Eagles 49, Raiders 20


Sent before 2-minute warning . . .

The futuristic offense of the Philadelphia Eagles conjured up disturbing images of the past for the Raiders Sunday at O.co Coliseum.

With second-year quarterback Nick Foles tying an NFL record with seven touchdown passes against a previously stout Oakland defense, the Eagles blew out the Raiders 49-20 to snap a two-game losing streak during which they had scored a combined 10 points.

Instead of arriving at the midway point of the season with a .500 record and a reason for optimism, the Raiders are instead in familiar territory at 3-5 _ the same place they were last season en route to a 4-12 record.

Foles, in his first game back after missing the previous with with a concussion, threw touchdown passes of 2 yards to Brent Celek, 17, 63 and 5 yards to Riley Cooper, 15 yards to Zach Ertz, 25 yards to LeSean McCoy and 46 yards to DeSean Jackson in becoming the seventh player in NFL history to throw seven touchdown passes in a game.

A third-round draft pick out of Arizona, Foles was playing in part because starter Michael Vick is out with a hamstring strain. He completed 22 of 28 passes for 406 yards and wasn’t intercepted.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly inserted rookie Matt Barkley into the game with a 36-point lead rather than have Foles take a shot at a record eight touchdown passes.

Jackson caught five passes for 150 yards and the touchdown, with Cooper adding five catches for 139 yards.

Playing with a big deficit, the Raiders put up offensive numbers that didn’t reflect their level of execution other than the final point total. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor completed 22 of 41 passes for 282yards and was intercepted twice. He also rushed for 94 yards on 10 carries.

Pryor, who twisted awkwardly of his late scrambles, left with a knee injury with 7:56 to play and was being evaluated.

It won’t get any easier in the second half of the season, with the Raiders embarking on four long-distant road trips in the next five games, starting with the New York Giants next week in New Jersey.

The first order of business for coach Dennis Allen and Co. will be sorting out exactly how an Oakland defense that had been a feel-good story through seven games was flummoxed so thoroughly by the no-huddle offense imported by Kelly from the University of Oregon.

Philadelphia, which improved to 4-5, was coming off back-to-back losses to Dallas

The Raiders mixing of coverages and blitzes did little to effect Foles, who had rarely saw more than one rusher heading his way and managed to sidestep the ones he did see. Foles was 15 of 19 for 26 yards and four scores in the first half as the Eagles took a 28-13 lead.

Rookie cornerback D.J. Hayden was victimized twice for touchdowns by Cooper on plays of 17 and 63 yards and later was in coverage on a 59-yard pass play from Foles to Jackson in the third quarter.

The closest thing to a turning point in the avalanche of offense for the Eagles came in the second quarter when the Raiders had broken through on an 8-yard run by Jennings with 7:34 left in the half, closing to within 21-10.

On their next possession, the Eagles were faced with a third-and-16 from their own 14-yard line, with a defensive stop giving Oakland the chance to climb within 21-17.

Instead, Foles dropped back and threw a 17-yard strike to Jackson for the first down at the 31-yard line.

Five plays later, Foles found Ertz, the rookie from Stanford, for a touchown and a 28-10 lead.

Raiders running back Darren McFadden left the game in the second quarter with a hamstring strain and did not return.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • krawf

    the pick wasnt even his fault another tip drill from 1 of our not so sure handed recievers

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    And the Tin Foil Hat Club is here tonight…

  • the animal dr robert

    I noted that foles targeted Hayden and Ross did nothing to help.

    But the defense has played generally pretty well this season.

    But the offense was also a problem. 13 points in 80 snaps. Couldn’t sustain drives in order to stop the rhythm of foles and keep them off the field.

    Pryor is a MAJOR problem with this team

  • RaidO


  • kenchun24

    Sure…McGloin for the undefeated ROS playoff run…Allen’s secret weapon all along lol

  • the animal dr robert

    Pretty much exactly what I and a few others have always said.

  • spiff

    mcgolin sucks he was getting passes batted down from eagle back ups. pryor probably had to take a dump.

  • the animal dr robert

    Nonsense. They made some very nice grabs today.

  • Gdog

    If don’t trust this offensive staff to limit him to only eight games.

    I suspect we have prolly the worst offensive coaches in the entire league.

    Easily bottom 10.

  • krawf

    a blind man could see the eagles had called off the dawgs by the time mcgloin had come in also

  • Zymurge

    I think he has about 3 left at best. His last three starts have all shown that the league has enough tape on him now to take away his surprises. Against prepared teams he’s being outplayed by guys with less experience like Foles, Glennon, Thad Lewis, and now Tuel for god’s sake.

    McGloin will get at least 3 starts this season one way or another as part of the 2014 and beyond evaluations. This so called knee injury just might be the beginning.

  • the animal dr robert

    The old Rodney dangerfield caddyshack “oh my arm” excuse eh?

  • Gdog

    I will bet dollars to dimes PFF will back me up on this.

    None of our TEs or WRs will be in the green…

  • the animal dr robert

    New post

  • Zymurge

    Yes, they did. They called them off late in the 3rd quarter. Pryor still managed to turn the ball over, despite the fact that they were giving him tons of cheap yardage on dump offs for lots of YAC.

    McGloin looked as good against the garbage time defense as Pryor did against 2nd half preseason units, and you all thought he won the job with that same level of play. Let’s just apply all the Pryor excuses now towards McGloin and see what he can do with first team reps in practice and his first few starts (which apparently actually count other then cherry picking out the few highlights) before judging too quickly.

  • Zymurge

    How do you alligator arm a pass that is thrown 3 yards behind you when running full speed? If Pryor doesn’t take a half second longer than most to read he is open deep, he gets that ball out in front of Moore for a TD. But he didn’t, and it’s the WRs fault?

    The denial is thick in here tonight.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    I said 8 games because that’s how many we have left. If he’s not better by the end of the year, Reggie goes out and gets us a new QB.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Now you know you wouldn’t say that to his face don’t be a punk.

  • Zymurge

    Many? One tonight and the ball was thrown high and behind him on a crossing pattern into the danger zone for the killer hit. Pryor needs to put that ball belt to shoulder height and in front of him so that he can see what’s in front of him as he’s catching it.

    Pryor made that kind of in stride throw to Streater early for the one he took 66 yards and that’s why he was able to run with it after.However, as has been the pattern all season, that pass was about 6-7 yards in the air. The one that he threw behind Streater went about 11-12 yards and that’s out of Pryor’s accuracy zone for passes that he’s not floating.

  • GotNext

    OK, but I think it’s more than that with you. It’s like you’re determined to be proven “right” about Pryor. To what end? You’re like one of those single issue politicians (flat tax!) who can’t focus on anything else.

  • the animal dr robert

    can’t win without a good qb and a lot of people gave me grief for telling them that he stunk. i need to rub their faces in it.