Jennings earns more ‘touches’ based on strong showings

ALAMEDA – Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s right knee injury is more severe than he realized. Even so, that wasn’t the determining factor in the Raiders loss to the New York Giants.
“When you watch the game, I didn’t look at it and think that that was really the limitation that held us back there,” Allen said Monday in his weekly, day-after-game news conference.
Just the same, Allen added, he intends to meet with Pryor so that he can get a full grasp of where Pryor stands in terms of health.
Pryor completed 11 of 26 passes for 122 yards, with one interception, in a 24-20 loss Sunday. He also ran only five times for 19 yards and fumbled once.
Afterward, Pryor said that he played with a sprained medial collateral ligament that he suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 3. The knee worsened as the week progressed.
“It was obvious that there wasn’t that explosiveness that we had seen out of him prior to the injury,” Allen said. “I’ll sit down and visit with Terrelle a little bit more and find out exactly where he is physically.
“It wasn’t something that we thought was going to be a big factor going into the game. But, obviously, it was a factor.”
Running back Rashad Jennings said he was “too dialed in” on his own job to notice whether Pryor’s movement and play were restricted by Pryor’s injury.
Allen said he admires Pryor for wanting to play at less than 100 percent, as he does with all his players.
At the same time, he added, there’s a fine line between playing through pain and knowing when to ask out.
“You got to be effective,” Allen said. “If you’re injured and can’t help the football team, then it’s best that we have somebody else in there.”
Pryor did what Jennings and most other NFL players do, Jennings said, by playing hurt.
“Most players that I’ve ever met who have played this game, you have to take them off the field,” Jennings said. “They’re not just going to walk off. I don’t question anything.”
Allen said he didn’t consider removing Pryor from the game Sunday, either because of Pryor’s limited effectiveness or inconsistent play. Pryor remains the unquestioned starter as long as he’s healthy enough.
Pryor’s status for this Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans is in question until he tests it out at practice this week. His first shot at that comes Wednesday.
Undrafted free agent Matt McGloin is the only other quarterback on Oakland’s 53-man roster. Fourth-round draft pick Tyler Wilson is on the practice squad.

— Rookie Menelik Watson’s first NFL start in a regular-season game didn’t go quite as well as planned.
Most glaring, he got beat soundly on the play in which Pryor fumbled. Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka blew past Watson and knocked the ball out of Pryor’s hand on a key play in the game.
“He struggled a little bit in this game,” Allen said.
In fairness, most players struggle against a Giants defensive line that features the likes of Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre Paul and Kiwanuka.
“There were some good things he did in the game and obviously some times that he struggled a little bit,” Allen said. “Hopefully we’ll learn from that and continue to get better at that.”

— Jennings rushed for 190 yards and caught nine passes for 93 yards in his past two games while filling in for injured starter Darren McFadden.
Allen said Jennings has played well enough to warrant increased playing time, even if McFadden is healthy enough to play. He stopped shy of saying that Jennings will start.
“It’s a production business,” Allen said, “and when he’s had the opportunity to go in there, he has produced. When you do that, you get more opportunities. … He’s going to get his touches because he’s earned his touches.”
Jennings seemed unfazed by the ringing endorsement from his coach. His focus remains on finding even more ways to help the Raiders win games.
“We deserve more victories than we’ve been giving ourselves,” Jennings said. “There’s no moral victories. We’re going to continue to grow as a team, no question. But we got to grow up now and learn how to close out games.”
Allen said his team’s latest loss doesn’t change his opinion of what his players are capable of doing the final seven games.
“I like that locker room in there,” Allen said. “Those guys are going to continue to fight. They’re going to continue to compete. We’re going to get this thing turned around.”

— The Raiders waived offensive lineman Jack Cornell. They now have a vacancy on their 53-man roster.


Steve Corkran

  • prometheus

    this guy is a clown

  • The_Judge37

    It means he gives a 100% of 50%

  • Guys like Mady & Cornell aren’t 53 man roster quality. Nix & Gurode were backups pressed into starter duty. McCants & Pashos were actually pleasant surprises

  • kuhlest

    yep yep

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    And totally unnecessary. Once you see the name ‘Charlie’ you already know what’s coming next.

  • NYCRaider

    Charlie maybe didnt following the 2010 Raiders and their average offensive line for a unit that was 6th in the league in scoring. HMMM.
    Also RM biggest acquisition in FA was on the OL and his first pick in 2012 and 2nd in 2013 was on the OL. Shouldn’t this combined with Veldheer getting healthy be enough? Unless maybe the GM has made some bad decisions.

  • Raider O

    I doubt yelling is the reason. Llamas, weed, and a good sense of humor? Yes.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I thought they were supposed to give 110%?

  • Charlie


    See Detroit’s formula for success. They had Stafford and CJ and they start winning with DT, DT, OT in the first round the last three years.

    I get that we need a WR. I see Oline, Dline and WR with our first three picks NOT necessarily in that order.
    The game ALL starts with blocking and tackling.
    Our Oline is way below average even with Veld and Wiz.
    Let’s give Watson/Bergs the benefit of the doubt.
    That gives us four with McCants as a backup.
    We need a guard in rounds 1-3.
    Barnes, Brisiel, Pashos, Gurode are done. All over 30 with significant injuroes the last two years or completly out of football.

  • kuhlest

    no on Carr, too many other good QB’s coming out

  • kuhlest

    he must give hope, and show promise on the field…
    all things tat these young QB’s do for their organizations including Manning

  • We will draft an Olineman in the first three rounds next April.
    Only if we lose Veldheer in free agency or Reggie cuts his losses and trades Watson for a late-rounder

  • NYCRaider

    Charlie, Once we get a Stafford and Calvin Johnson of course there is no longer a need to focus on those positions and just build the OL/DL. Trade TP2 and Dmoore for Stafford and calvin and i bet the raiders become alot better and Detroit struggles again.Your arguments or reposts are off the wall

  • SaintKaufman

    I say we go long snapper in the 1st and then trade back into the 1st to solidify our backup place holder. Superbowl baby!

  • Charlie

    I have followed the Raiders since 63′ and have forgotten more about the game than you know.
    Take a look at our draft history PRIOR TO 1982 and you will see how Mr. Davis built one of the greatest franchises in professional sports.
    I have offered you a spot in MY classroom so you can learn from the master. I suggest you take the offer.
    Football STARTS with blocking and tackling. Always has. Always will. See Alabama since you are not ready for the pro game.

  • Que

    Im probably late to all this but its been a rough two years . WoW all the REAL RAIDERS passing. The personalities that made me a raiderfan as a kid. RIP TC

  • I like your style….yes great idea!

  • SaintKaufman

    No wait, then we trade those 2 players and 12M dollars to KC for a new quality control coach. Dynasty muthas!!

  • DutchRaid

    Anybody remember the owner of the Dolphins defending his selection of Ted Gin as their No. 1 pick? (Basically they picked a kick returner No. 1)

  • I thought the Lions were pretty awful with those linemen and thats how they were able to draft Ansah in the Top 10?? they added Reggie Bush and now they’re winning

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Todd C. was a mediocre to poor blocker, but boy could he catch. Here’s a bit from the Trib’s article on him switching positions.

    TP, are you listening?? It could be Mr. Davis, were he here, would try to get you to do what he got Todd and Billy Cannon to do:
    “He played running back in college and entered the NFL at that position, too. Then-Raiders owner Al Davis envisioned Christensen as a tight end and insisted upon the conversion.

    “Davis benefitted from just such a move in 1965, when he converted career running back Billy Cannon from halfback to tight end.”

  • Lions wouldn’t make that deal even if we agreed to give them our next five 1st round draft picks!! (2014-2018)

  • NYCRaider

    Charlie, your classroom is built on your ego and your inability to evaluate other opionions. i will pass. I am very confident in my football IQ and wont allow you the privilege to even think we are at the same level. You confuse activity for achievement everyday. Its why you continue to repost your thoughts even when their is not relevance to them. Enjoy your EGO , because thats all you have

  • The crazy things that are said in here are sometimes more creative than a Tim Burton film.

  • The_Judge37

    Take a look at our draft history PRIOR TO 1982 and you will see how Mr. Davis built one of the greatest franchises in professional sports.
    So what you’re trying to say Chuck, is that we need to go back to the times where there where 20 round drafts?

  • Charlie

    A young FA pick up could change my draft prediction but both lines need a stud.
    Maybe we do get a WR in round one. Fine with that.
    But we need help on both lines AGAIN because we have tried the band aid approach with castoffs like Smith, Gurode, Pashos, Hunter, Tollefson, Carter etc.
    Those guys can not compete with Suh, Solder, Reiff, etc.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Yea. Well, didn’t say they were right. Just that they said it. Haha.

  • prometheus

    it probably would get him extended

  • Charlie

    I am referring to what we drafted with our top three picks.
    TEHN we built skill and DB’s.
    When we strayed form that strategy is when we died.

  • Hey now, take it easy on Raider O’s Buckeyes! it appears Ted Ginn Jr finally learned how to catch in his 7th season with his 3rd football team (like Brandon Lloyd) – still hope for Heyward-Bey ??

  • Raider O

    Charlie • 7 minutes ago −
    I have followed the Raiders since 63′ and have forgotten more about the game than you know.

    What an idiot. People are arguing with facts, and this moron thinks its about seniority.
    You have no credibility. ZERO!

  • NYCRaider

    The only truth is probably how much he has forgotten which explains why he reposts the same thought over and over again

  • DJ Johnny

    We shouldn’t have lost that game vs the Giants. I can handle just being outplayed or say they were just better…but I have trouble accepting games where you just blow it. Especially the magnitude and importance of the game.
    Still ticked about it. I don’t even know if beating the Texans will be a healing salve, but dang….you better beat a 2-7 team.
    We’re already hearing how great the Texans are “despite their record” blahblahblah. Can’t expect to beat them..no sir.

  • Raider O

    Buckeyes are undefeated since last season.
    Go Buckeyes!!!

  • Raider O

    New post.

  • prometheus

    Raiders need a chaplain to help them pray for some points.

  • hey guys like Tommy Kelly, Rod Streater, Lucas Nix, Chris Carr, Matt McGloin & Nick Miller might have gotten drafted !!

  • prometheus

    i love the ” I’ve been a fan since Lincoln was president” argument

  • SaintKaufman

    I will pray for a new QB!

  • turf toe

    I agree with Steve.

  • Rico Stifler

    Given your comment, you obviously didn’t know any of that. Not to mention that Pryor has had three years in college and now in his third year as a pro to learn how to play QB. And he still has yet to even resemble a QB. He even said that he didn’t even know about the fundamentals of playing QB until this year. It took him five years to even know about fundamentals? That smacks of his superior mindset of thinking that his athletic ability, not his QB ability, is enough for him to succeed as an NFL QB.

    Pryor has never shown himself to be a capable QB for long before making a typical Pryor mistake. He has shown maybe, at max, 4 quarters worth of decent QB play out of 32 quarters he has played. Oh and it’s the coaching staff’s fault that Pryor doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL QB? Please… The coaching staff is responsible for Pryor’s inability to:
    Read a defense,
    Make pre-snap adjustments,
    Read more than half the field,
    Go through his progressions,
    Learn the whole playbook,
    Make all the throws,
    Know when to step up in the pocket,
    Know where the rush is coming from,
    Know when to throw the ball away, Not throw off his back foot,
    Not throw the ball in the dirt,
    Know not to run out of bounds or get tackled behind the LOS
    Get the ball to wide open targets.
    Read the play clock

    I am sure I am missing some more….

  • funnyfalcon

    So what happens if he tanks? What will you say then?

  • the invincible dr robert

    I will admit it.

    But if he does well, I’m sure u will find a reason that it doesn’t count.

  • Gdog

    Huh? The dead money for CP and Flynn together is 12 mill.

    To resign CP would have cost us 13 mill.

    He saved EXACTLY 1 million dollars.

    Not to mentions we have more dead money on Flynn next season…

  • 2romes

    I liked Palmer too . He got ran out of here from impatiences . Now the defense is showing signs of life the offense Boggs down

  • 2romes

    In the sense of rooting for them before they fail . I don the kid ever had a chance with you

  • Rico Stifler

    pryor never had a chance with me cuz I never wanted to draft him and cuz he has never been a QB.

  • 2romes

    I never disliked a player for trying to help the Raiders. Any player . I guess that is where the line is drawn

  • Rico Stifler

    He’s not helping, he is hindering.

  • 2romes

    Key word. TRYING. The same thing Mc Gloin will be doing. Again Trying