Raiders head to New Jersey short-handed


ALAMEDA – The Raiders boarded a plane for New Jersey on Friday minus three starters and three key backups, making their task of beating the New York Giants all the more difficult.
Running back Darren McFadden, strong safety Tyvon Branch and right offensive tackle Tony Pashos are among the six players the Raiders left behind so that they can rehabilitate their injuries.
Same goes for nickel back D.J. Hayden, who suffered a groin injury in practice Wednesday, wide receiver Juron Criner and backup right tackle Matt McCants.
Rashad Jennings will start in place of McFadden, who aggravated a hamstring injury against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday.
Rookie Menelik Watson will make his first NFL regular-season start at right tackle. The Raiders will sign offensive lineman Jack Cornell from their practice squad and place him on the 53-man roster as insurance, coach Dennis Allen said.
The Giants are fresh from back-to-back victories, as well as having a week off, while the Raiders are bouncing back from a 49-20 defeat to the Eagles.
Allen said he is confident that the Raiders can purge the bitter taste from their mouths on the heels of the one-sided loss to the Eagles.
“We’ve had a good week of practice, they’re mentally ready to go and now we got to go out on Sunday and execute,” Allen said. “We got to do our job and we got to do it fast. This team’s ready to play.”


Steve Corkran

  • the douche dan garcia

    And spent his life inflicting terror on other people.


    Talk about extrapolation!!!#
    What are you writing a novel?
    Use YOUR brains! Someone pizzes on you then you react or they’re going to keep doing it.
    If the idiot Incognito was showing up to work with a gun (lol) then indeed Martin can call on Roger to save him.

  • RaiderLen

    You talk like these guys wear suits and stand around a water cooler.


    That is just so pathetic in a myriad of ways. These are two grown men in a workplace and one is bullying the other. The guy getting bullied is actually bigger than the bully.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Even on their friends. On the GoodFellas DVD commentary, DeSimone’s best friend Henry Hill says that when he heard DeSimone had been killed, his first reaction was relief: Hill had been scared for years of accidentally offending the unbalanced DeSimone and getting himself killed.

  • the douche dan garcia

    Martin did do something about it.

    I’m betting u never hit anyone in ur life or got hit.

    That’s why it’s so easy for u to tell others they should do it.

    Fighting is dangerous. Been in plenty and am thankful I was never hurt and never seriously hurt another, although I could have easily.

    U would never hit ur neighbor did mouthing off to u.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    He’s been thrown off two college and two NFL teams, for starters…


    No shitz.
    Tell that to every guy that was ever in a war zone.
    It happens and you deal with it.
    Are you sure you’re with the right team?
    The whiners are right across the Bay and they sound more like your style.

  • alex7

    It happens? Fighting? Just kinda happens? To Martin and plenty of people, no, it doesn’t just happen. We walk away and deal with it through other avenues – police, superiors, lawsuits, etc.

    I don’t want to start a fight and suddenly I’m Trayvon Martin, and neither did this Martin.

  • KoolKell

    New post

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    please stop confusing the issue.

    This was never about martin vs incognito or man vs man.

    this is martin against incognito, philbin the coach, ireland the gm, and ross the owner.

    There is simply no way martin could take this on, he was powerless against this united front of powerful supremacist and there proxy goon incognito.

    simply punching incognito would solve nothing, and could even get martin in trouble with the nfl. The gm knows this, and is fully aware that it would prove to bea rather impotent response in the long run

  • RaiderLen

    You completely ignore the culture of football and an NFL locker room.

    These guys are not Human resource managers at Hewlett Packard.

    Martin might want it to be like that, but it isn’t.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    even if martin had fought who would back him up?

    we already know that there is a systematic abuse of players in pro sports, and the fear of losing pay checks precludes many players form speaking out or defending fellow abuse victims


    On a street if you’re are mugged MR, then yes, but this is in the workplace.

  • kenchun24

    Meh..it’s just the chat update thread..staying here for the Martin vs. Crazynito posts



  • SnBG

    Jeese, I hate to say it but you are right.

  • SnBG

    Incog doesn’t give up. He has a history of attacking guys from behind and was voted the 2nd dirtiest player in the league buy his peers. He would not have stopped.

  • SnBG

    Incog needs to be out of the game.Period.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Jerry sandusky is the most easily identified perp for the systematic abuse of athletes, but he isnt alone.

    Olson calls pryor a “toy” then defends incognitos racism.

    the nfl institutes seperate rules for qb that have the skill to run the read option, and exposes them to far more violence.

    Philbin claims he has no idea of the incognito issue.

    don imus and rush limbaugh

    these are just a few examples, there are too many to list

  • the douche dan garcia

    Elijah Muhammad. Louis Farrakhan.

    More hateful racists. Ur right.

  • the douche dan garcia

    They’re not in a war zone. They’re not video game warriors.

    They’re real people. They don’t have to fight for ur entertainment.

    Rooting for the raiders doesn’t require to be a felon or brainless.

  • the douche dan garcia

    That’s exactly why hitting him would be the inappropriate reaction. How old are u?

  • the douche dan garcia

    That’s the problem. U can’t force abusers on people as a requirement of employment.

    U think its a movie or video game.

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Remember when Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan had Malcolm X murdered because Malcolm had decided it was wrong to hate white people?

  • tuckrulefool

    As confident as I was about a win vs Phil Im equally shaky about beating the Giants this sun. Eli hasnt thrown a pic in 2 weeks and NYG havnt given up a TD in 10 quarters. And we have to go East…

    I hope I am equally surprised (this time in a GOOD way) this sunday….

  • the douche dan garcia

    Yep. Of course, missdick denies it ever happened.

  • SnBG

    This is the first time I’m going to project a win by the Raiders. They will beat the Giants by getting back to the blitz, putting Porter on Cruz,running Jennings a lot and opening the game with some passing. Maybe they will attempt the long ball as they did in S.D on the first play. They will have to get the Giants on their heels and let the D disrupt Manning’s quick release.

  • Wow your head is really far up your backside there may be no help for you

  • Read Option QB’s belong in the NCAA and in a few years that will be the only place you will see them. Its a fad like the wildcat was.

    If you like watching running/RO QB’s just watch football on Saturday instead of Sunday.

  • I am confused here isn’t Martin a really big strong guy that lifts a lot of weights?

  • Veldiman

    However, when you’re talking about cap space and dead weight issues, the draft picks are already set in “stone” prices with this new CBA. So, now the “not enough cap space” argument would basically apply to FAs. Anyway, both regimes are included in the responsibility of the past 6 draft picks: AD 4 drafts and RM 2 drafts.


    I’m not making a case for anything, I’m just stating a problem.
    Don’t really see right now that we have anyone better than Pryor.

  • LondonAl

    You maybe right. Pocket passers are my preferred choice but I’m still behind Pryor. He gives 100% as a Raider.

  • nolarick

    You used the wrong there there.

  • prometheus

    hey look who came out of hiding.. you’ve been AWOL since your Boy TP stunk it up against the queefs. chump