Allen undecided whether McGloin, Pryor starting vs. Titans

ALAMEDA – Matt McGloin’s eye-opening performance in his first NFL start earned him a game ball, nationwide exposure and props from his teammates and coaches.
However, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said he still hasn’t decided whether McGloin’s sterling starting debut against the Houston Texans on Sunday earned him the start against the Tennessee Titans this coming Sunday.
“I will say that, obviously, with Matt’s performance he’s certainly earned the right to be in the discussion, that’s for sure,” Allen said Monday during his weekly day-after-game news conference.
McGloin completed 18 of 32 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns in the Raiders 28-23 victory over the Texans.
In the process, the first undrafted rookie in a non-strike season with three or more touchdown passes in his first NFL start since the Dolphins’ John Stofa accomplished the feat in 1966.
Also, McGloin joined former Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich as the only other rookie — drafted or not — since the league merger in 1970 with three or more touchdowns and no interceptions in his first NFL start.
McGloin started against the Texans because regular starter Terrelle Pryor remains bothered by a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee.
Allen said he intends to speak with Pryor to gauge Pryor’s health before proceeding.
“Then I’ll have all the information I need to make the decision on who will start this Sunday,” Allen said.
Allen gave his players the day off Monday, so Pryor and McGloin weren’t available for comment.
Pryor started eight of Oakland’s first nine games – Matt Flynn started one – and seemed to cement his status as the unquestioned starter the rest of the season.
However, his play tailed off in recent games, in part because of the injury he suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 3.
The Raiders signed McGloin as an undrafted free agent out of Penn State this offseason. At the time, he was fourth on the depth chart, behind Flynn, Pryor and fourth-round draft pick Tyler Wilson.


Steve Corkran

  • CVRaider

    Lmao, yes. I saw that and thought, dude get off his arm!

  • wildsach

    U know it. He has all the qualities for the game. I mean really, quite obvious the guy has command of this offense. He is, “the man”. just proved, when he has the time in the pocket—– Raiders TD. What more can you say ?

  • Deacon John F. Mostler

    Boy I can’t see how we would start Pryor.

  • wildsach

    interesting, wonder how DA’s gonna splain that to Pryor.

  • wildsach

    A true silver & black fan would. But Raider Nation has too many Black & White fans.

  • Daniel Hermosillo Cruz

    That is something I still don’t get it… we are supposed to be “Raiders fans” not “Player X fan” or “Player Y fan”… that is stupid… I wonder how many of those so called “fans” root for the Raiders because they don’t have anything better else to do? Just saying…

  • wildsach

    Why, b/c of increased injury ?

  • Just Win Baby

    No, because of his propensity for throwing interceptions instead of touchdowns. One more bad showing might get him the hook for good.

  • W.J

    This all started with JR. The criticism of him passed from just typical bash the bust to something ugly and racial. It gave all the closet racists a chance to twirl their inner noose. Few people complained because he was the dumping ground for all things wrong with the Raiders. So black and white fans alike ignored it, embraced it , and felt a kinship in labeling him the greatest bust of all time. But it established an ugly, dangerous precedent. The banishing of the number 2 was symbolic. The ” no black (too stupid) qb” policy was well entrenched by fans and coaches, (thank goodness Al could see through this crap) and every excuse and justification in the world was created to keep one from EVER grabbing the reigns again. This is why we get fans touting Grads over Campbell. Hell Grads over McNabb! When so called fans began lobbying not to bring in McNabb in favor of Grads that’s when I knew the policy was for real. There are still so called fans who will swear that Grads was better than JC and that JC was just a mirage and did nothing for the team yet they will have wet dreams over Palmer and Grads, and Wilson, and Flynn. The coaches have done everything in their power from JC to Campbell, to Pryor to literally destroy, impede, marginalize, ignore, their careers and place their “favorite” , who always just happens to be white, ahead.To give their player every chance to succeed and do all that they can with a wink and nod to keep their non favorite, who just happens to be black, from succeeding. Keep in mind, as bad as JR was not a single qb could beat him out in practice. Not Grads, not Frye, not Campbell, and not even the media darling Gracia. It frustrated Garcia so much he quit. And don’t give me the Hue and RM are Black rationale. We know what Hue is. RM is looking to be set in the same mold, especially after out and out lying about Pryor getting a fair chance at competing for starter.

    This is why posters such as Dr Rob, and Alex have posted their bilge with near impunity. This was all brought to a spectacular head, with the neo-nazi posting. and cartoons of stormbringer(?). He did it because he knew he could do it and there would be an eager and willing audience for his trash. Unless and until white “fans” relinquish the notion that the QB position is reserved for only “white” pocket passers we will continue to see this divide in the fan base.

  • rioderek

    I’m a huge Pryor fan, however McLovin deserves the next start. He got it done whereas Pryor has been in decline. I say roll with the guy until he fails.

  • nolarick

    Somehow, it just feels wrong to post stuff under the Thomas Howard is dead post.

  • Deacon John F. Mostler

    and if he fails give him the next one just as keenum is getting it this sunday

  • Daniel Hermosillo Cruz

    Stupid thinking from stupid people… you are good no matter the color of your skin… I can’t believe that until these days, racism is still a common topic in modern societies. :S