditioning staff as well as trainer Rod Martin as he works through what appears to be a minor hamstring strain.

There were some miss-steps in a 21-18 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, most notably two drops by Brice Butler (one which went straight to a defender for an interception) and a fumble deep in Raiders territory by Jacoby Ford that set up a touchdown.

Coach Dennis Allen, however, gave the unit a vote of confidence of sorts Thursday.

“I think we have a good, solid group of wide receivers,’’ Allen said. “I don’t know that we have that Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson or A.J. Green type, but I think we have a real solid group of receivers and I feel comfortable with any of those guys we put in the game.’’

Moore and Streater have gotten the most work this season, having played 336 and 327 snaps, respectively, as the starters. Then comes Butler (196), Ford (110) and Holmes (31).

Moore leads the Raiders with 27 receptions for 431 yards and four touchdowns, while Streater has 23 receptions for 319 yards and one score. Butler has nine receptions for 103 yards, Ford eight catches for 52 yards and Holmes has yet to catch a pass after being active in two games.

Holmes was talked up by Allen earlier this week as a big target who will be getting more time and offensive coordinator Greg Olson said it’s been a weekly conversation about possibly having Juron Criner active and that it could happen this week.

A fifth-round draft pick in 2012, Criner has been inactive for all seven games.

Considering Ford’s role on special teams, possibly the only way Criner could be active is if the Raiders sat down Butler after a difficult game since it’s doubtful all six wide outs would be among the 46 active players.

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor said he still felt good about throwing to Butler, crediting his route-running and understanding of how to get leverage on a defender.

“This past game, he just had those two drops. It happens to the best of us,’’ Pryor said. “I see the best receivers in the game dropping balls, wide open balls. It happens. Nothing’s going to change about him for me.’’

— No surprises as the media window closed for Friday’s practice. Offensive linemen Tony Pashos (hip) and Andre Gurode (knee) were not on the field, nor was strong safety Tyvon Branch.

They will likely be declared doubtful or out on Friday’s official report and none will see the field against Philadelphia.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • the animal dr robert

    wr’s usually emerge in their 3rd year.

    moore and holmes? 3rd year.

    streater and criner? 2nd year.

    butler? rookie

    ford? 4th year

    ford is toast but the others need time. moore has emerged as a good wr, and holmes has shown a lot and will now get his shot.

  • hwnrdr

    Congrats to Sio Moore: Rookie of the Week!

  • NewEra S&B

    Raider Nation still dominant.

  • DutchRaid

    Are you tailgaiting this weekend?

  • the animal dr robert

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    and when my impostor sticks to the script, he can do a nice job of emulating and even enhancing my message.

    but it’s important to know when ur getting pure uncut dr robert, and when ur getting baking powder.

  • NewEra S&B

    No one cares.

  • KoolKell

    American Exceptionalism: Guns & Retards.

  • Theghostronin79

    Those “Lunch Pail” awards are pretty cool. Get that Blue Collar mentality

  • hwnrdr

    yup…do you still have my number?

  • the animal dr robert

    yes they do. especially u.

    whoever u are.

  • the animal dr robert

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  • the animal dr robert

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  • DutchRaid

    Jaguars announce WR Justin Blackmon has been suspended indefinitely.

  • NewEra S&B

    Without pay. Oh no, what ever will he do..

  • nolimits3333

    Our wide receivers are terrible.

  • DutchRaid

    Of course not, I am a jackass…Would you mind sending it to me again?
    Do you need anything?

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    I think the three year rule can be applied to most positions/players within the NFL.

  • the animal dr robert

    kinda but not really.

    rb’s can succeed early. so can linemen.

    wr’s are historically known to take time to learn how to run routes and how to beat coverages.

  • GimmieAMilk

    And we have a premier group of running backs too…we need blockers and playmakers!

  • 10centsworth

    No, WE don’t. Same blarney, same misplaced ego, same craving for attention. You are pitiful so its hard to believe ANYONE would emulate you, so we are left with…a double whammy of ignorance striving for stupidity double dipping. but know this. We love you.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    Perhaps you missed the “most” in the post above.

  • Ronin559

    WR group = SOLID
    RB group = SOLID
    OL group = Injured but SOLID
    TE group = young but SOLID
    We are close, sprinkle in some playmakers and develop TP2’s passing game and we can be a ligit playoff contendor year-in and year-out.

  • turf toe

    I’m glad DA like his group of wide receiver because I don’t.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    I’m curious as to where this “SOLID” RB group is hiding. In my opinion McFadden has been anything but solid, Jennings has not shown enough to make me feel he can be the featured back, that leaves Murray (IR) and Stewart (has not shown anything “SOLID”).

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    I think that what he’s saying in that “we don’t have that Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, or A.J. Green…” is that we have a good supporting group, but no #1.

    He’s playing the Captain Obvious role.

  • turf toe

    Yes and hell yes.

  • Mike_Trail

    And to think that we could have had Calvin Johnson…

  • Mike_Trail

    I really like the Bengals receiver group profile–they are all prototypes of AJ Green, I think we should follow that model, those guys are tall, long, and fast…Kinda like Pryor really–I would love to see us get some guys in here who fit that mold.

  • R8drTahoe in SF