Jennings the likely feature back vs. Giants


Raiders running back Rashad Jennings was taking his reps with the first team again Thursday in the absence of Darren McFadden.

But don’t bother trying to get Jennings to wax philosophical about what it’s like going into Sunday’s game against the New York Giants as the likely feature back in the Oakland offense.

McFadden missed practice again with a hamstring strain, making it likely he won’t play against the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

Jennings had 15 rushes for 102 yards and added seven receptions for 74 yards in a 49-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles after McFadden departed in the second quarter with a hamstring strain.

“It felt like it was supposed to,’’ Jennings said. “Like I always tell you guys _ you’re called to duty, you go make plays. Regardless of that, the outcome was we lost. (We) didn’t do enough. However you slice it or dice it, we go out there to play games to win.’’

Jennings has remained consistent with that theme since he arrived at training camp. He repeated it during a community outing Tuesday to students.

“One thing I left them was, when I was in high school, I always kept a quote, `When opportunity presents itself, it’s too late to prepare for it,’ ‘’ Jennings said. “So every day, be prepared to be that guy.’’

In compiling his first 100-yard rushing day since 2010, Jennings gained positive yardage on all 15 carries.

“We saw Rashad make a lot of guys miss and run over a lot of guys,’’ Jennings said. “We’er definitely going to miss Darren because he may miss the game, but I have a lot of trust in Jennings and I believe he can get the job done.’’

Jennings has been a mainstay on special teams, blocking a pair of punts as well as recovering an onside kick to seal the win over Pittsburgh.

“He’s a guy that comes to work every day, he wants to compete, wants to get better, he puts the team first and when he’s had the opportunity to go in and play, he’s made a lot of plays for us,’’ Allen said. “He’s made a lot of plays for us on special teams. When he’s been called on to carry the ball, he’s done a nice job there.’’

Jennings said he had no idea he was approaching 100 yards and wasn’t interested in discussing any personal satisfaction over a statistical milestone.

“When you’re in the game, you have no idea,’’ Jennings said. “A part of the reason you’re a pacifier or a mouthpiece is because I shut up and work. After the game, we’ll see what the outcome was.’’

— Players aside from McFadden who didn’t appear to be practicing during the media window were tackle Matt McCants (toe), tackle Tony Pashos (hip), wide receiver Juron Criner (shoulder), safety Tyvon Branch (ankle), linebacker Kaluka Maiava (ribs).

Pashos was getting agility work in with the athletic training staff, an indication he may be able to practice next week.

Also sitting out was linebacker Miles Burris, who is in a three-week period where the team must determine whether to place him on the 53-man roster or on injured reserve. Burris practiced for the first time last week since having knee surgery in January.

Place kicker Sebastian Janikowski (ribs) went through warm-ups, as he did Wednesday. He did not wind up practicing on Wednesday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • KoolKell

    Jason Campbell AFC Player of the Week?


  • Jeff

    What about Veldheer?

  • CJ Legend 34

    1 st!

  • CJ Legend 34

    Pryor will get this team in the playoffs next year and he will get them to the Superbowl before his career as a Raider is over! You heard it here first!!!!

  • Raideraholic


  • Just Fire Baby

    Kind of a KoolKell cut and paste job from yesterday isn’t this?
    The same damn quotes again?

  • Raideraholic

    Not to be negative but I think a lot of Jennings runs were because defenders weren’t keying in on him as they do DMAC. If he is the featured back this week I am not so confident that he will be successful. I hope I’m wrong.
    Kind of like when Stewart put up a decent game last year.

  • Raideraholic

    seems like it to me

  • Raideraholic

    Jennings should be retained for ST next year. Him and Taiwan are pretty good at what they do.

  • Just Fire Baby

    While true, don’t think he will be as bad as McNinny.
    And for whatever reason, Jennings has proven to be a more effective reciever out of the backfield than Darren.

  • Raideraholic

    Totally agree that he will be better than DMAC, but now a days that isn’t saying much!

  • SR Raider

    Little late to that particular party, aren’t ya?

  • CJ Legend 34

    Man this scumbag Incognito just keeps looking worse and worse. Looks like Miami just kept sweeping everything under the rug. I think it’s an understatment to say nobody knew anything about this guys obnoxious behavior. This is not about just hazing. This guy was just trouble!


  • Raideraholic

    DMAC and Ford need to sleep in Jennings Oxygen chamber lol

  • Just Fire Baby

    How many points will we have to score to beat the Giants?
    I am thinking our season average for the last 2 years of 18ppg isn’t going to cut it.
    Going to need AT LEAST 24, if not closer to 30, IMO.
    Maybe we can get our once every 4 years punt return for a TD?

  • Raideraholic

    Rockstar, you can chime in with if we only had JLH!

  • MachoManRandySavage

    I saw the first qtr of the Eagles game on the DVR. I like Pryor, but a significant and worrysome trend has developed: Pryor takes about 4 seconds to read a play, he needs a long unravel to decide where to go with the ball. He only has one quick read play and that is the slant to Moore.

    He cannot digest a play in 2-3 seconds like most QBs in this league. He needs the play to unravel, run around, then find someone. The trend is there.

  • the douche dan garcia

    Welcome aboard. I noticed the trend a looooonnngggg time ago.

  • the douche dan garcia

    First? Been hearing that for a loooooonnnmnggggg time. I also heard he was from space.

  • the douche dan garcia

    Breaking news: Pryor on excused/non injury leave.

    Turns out he really was from space and they called him home.

    However, he wasn’t a high ranking spaceman. Just a regular guy that got lost.

  • MachoManRandySavage

    I hadn’t noticed, honestly, I thought Pryor was making miracles with the makeshift Oline. But the more you watch, it becomes more evident that he takes a long time to read plays and decide where to throw, he doesnt look bad cause he is athletic enough to prolong the play.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    The nfl is an industry that is fueled by the mistreatment and abuse of its players. We have seen everything from players being sent into games with concussions to playing on blown out knee ligaments only to have the knee explode in a play off game on national tv. We see separate rules for certain qbs labeled as “read option qb” allowing for far more violence to be exacted against them then their counter parts, the non mobile so called drop back pocket passing qb.

    Players are called ‘toys” “beast’ and other dehumanizing terms.

    there is no surprise that racism is also a common way that people are abused.

    lest see what ricky williams thinks about it

    “How is bullying something that’s even mentioned regarding the NFL? Because that’s kind of what we’re taught to do—at least on the field—is to bully the guy across from us so we can win the football game.

    It’s kind of what we’re subjected to on a day-to-day basis that most people will never be able to understand… What we’re required to do physically, mentally and emotionally for the course of a season is astronomical—it’s amazing. And I’m not saying that it’s bad. I’m saying it just really speaks to what it takes to be a professional football player. And to me there’s no room to play the victim or to be bullied or to even have that discussion when it comes to the NFL. If you’re having that discussion, it just means that maybe you don’t belong in the NFL.” ricky williams former pro bowl running back


    in other words take the abuse or go home, again proving why many player dont speak up or challenge the power dynamic, or the people that make up the body of owner ship in the nfl.

    could this be yet another reason so many players have trouble off the field like roloando maclain or belcher or harry carson?

    the amount of abuse you have taken since pop warner up to a pro level is overwhelming.

    is this why barry sanders just walked away?

    is this why jim brown said fugg it?

    is this why williams self medicated?

    is this why some players self mutilate with tattoo addictions?

    is this why brandon marshall and others are diagnosed with mental disorders?

    is this why so many players end up with domestic violence issues at home?

    these are all signs of a person that has been abused, and these are all common results for people that have been abused.

  • the douche dan garcia

    He has played that way his whole life cuz he could make it with athleticism. It’s his fist instinct and basically his crutch.

  • RaidingTexas

    Jennings starting? GOOD

  • MachoManRandySavage

    DJ Hayden, still getting beat, although he did turn to look at the ball on the TD he gave up to Riley. No matter how much speed you have, if you get consistently beat, you will look for another job pretty soon. C’mon Hayden!

  • rifflicks

    Only if Pryor switches to WR or TE

  • the douche dan garcia

    Interesting and possibly true.

    Why have u become paranoid and delusional? Who abused u? I’m actually serious. Maybe u could ask urself that question and get some help.

    U have been trapped and hustled. I hope u get free.

  • RaidingTexas

    I think the Raiders will need to score more points than the Giants to beat them.

  • rifflicks

    How much of a lead will the Giants have to get before they put McGloin in this time????
    ……More than 14 would be another mistake.

  • the douche dan garcia

    “Somewhere, somehow, somebody must’ve kicked u around some”

    –Tom Petty