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  • plunkhead

    How dare anyone compare Plunkett and TP
    Here is Jims very first game ever against,,, surprise,,,
    against the Oakland Raiders


  • rifflicks


  • Al_is_theraiders

    stupar and flynn waived again….way to go shrek…

  • rifflicks

    they’ve been fired almost as many times as you

  • plunkhead

    How many people knew Plunketts debut was against the Raiders and he kicked butt?

  • the animal dr robert

    Valid points. I think it may be that he sulks when things don’t go how he thinks they should go.

  • the animal dr robert

    Stupar claimed by the jags. Flynn will land somewhere.

    U never say anything worthwhile. Just on “auto diss”.

  • jtdxyz

    Probably…then he looks at his bank statement and all is okay

  • plunkhead

    new post goobers

  • Davy Jones

    “Ooh, look at how hot Matt Flynn’s wife is.” Dude, you want to be her.

  • the animal dr robert

    Makes no sense that I said she was hot and that means I want to be her.

    Weak reach.

  • Davy Jones

    As weak as Flynchy’s arm?

    I had a joke all ready about how cold and lonely it must be being a clipboard holder for the clipboard holder in Siberia/Buffalo, and how he needed your verbal bj’s to keep him warm.

    But since he’s been released AGAIN, he’s free to run into your arms in slo mo.

    Either that, or hit the CFL 😉

  • turf toe

    Notice that the Raiders rarely get called for roughing the quarterback? That’s because he usually has time to leave the field, take a dump, and come back before we can lay a hand on him.