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  • He breaks tackles at least, no big plays, but at least turns 3 yard catches into 9 yard catches sometimes.

  • Gdog

    Jennings is actually a upgrade for Olsons moronic playbook because all the runs are between the tackles, which is the last thing Mcf should be doing.

  • That’s the R/O though. RB up the middle or QB around end.
    That’s pretty much the extent of it.

  • r8ter4evr

    Need to get Rivera and Reece going cant put in all on Moore Streeter shows signs but needs consistency

  • Gdog

    Knowing this coming in, shouldn’t Reggie have picked up a giant bruiser of a RB in the draft? Someone to turn three yards into 4 or 5? Or maybe he never asked Olson about his play book? Maybe none available?

  • prometheus

    wow and the timing.. DA better find some wins otherwise we’ll be seeing gruden in here next year

  • angel Mariya
  • Gdog

    Ahh good catch. I think the last East coast victory was Grads Pitts win..

  • prometheus

    Jets are schizophrenic and beatable and the Titans aren’t a playoff team. both are winnable games.

  • Plan probably wasn’t to run a circut act rinky-dink offense, until Flynn shat the bed.



  • Dakota

    Hmmmm, Oakland or Falcons….Ryan, White, Jones, Gonzales etc v. Pryor and Moore….and….and……Ford….
    Yeah, good luck with winning that battle Mark Davis

  • myopinion

    he seems to have good vision, wherw it seems like dmac just closes his eyes when running.
    100% agree olsons playbook sucks, ansthat put players in position to suceed is crap.
    I agree tp should stay in the pocket more, and hes shpwn he can make the throws when he set.s up and is in ryrhm. well this pistol and option seems like the worst thing for that, cause by the time u fake a handoff, spin around its already a semi broken play. when tp takes his 3step drop he a,tually looks pretty comfortable. by the time he does the fakes etc., youve alredy taken a full second away from him.

  • Gdog

    Good point. Still think a bruiser in contrast to McF would have made the most sense. Unless of course they didn’t plan on keeping McF, which may be true…

  • I think an upgrade to McFadden in general would have made sense. Two picks after Bergs Miami took Lamar Miller, who would be one of our best offensive players.

  • Jon Train

    Chicken vs. Egg. Pryor needs to do that no doubt but what people have to realize is that when pressure comes up the middle…there is no pocket to step into. Pressure up the middle is the most disruptive type for any offense. And the biggest weakness on our O is Nix/Wiz/Brisel as a group.

    That being said, Pryor needs to eliminate the 270 degree turn from his list of moves to escape whomever has just beaten Lucas Nix. I actually think he needs to commit to running earlier. Escape pressure, take an extra second or two to look for receivers, if nobody is open, run. And run decisively.

    All decisions must be made quicker than what he has been doing the last few weeks.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Oops. Double checked. PFR must’ve corrected their mistake in the last 15 minutes.

  • The Big Banana

    New post

  • Gdog

    Whatever the offense is, Pryor seems to be second guessing himself all the time.

    This offense is not going to succeed anyway with both of our guards being turnstyles… thats why I think Olson should just throw this playbook in the trash and have every play a moving pocket to let Pryor simply use his athleticism. We can go back to straight up football once Hulk gets back and Nix can go to the practice squad or something…

  • Gdog

    I think the 50 mill in cap space would be the thing that Gruden would get excited about.

    He built that championship Raider team almost exclusively through the free agency, remember…

  • Heck Legler

    anybody missing Lechler today? King is killing it.