Jon Becker

  • Raider O

    You can’t be that ignorant, can you? They won because they had 2 of the best defenses in NFL’s history.

  • SnBG

    Exactly and if they look at Al’s drafting record they can see he believed in drafting O linemen high. 1 to 3 rnds.

  • Raider O

    Btw, that great defense for TB failed to reach a SB until they were able to get a solid QB.

  • SnBG

    Both Ravens and TB had good Olines also and ran the ball well. In the Super Bowl Tampa passed fairly well and beat our team with both Brown and Rice,

  • SnBG

    The whole debate about Olines vs WR etc is good and you need a well rounded team to win the SB in most cases. It’s about priority for us and the biggest priorities for us right now are the QB,O line, pass rush and WR. In that order.

  • Charlie

    Said a different way. The offensive line provides time and space.
    All skill players need time and space. Some need more than others but they ALL need it.
    Adequate time and space keeps down and distance managable and makes the QB job managable.
    When your offense has the ball your defense is off the field and so are guys like Peyton.
    Hence the Oline is the most important UNIT on the team.
    The opposite is true on the defensive side of the ball.
    The Dline destroys time and space and attempts to force the opposition into constant third and longs. This makes the opposing offense one dimesnional and more predicatbale making the QB’s job harder.

  • SnBG

    TB beat us 48 to 21 and had over 400 yrds in passing . The reason Dungy was fired was because he lost the wildcard game in 01 to the Eagles 31 to 9. So much for that great D.

  • krawf

    They dont know the history,these new jacks think as soon as they canstep off the porch it begins with them. kinda hard to get where you’re going when you dont know where you come from…

  • SnBG

    Well said.

  • rifflicks

    I remembered another good one from Christensen….before DirecTv I was at a friend’s house to watch a game on his big old fashioned satellite dish….Christensen and Fred Rogin were the commentators…back then during commercials you could hear what was going on in the booth….Todd and Fred got into it about a babe they could see and he called him “Fred hung like a hamster Rogin”

  • kenchun24

    Rest easy Todd…still remember my mom loved you,she had that “In Todd We Trust” poster from the ’80s in the rec room. And of course, growing up in Seattle it was fun watching you take it to the Seachickens when me and my whole family would go to the Raider vs. Seahawk games in the Kingdome.


    I wish TP even had Marc Wilsons arm……

  • Zymurge

    Marc Wilson actually had a huge arm. That’s why Al loved him. It was the rest of his game that was inconsistent. Although he was almost always very good when he’d come into a game in relief, he sucked as a starter.

  • Zymurge

    A good QB will look better with top notch help at OL and WR.

    But a bad QB, particularly around play calling and adjustments, can make an All-Pro cast look mediocre.

    I wouldn’t try to evaluate the rest of the offense until there is a QB under center that can actually execute the playbook and make the adjustments. Pryor’s playground style stifles the others making it hard to know who is at fault for what.

  • bennings

    nicely put

  • After watching the career highlights of Todd Christensen’s time with the silver and black ….it clearly demonstrates why the current Raiders need a TE that performs. He was a rare one

  • JB

    Put simply, He was the best all time Raider TE ever. I was around when he played – he was amazing. He bested the likes of Billy Cannon, Raymond Chester and Dave Casper. All these guys were pro-bowlers too.