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  • the super gay dan garcia

    called 95.7 the game friday.
    bucker and towny show.
    we all had a laugh at my calls in the past saying how Flynn was going to get us to the playoffs.
    how I told everyone he was a top 10 qb.
    my excuse was I drink a lot, and sometimes say really really stupid things.

    they both agreed.

  • dan garcia loves the doc

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  • dan garcia loves the doc

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    I keep seeing all these little blue “show 1 new reply” everytime I post a comment.
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  • the super gay dan garcia

    PRYOR’S ON FIRE!!!!!!

  • dan garcia loves the doc

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  • dan garcia loves the doc

    too bad he sucks.

  • Papertiger

    You guys cannot possibly be serious. You two were going at it when I left for dinner in Venice around 6pm. I just got back in. WTF? That’s like 8 hours of pure, unadulterated crāp.

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  • the super gay dan garcia

    i sent lyrics to alicia keyes and she’s considering doing a “THIS PRYOR’S ON FIRE” rendition of her song.
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  • dan garcia loves the doc

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  • dan garcia loves the doc

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  • dan garcia loves the doc

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  • from that picture Kell posted 6 hours ago: Kell wears a pinky ring ?? bwahahahahahahaha!! forget about what his wife looks like – the pinky ring is hilarious

  • I disagree with what was said below. this game will not be determined by pass rush alone. to me the main reason we will win is because we protect the football and take it away. that’s right – turnovers

  • Raideraholic

    Maybe the Raiders will pull together and win this one for DJ Hayden’s groin. (pull inspiration from wherever you can get it)

  • i hate Jeff Green, HB !!

  • RediaR

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the winner of the game will be the team that puts up the most points.

  • Raideraholic

    What a pleasant surprise last night!
    I will say that I did not expect that.

  • Raideraholic

    It’s a bold prediction, but that’s why you make the big bucks!

  • 0ak R8rs

    First of all, nobody asked you. Because nobody likes you, or cares about anything you have to say. Second, that one line just contributed 10 times more to this board the everything you’ve said here in the last month.

    You pointless Cowboy fan troll w an agenda.

  • Raideraholic

    Went to Bass pro shops yesterday. When I get home my mother in law is like did you find anything you liked? I’m like yeah everything. lol
    Looks like I’m going to get a trail camera which will be helpful. Looking forward to the deer season, Did a decent amount of scouting this year,

  • Looks like I’m going to get a trail camera

    awesome. Our Deer/Rifle season kicks off next weekend!

  • Redia: so how many points do you think we’re going to score without McFadden and our 4th string rookie RT making his 1st career start??

  • Hopefully more than our standard 18ppg the last 2 years.
    That won’t get us anywhere today.

  • Can we short the stock on Arian Foster?

  • RaidingTexas

    Morning, Nation! GAME DAY!!!

  • Trying to motivate myself and the Raiders with some good ‘ol Bay Area hip-hop.
    Last week it was a lot of new stuff.
    This week, we are dusting off an old Goldy “In the Land of Funk” and 11/5 “A-1 Yola” CD.
    If it works, I will keep playing it until it doesn’t, lol.
    Grasping at straws here.

  • Mimi is also ready for gameday

  • RaidingTexas

    The Raiders have scored more points than the Giants this year. Why do you expect a huge offensive outburst from them today?

  • I don’t know about huge, but I think 24 points minimum is needed to win.

  • RaidingTexas

    Well, 24 would be huge for NYG. They’ve only scored that many once this season in week 1. O/U is 43-44, depending on the bookmaker. Mighta been a good under.

  • Thankfully the Raiders didn’t try to start some stupid hashtag thing this week on twitter.
    The #noflyzone last week was stupid, and ultimately after the Foles performance was comical stupid looking after the fact.

  • How about 38-3 Raiders and hit the under?

  • RaidingTexas

    Ha! Imagine the turmoil in here if DA, Tarver and Pryor pulled that out of the hat.

  • RaidingTexas

    I have no issue with hunting. It’s way more respectable to go out and shoot your own food than eat big industry produced meat. But cameras? Feeders? Blinds? That’s borderline trapping. Seriously lame crap. Go out and actually track your animal on foot.

  • fingersrdrs

    My Raider Game day music….. Tower of Power…. James Brown and Led Zepplin….

  • Mimi_peepeechimi‏@MimiPeepeechimi2s

    Next round of #weeklywinners underdog pics #packers +1.5 #texans +3 Tampa Bay +2.5 (4-7-1 ATS YTD). Moneyline them badboys and pay the rent

  • PlunkforHOF

    Good gameday morning Raider fans and others! I see once again there is no need to go over last night’s posts. Kind of a blessing, really.
    Here’s to hoping we give the Giants a big dose of Jennings, Reece and DWow and come home with a win.

  • I was getting down on some James yesterday when cleaning. Love his old slow stuff. Bewildered, I lost someone stuff like that.
    Not really gameday music though, lol.
    Maybe some get up off that thing. Saw Maceo Parker here in ABQ a year or so ago.

  • fingersrdrs

    Its a Must that the Raiders D pressures Eli… Foles had allday last week to find receivers

  • Pryor is going to HAVE TO accept that the Giants have a physical D-line and step up in the pocket and deliver passes on time with his WR’s, and accept the consequences of doing so after releasing the ball.
    QB’s get hit, it happens. The best ones sometimes don’t even see their WR running down the field for a TD, but they sure as shat celebrate the TD with them.
    I never seen a team beat the blitz/pressure, by running backwards for 2 seconds and then curling around end literally 20 yards behind the LOS.
    I don’t think TP will start a trend of that working either.

  • RaidingTexas

    Doubt we’ll see anything like what we saw last week.