Pryor kept extent of injury to himself


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Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor admits he wasn’t completely forthcoming last week regarding his right knee sprain and was a spectator Wednesday while backup Matt McGloin took snaps with the first team offense.

“It was the competitive nature in myself,’’ Pryor said. “I was thinking, I can go out, I’ve just got to do this. I can go sit in the pocket.’ It fired back against me. I didn’t want to let my teammates down.’’

Coach Dennis Allen said Pryor would be monitored during the week and if unable to play, McGloin would become the Raiders third starting quarterback of the season after Pryor and the departed Matt Flynn.

“We’ll monitor Terrelle as he goes through the week and see how he’s feeling as the week goes on,’’ Allen said.

After not letting on regarding his knee last week, Pryor wasn’t making any bold predictions about facing the Texans Sunday at Reliant Stadium.

“It’s up to the training staff and D.A.,’’ Pryor said. “However he feels about the situation, that’s on him. And, obviously, myself, how I feel.’’

Pryor was 11 of 26 passes for 122 yards, one touchdown and an interception that Terrelle Thomas returned 65 yards to set up the go-ahead touchdown as the New York Giants beat the Raiders 24-20.

In his first four games, Pryor never completed less than 62.4 percent of his passes in any game, had games with passer ratings of 112.4 and 135.7 and had four touchdown passes and two interceptions.

In the last four games, Pryor hasn’t completed more than 53.7 percent of his passes in any game and has one touchdown pass and eight interceptions.

Pryor said he is no less confident in his ability.

“I think I still bring excitement. I think I make people’s eyes go wide on plays,’’ Pryor said. “I’m not too worried about a loss of confidence at all. It’s just a learned lesson and you try to put your head down and keep digging.’’

McGloin, the undrafted free agent out of Penn State, played late in a 49-20 loss to Philadelphia after Pryor twisted his knee on a scramble, completing 7 of 15 passes for 87yards.

A McGloin start would take the read option series out of play and give the Raiders an offense similar to what they anticipated during training camp until Flynn floundered and Pryor won the job.

McGloin was encouraged by the way the offense responded Wednesday.

“We’re obviously two different quarterbacks,’’ McGloin said. “Terrelle can do a lot of great things. I obviously don’t have the running ability he has, but I bring some good things to the table. I was proud of the way our offense handled me being in there for the first time.’’

— There are reinforcements on the way for the injury-wracked offensive line in the form of tackles Tony Pashos and Jared Veldheer, although perhaps not right way.

Pashos, out for the last four games with a hip injury, was limited in practice. Veldheer, who had triceps surgery late in training camp, put the pads on and began a 21-day clock during which time he can be taken of the injured reserve designated for return list and placed on the 53-man roster.

Allen said Pashos was limited, but did get some first team reps and “if he’s totally healthy you could see him in there.’’

Pashos said he participated only in the walkthrough “and some individual stuff’’ and couldn’t speculate on his availability.

“I’m happy to be out there and not in the training room,’’ Pashos said.

Whether it’s Pashos or rookie rookie Menelik Watson, the right tackle will have his hands full with Houston left end J.J. Watt. Watt, last season’s NFL Defensive player of the Year, had two forced fumbles and recoveries in a 27-24 loss to Arizona and has sacks in each of his last four games.

Veldheer’s progress will be monitored closely and Allen wouldn’t speculate when he could actually play in a game.

“Hopefully, it will be soon,’’ Allen said.

— Running back Darren McFadden (hamstring) and cornerback DJ Hayden (groin) were working with athletic trainers before heading inside once practice began.

Others who did not participate in included strong safety Tyvon Branch (ankle), place kicker Sebastian Janikowski (ribs), wide receiver Juron Criner (shoulder), linebacker Kaluka Maiava (ribs) and tackle Matt McCants (toe).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Charlie

    McCarron’s Oline.

  • the invincible dr robert

    wait. did u say greg papa was WRONG about pryor not being a qb?

    lol. worst qb in the nfl.

  • Blackholepriest

    Depends on where we pick and what other position is available. May there’s a DE with higher grade. Don’t draft a position in the 1st rnd draft a player. Later you can focus on position. I would’ve taken Ansah this year and got. Corner later.

  • O-line???

  • Jim Jesus

    ZIGGY come on that is a RAIDER name all the way. That is who I wanted too.

  • the invincible dr robert

    that is a cartoon’s name.

    and reggae star’s son.

  • Blackholepriest

    Best QB is Bridgewater but he is not a top 10 pick IMO. I would go WR Oline Dline. One of those…..

  • Raiders for Life

    Good question, how do they interview at the combine. How was their performance against the division they were in. Do they transition into the NFL? Kind of a crap shoot.

  • Blackholepriest

    I see we have a lot of QB coaches in here. ………lol

  • the invincible dr robert

    pryor says mcgloin is “phenomenal”.

  • gerry559

    BridgewAter is GARBAGE! He is a f’n idiot!

  • Best QB is Johnny Manziel and he has the hardware to prove it. Reggie will never take him because he gets in into trouble.


    Derek Carr

  • gerry559

    He is hands down better than bridgwater and pryor!

  • Ziggy Stardust

  • New post Men…..


    Agreed!……He seems a raider

  • gerry559

    Pryor+GSmith+bridgewater= average nfl qb

  • Only way Reggie takes him if Manziel gets baptized and joins Bible Study….. Reggie loves his choir boys….

  • Blackholepriest

    Well I like Manziel but he has never taken a snap from center and he just a bit small for my taste. Can he stand in the pocket and see the defense. If he gets hit outside running around, he don’t get up.

  • Blackholepriest

    Tebow has hardware…….lol

  • gerry559

    Ok how about FIRE mcporker and degenerous Allen

  • Blackholepriest

    This league will humble you very fast, not sure about Manziel at all.

  • gerry559

    How about bring in a REAL GM and REAL HC!

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    1st thing that pops in my mind.
    ‘cuz the music comes out better on a stolen guitar..

  • Blackholepriest

    Best college QB is Famous Jameis IMO no on else is close…….period

  • the invincible dr robert

    touch of death

  • prometheus

    Pryor has been sacked 29 times in 8 starts. carson “statue” palmer, the guy you hated so much was only sacked 26 times in 14 starts last year . Pryor is the biggest problem. PERIOD….

  • Blackholepriest

    You have to relearn the QB position at this level. ANC even the best of the best get humbled………period

  • prometheus

    kappy is a game manager at this point. just like Cam Newton. they both have great defenses and run games. the “wave of the future” died last year in the super bowl

  • Rico Stifler

    When do players usually play their worst? Their rookie season cuz they’re making the transition to the pros. So, by calling a third year vet a rookie, means he is playing like a rookie which certainly can’t be a good thing…

    Also, Rodgers is none for his ability to get the ball out quickly. He doesn’t hang onto it like pryor does. Rodgers hikes, drops back and gets rid of it… Rodgers is able to see the defense, make changes, scan the field during his drop back and find the open WR when he finishes his drop back and then gets rid of the ball. That makes the job of his OL a lot easier cuz they know that he will get the ball out quickly and that he won’t run unless absolutely necessary.

    Two of the last four first round picks have been OTs, 2010 and 2011. Obviously their OL wasn’t as good as you’d make them out to be.

  • gerry559


  • TrevJo

    I’d love to see what McGloin can do this weekend. Texans pass defense has been very tough though.

  • Orthodoxdj

    I teach high school where Derek Carr played his senior season. I didn’t know him well as I taught only freshmen at the time. It would be cool to have that connection, but if he turns out to be just a clone of his brother, then I wouldn’t be happy.

  • funnyfalcon

    The 49ers pass offense is worse than the Raiders. Does that make Kapaernick worse than Pryor?

  • the invincible dr robert

    kaep’s rating is 83 and pryor’s is 69.

  • funnyfalcon

    Rating or no rating, they’re worse than the Raiders. Just goes to show you what stats mean.

  • the invincible dr robert

    nope. ur willfully ignoring it.

    just because they have a few less yards, doesn’t mean they’re worse. it means they don’t pass as much.

    they have 221 attempts to our 274.

    they have 7.6 yards per attempt to our 7.0.

    they have 9 tds to our 7 (in 53 less attempts) and 6 ints to our 11.

    they have 21 sacks to our 36.

    so stats DO INDEED tell the tale.

  • funnyfalcon

    Yeah they back up the fact that Kapaernick has a better offensive line and does less with it. Please review the offensive line stats as well when taking into account the QB position. In the NFL no player can win the game on his own. It is, after all, a team game. Take the o-line stats, do some statistical analysis for once instead of providing one number and using it as fact when it is in fact a composition of the and realize that QB rating goes hand in hand with offensive line performance. Stats when used in the proper context CAN tell a tale, just not the one you’re pushing.

    Your agenda is to provide misinformation hidden behind the shield of “stats” in the form of one rating without taking into account the entire team. Pryor has been bad, but not nearly as bad as you want him to be.

    And when Flynn fails in GB, you’ll call out his bad elbow and make excuses, just like you’re making excuses for Kapaernick.

  • the invincible dr robert

    i make no excuses for kaep. i don’t care about him.

    stats are stats and they are backed by what i see, which is a very poor passer.

    it’s really that simple.

  • funnyfalcon

    So you’re agreeing with me now?

  • the invincible dr robert

    no. i say pryor stinks and i’m backed by stats and what i see.

  • nolarick

    You really believe that guy is better than J. Football?

  • wildsach

    Johnny Football beat Alabama last yr & came within 1 TD this yr. If FSU runs the table and goes to the Natl Title game and beats Bama, then I’ll say Famous Jameis at the same level. Until then, Johnny Football for Heisman.

  • wildsach


  • wildsach

    Amen…fact is, if you can’t read defenses and get a little help from your O-Line, you’re not gonna do much.

  • wildsach

    the guy knows how to read defenses….he learned under Bill OBrien (Patriots NFL OC).

  • wildsach

    every QB at times throws into double coverage…………moreso when the O-Line doesn’t block for him. If McGloin has time, he can pick u apart.

  • wildsach

    does anyone know how well he catches a football ? Not sayin he wouldn’t be a good WR or TE, just never saw him play either.

  • yoblackbooty

    Who has the better weapons…….end of story