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End 1st qtr: Eagles 7, Raiders 3

By Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer
Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 at 1:45 pm in Oakland Raiders.

Raiders strafed with pass on first drive, being gutted with run on second drive . . .

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  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    And the award for the dumbest opening line in a post goes to MaddenRaider for “I miss Greg Knapp”

  • RaidingTexas

    Said that a couple of weeks ago. He could be the next Megatron type to come out.

  • J Hill

    Are we just done with Ford and 20???

    Haven’t seen either of them on the field.

  • Al_is_theraiders


  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    Terrelle Pryor
    12-21, 167, 57% 82.8 rating, under constant harassment and no D help. Yup he sucks.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Nope, pressures allowed, QB hits allowed, time to throw.

  • RaidingTexas

    No, he misses some for sure. No question. But the opportunities to hit open receivers are low.

  • Raidersfan727

    yea we were lucky to get that FG still jennings was super open

  • Just Fire Baby

    pretty much

  • Morilla_00

    he does suck. Him being injury prone is part of him sucking. He can’t cut it in the NFL. Too fragile, so he sucks.

  • RaidingTexas

    I was done with them both a couple of years ago.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Tim Tebow was awesome in 2011 as well.

  • DJ Johnny

    4 td’s on 5 drives given up. Yep. Blame the QB. That’s awesome football acumen.

  • fingersrdrs

    Eagles O sucked for the last 2 weeks…… Not today… Our team was not prepared

  • Alex7

    they were playing their 3rd QB the last few weeks because Foles was concussed. Foles was legit – 6 TDs in 2 starts – before today.

  • Alex7

    it’s not tooooo hard to separate two things.

    The D isn’t playing well.

    Our QB still sucks.

  • fingersrdrs

    It was up to our D to slow The Eagles O down….. They haven’t been able to do it…

  • DJ Johnny

    Not playing well is way too generous. They look worse than any Raider D in the last decade.
    I don’t know how they could be worse.

  • Goldie7

    Foles will return right back to being a mediocre QB, the Raiders made him look good.