Pryor begins practice a spectator

Raiders’ quarterback Terrelle Pryor was wearing a baseball-style cap and watching practice Wednesday during the media window as backup Matt McGloin took snaps with the first team.

When the team was going through stretching, Pryor was able to do leg lifts with his ailing right knee.

It remains to be seen whether Pryor will be ready to practice Thursday or Friday and what coach Dennis Allen will need to see from his starter before deciding who will play against the Houston Texans.

Pryor played the entire game in a 24-20 loss to the New York Giants but conceded afterward he was hampered by an MCL strain which hurt both his ability to run and to drive the ball with authority when passing.

There was good news on the Raiders offensive line in that both left tackle Jared Veldheer and right tackle Tony Pashos were padded up and on the field.

Veldheer, who had surgery in training camp for a torn right triceps, is on injured reserve but designated for return. His presence on the field starts a 21-day clock during which he can practice but not count toward the 53-man roster.

The Raiders can activate Veldheer at any time during that window. At the end of the 21 days, Veldheer must either be placed on the roster or on injured reserve, meaning he wouldn’t play this season.

Given the length of time Veldheer has been out, it’s an extreme longshot that he would be ready in time to face the Texans Sunday.

Pashos was the starting right tackle before missing the last four games with a hip injury, giving way to Matt McCants for three games and Menelik Watson against the New York Giants.

The right tackle spot is crucial against Houston, given the presence of left end J.J. Watt, last year’s Associated Press NFL defensive player of the year. Watt forced and recovered two fumbles in Houston’s 27-24 loss to Arizona and has sacks in each of his last four games.

Running back Darren McFadden (hamstring) and cornerback D.J. Hayden (groin) were on a separate field and not in uniform working with the athletic training staff before going inside when practice began.

Among those players who were not present or didn’t appear to be practicing were wide receiver Juron Criner (shoulder), linebacker Kaluka Maiava (ribs) and McCants (toe).

The Raiders signed defensive lineman Brian Sanford to the 53-man roster and restored tackle James Cornell to the practice squad. Sanford was waived before the Giants game to bring up Cornell for depth on the offensive line _ the second consecutive week the Raiders have made that maneuver.

The Raiders also signed linebacker Chris McCoy to the practice squad.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RTF916

    Yes, he is. We’re still mathematically in it. You don’t throw in the towel when you’re mathematically in it and bench your starter for a green rookie. You keep saying we should just quit and go with McGloin. It won’t make it true.

  • the invincible dr robert

    i thought u were tired of this. everyone else is.

    while u were gone, we have been discussing football.

    but u just can’t stand that can u?

    like a little girl throwing a fit, u scream and scream.

    no one cares danny. no one cares.

  • RTF916

    Scoring a touchdown somehow proves you can’t play your position in the NFL? That’s new.

  • 0ak R8rs

    It’s too bad this isn’t actually Doc. It would funny.

  • the invincible dr robert

    mcg is better. pryor prevents us from winning.

    we have seen what he has. he’s awful.

  • DJ Johnny

    They’re still 2-7. We should be expected to beat them.
    Too many excuses for not beating….anybody.

  • the invincible dr robert

    hes a runner, not a passer.

  • RTF916

    There is no way to determine that McGloin is better than Pryor, when McGloin is yet to start a game. And, trying a green rookie like him out and seeing if he is at a point when we’re still in playoff contention would be crazy. I don’t want to play for the draft…again. You play for the Lombardi until you’re out. Then you start looking ahead. Otherwise there’s no gd point in being in the league.

  • the invincible dr robert

    not really, since:

    1) much of it was me razzing the pryor brigade
    2) it all SHOULD have happened

    pryor should be a wr.

    flynn’s 90+ rating WOULD make him top ten like i said.

    flynn would have us at 6-3.

    my evaluations are spot on.

    pryor stinks.

    flynn will show in gb.

  • the invincible dr robert

    pryor is the worst passer in the nfl.

    any qb is a step up.

  • RTF916

    He’s both.

  • the invincible dr robert

    worst passer in the nfl.

    proven fact.

  • RTF916

    Despite the numbers, Pryor is still our best option.

  • RTF916

    Still our best QB.

  • the invincible dr robert

    nope. that’s ur fantasy.

  • the invincible dr robert

    nope. worst option.

  • RTF916

    Nope, it’s based on the fact that we only have 2 rookies behind him that are yet to start an NFL game. You don’t bench your starter for a green rookie when you’re still in playoff contention.

  • RaidO

    “There was good news on the Raiders offensive line in that both left tackle Jared Veldheer and right tackle Tony Pashos were padded up and on the field.”


  • the invincible dr robert

    some of u guys are so in love with pryor, that u still want him.

    worst passer in the nfl.

    see ya!

  • RTF916

    Best option.

  • the invincible dr robert

    pryor is a guarantee to lose.

    and u didn’t have a problem with starting pryor with little experience.

    mcg probably won’t win either but he’s better than pryor.

  • the invincible dr robert


  • RTF916

    No, Pryor is not a guarantee to lose. I would have to think that the Jacksonville, San Diego, and Pittsburgh games would be proof of that.

  • RTF916


  • the invincible dr robert


  • RTF916

    Next to what we have as backups, yes, you can say I’m in love with Pryor. He’s our best option.

  • the invincible dr robert

    u have no proof of that.

    we have seen his 69 rated passing.

    time for someone else.

  • Dakota

    Couple of weks of practice before Veldheer is in game shape, or are they just going to throw him out there?

  • the invincible dr robert

    u can’t keep saying pryor is our best option.

    we heard that in preseason and he’s been horrid.

    we haven’t seen enuff of mcg to know he’s worse.

  • RTF916

    And you have no proof that McGloin is better, considering McGloin is yet to start a game. There’s more evidence to suggest that Pryor can play the game at this level than there is McGloin can, because McGloin is a blank slate. There’s nothing.

  • RTF916

    Haha! You’ve trolled me for about an hour now, and I bit the hook. That’s it. You won’t waste any more of my time.

  • the invincible dr robert

    a blank state that threw 15 passes with no sacks and a td pass.

    plenty of proof, given how bad pryor is.

  • the invincible dr robert

    u started talking to me.

  • SnBG

    You know what cracks me up. How so many folks hear have a problem with Dr but when he posts he dominates the board. Al would love him. Just dominate baby.

  • RTF916

    We’re still mathematically in playoff contention. This is no time to go to an unproven, green rookie. The goal has to be to get to the playoffs, otherwise we don’t belong in this league. We need Pryor. We need him healthy.

  • the invincible dr robert

    We’re still mathematically in playoff contention. This is no time to go to a 69 rated passer with 5 tds and 10 ints. Next!

  • the invincible dr robert

    they love to hate me.

  • the invincible dr robert

    just like AD!

  • Chino
  • RTF916

    Dominates a message board. Some feat. He should tell a woman that at a bar. He’s a classic troll. He’s just laying the bait, seeing how many people will bite, seeing how long he can drag you on the line.

  • the invincible dr robert

    blog chics love me.

  • Scourge of the East

    Evening, all!

    Shout outs to P-man, C-Joe, and the B-Diggs!

    Just passing through to see what the word is.

  • Raider O

    Dominates the board? What kind of drugs are you on, and may I have some?

  • the invincible dr robert

    and u started talking to me.

    simple. i think pryor stinks and people keep wanting to debate me about it.

    don’t talk to me and i won’t talk to u.


  • the invincible dr robert

    expecting something new?

  • Tyler Miller

    McLoin will lead us to victory!! Its a nice plus getting back Veldheer n Pashos n with barnes going to lg

  • SnBG


  • This is a rebuilding year (see the tarps) and one major reason we can let a unproven QB like TP2 play the whole season.

  • SnBG

    In the last few minutes Rob has posted at least 25 times and almost all of them get responses.

  • the invincible dr robert

    saying “pryor gives us the best chance to win” when we don’t know what the others can do, is like those dictators who only allow themselves on the ballot, and then proclaim a landslide victory, while their people all hate them.