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  • RaiderLen

    Correct. An example of a low round pick that flourished.

    A late bloomer if you will.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Hernandez got by on guile and was a great fielder, a little different but good example.
    PUjols and Piazza were late round picks with no pop, then 2 years later are hitting 45 home runs in the bigs.
    Not buying it.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Have you ever had a person you hate, convince you to stop hating him anymore?
    That ship has sailed man, may be our fault, but we ain’t winning that back.

  • the animal dr robert

    yeah, but they hate what our gov does, and it’s not ok to kill innocent people as retaliation.

    and don’t give me the “they weren’t innocent” stuff either.

    those people didn’t deserve to die.

    i blame the gov and the killers. i blame what we do that is “un-american” overseas.

    ur right about these things.

    but saying people who are just worker bees deserve to be shot is wrong.

  • the animal dr robert

    we could. this country could win over the world if they treated others well.

    but it’s more about the wealthy in control than the country anyway.

    they want to rule and consume.

  • 0ak R8rs

    AT HOME.

  • the animal dr robert

    my fav player. forgot he was a high rounder though. just threw it out there.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    911 was an inside job…This TSA shooting is another excuse to get people to rally behind eroding the 2nd amendment…99% of news is about garnering an emotional response and say fu** the facts….see Zimmerman trial or OJ or Michael Jackson

  • AutumnThunderstorm

    Another swansong for a Yankee legend.

  • the animal dr robert

    maybe u should stop thinking about individual people as symbols.

    they’re not.

    that’s how we get convinced to put people into convenient “groups”, and dehumanize them.

    i belong to no “group”. i don’t want to be put into the “white” group. too many people that i can’t stand.

    most of those people are just doing what they’re told to do, and feel like it’s the right thing.

    do u want to be put into a “group” and be “symbolic” of something?

    judge not, lest yee be judged.

  • AutumnThunderstorm

    they’ll make it up in Jersey and other retail sales

  • 0ak R8rs

    And btw, less than or equal to the number of picks as:

    Eli manning

    Carson Palmer

    Ben roethlisberger

    Joe flacco

    Jay cutler

    Matt Ryan

    Andy Daulton

    Like I said, your list is slanted. Crap actually, no offense. And you know it.

  • the animal dr robert

    and exactly what is so bad about getting checked for weapons?

    it’s inconvenient but not a big deal.

  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    If any foreigner wanted to kill us, it’s because our power dons dropped a drone on his wife, kids, etc. I can handle my own safety thank you very much.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Haha. I’m sure they will. Still, seems less greedy for Jeter to take $5 million or something. In sure he doesn’t need it. But then, I guess the yankees don’t either.

  • the animal dr robert

    i agree. but they’re wrong for wanting to kill innocent people in frustration.

    i won’t accept that it’s ok to kill random people as a “message”.

    and u couldn’t protect urself against a hijacking.

  • the animal dr robert

    i did the same with my nephew. he’s basically a loser and his family wanted him to join the army. i told him he would have to choose to kill others for an agenda and he needed to believe in that agenda enuff to kill for it.

    but tsa agents? waving a wand?

    they’re people who are happy to have a job.

    they don’t see the fuzzy connection between them and 1984.

    being happy they were shot shows that ur thinking is all screwed up.


  • the animal dr robert

    so how do we prevent hijackings?

  • AutumnThunderstorm

    Oak you are wrong on this point, the last thing freedom is is a privilege, it never was and will never be, Freedom is a certain inalienable right endowed by our Creator.
    Driving is a privilege.
    The government doesn’t grant us freedom, we give up a portion of our freedom to the government for specific requirements:security, health insurance, freeways, etc.
    Security is a privilege, National Health insurance is a mandated privilege, driving on public roads are a privilege. Freedom isn’t free, someone usually needs to make a sacrifice though you are correct on that point.

  • 0ak R8rs

    He wasn’t going to ever supplant Palmer. Not after what we paid for him And not for the situation we were in managerially. And btw, he just learned to throw this offseason. So yea, he needs more time.

  • the animal dr robert

    cmon. ur wanting to ONLY look at big picture stuff.

    stop imperialism and big pharm?


    but u still need to take measures to prevent whackos from killing a bunch of innocent people cuz they’re upset.

    fvck that.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Privilege might not be the right word. Kinda knew it when I put it out there. My primary point is that freedom isn’t free. It doesn’t come without a cost. And those costs get higher and more complicated every day.

  • the animal dr robert

    big gov is gonna do what they’re gonna do.

    u can not like it.

    but killing people as a “symbol” is evil owning u.

    and being glad (mostly) innocent got shot is letting evil own u.

    getting patted down and taking off ur shoes and belt are inconvenient, but not that crazy after 9 11.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Look at Doc Rob and Riff debating without threatening to kill each other? Aweeeee

    Wish it was about football…..

  • I despise law enforcement. They are glorified revenue generators who can’t do the one thing we pay them to do. Find the missing children!

  • the animal dr robert

    or racism!

  • 0ak R8rs

    Idk if its the new format or what. But this board is so strange now. There r brief spurts of furious activity where you can’t even keep up. Then tumbleweeds……

  • the animal dr robert

    so we don’t need cops?

    i mean most are idiots looking to be tuff.

    but we need cops. just need better cops.

  • Cops do not stand in front of a bullet they come after the shots are fired and investigate then file a report.

    The days of protect and serve are gone as they are revenue generators for the local government now is all I am saying. If you see a cop hold on to your wallet!

  • the animal dr robert

    i agree on the powers that be.

    but ur acting like one of those guys that gets asked for his ID and starts yelling about germany and having to have his papers.

    wait, that’s me.

    but u can’t go around wearing ur political anger on ur sleeve and making a weirdo out of ur self.

  • J Hill

    Of course Pryor needs to get better.

    The notion that he has to be perfect is lunacy.

    Look at Dalton just last night.

  • the animal dr robert

    i don’t care for most of them.

    but it’s more how they are allowed to act that i can’t stand.

    they think they’re para military.

    they’re mostly punks who use their badge as a stand-in for their little weiners.

    but we have to have law enforcement.

  • the animal dr robert

    yeah. he ain’t perfect. we know that.

  • the animal dr robert

    that’s reaching.

    the fear of getting caught by cops does prevent crime.

    but they do need to stop thinking they’re tuff guys telling everyone what to do.

  • the animal dr robert

    The alternative to “no cops” is what we have now?


  • Nice post!

  • the animal dr robert

    I think it is weird to be happy that low level employees of the government were shot.

    You have a right to be upset about the big picture and how the world is going. i agree with you.

    But you can’t let your anger own u. Getting that upset about being checked for weapons before you get out of plane is a little weird.

  • JLofty

    Go Raiders!! Stomp an Eaglet!!!
    Have fun NATION, be safe!

  • the animal dr robert

    And incidentally you feel that you have the right to a different opinion then the stupid masses but you get mad at me for doing the same about a quarterback.

    It seems that you have no tolerance for people who think differently than you.

  • eseterik78

    There’s probably been a time or two that I’d have liked to take that wand and knock their teeth out. But death? No.

  • Papertiger

    Yeah it’s strange. I end up refreshing a lot to get new comments on the old iPad2. Also, I can’t post pictures, which is inconvenient sometimes.

  • J Hill

    Can’t wait to see what the Oline looks like with Watson.

    Start him at LT and move Barnes inside to LG.

  • SnBG

    Baseball, really? Baseball. C’mon.

  • rifflicks

    you could say the same thing for the Vast majority of Government Employees and Politicians…..City, State and Federal

  • SnBG

    Well said senor.

  • the animal dr robert

    Apparently it takes a little time for people to log out and change handles now.

  • J Hill

    1st rd pick playing well, 3rd rd pick just got rookie of the week.

    Watson’s turn to step and solidify this draft class!

  • Breaking_Black

    Hey guys I’ll be giving free Karate lessons in the Dodger stadium parking lot tonight. There will be Gatorade and wheat thins.
    Bring your own napkins.

  • jtdxyz

    have a feeling he’s playing backup for a bit

  • lefty12

    LOL-you won’t give up til they move Barnes inside.BTW,I’d like to see it too.