McGloin named starter for Titans game, Hayden’s season done


ALAMEDA – The blossoming career of undrafted free agent Matt McGloin kicked into high gear Wednesday at about the time the Raiders announced that first-round draft pick D.J. Hayden’s rookie season ended.
Hayden, the prized pick of Oakland’s draft class, was placed on season-ending injured reserve as a result of a groin injury he suffered two weeks ago. He underwent surgery for a sports hernia Tuesday, coach Dennis Allen said.
Meanwhile, Allen tabbed McGloin as the Raiders starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans, in large part because of how well McGloin played in his first NFL start last Sunday.
“Matt McGloin earned the right to get another opportunity to start,” Allen said.
McGloin completed 18 of 32 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns against the Houston Texans last Sunday in one of the more impressive starting debuts in NFL history.
He played only because of a sprained right knee that has hobbled Pryor since Nov. 3.
Allen and Pryor said that Pryor’s knee remains an issue. It’s conceivable that Pryor will be the primary backup Sunday, as long as his knee gets stronger.
“I play a certain way and I just got to be a little bit more healthy to do that,” Pryor said of his heavy reliance upon running and moving around in the pocket.
Pryor practiced Wednesday, but he was limited because of his injury. He said he is receiving extra treatment at home but there’s still discomfort.
Allen made the decision to go with McGloin after meeting with Pryor. Everyone seems onboard with Allen’s decision.
“You get hurt, other guys play well, why not continue with it?” Pryor said. “I don’t blame coach. I’m a team player. I’ll be doing the looks for the corners, writing up a report for McGloin and helping the best that I can. I’m hoping that he has a lot of success.”
McGloin doesn’t lack for confidence, which is part of what endears him to Allen and McGloin’s teammates.
He said he isn’t sure what to expect long term but, for now, he feels as if he’s the right person for the job.
“It’s a performance-based business and, at the end of the day, you have to perform to play,” McGloin said. “We did play well last week. Coach is doing the right thing sticking with what we had and seeing what happens.”
Pryor understands the business side of the NFL. After all, he earned the starting job in training camp by outperforming Matt Flynn, Tyler Wilson and McGloin.
He said his focus now is on getting healthy, finding ways to get better and helping McGloin succeed.
Pryor started eight of Oakland’s first nine games, with Flynn replacing Pryor for one game after Pryor suffered a concussion.
Flynn since has been released and McGloin has burst on to the scene as an intriguing prospect at an unsettled position. That coincided with a precipitous drop in production by Pryor.
In Pryor’s first four games, he completed 68.3 percent of his passes for 845 yards and four touchdowns, with two interceptions and 11 sacks.
However, he completed only 50.8 percent of his passes for 714 yards in the past four games, with one touchdown, eight interceptions and 18 sacks.
McGloin has made the most of his chances at every stop during his football career. He knows full well that the pressure is on to show that his play against the Texans wasn’t an aberration.
“As long as I play well, I would hope I get more and more opportunities to start,” McGloin said. “But the main thing being there is playing well. We know what it takes. Last week, obviously we did a great job. Hopefully we can continue that.”
Wide receiver Rod Streater said he and his teammates are all-in with McGloin.
“We have a lot of confidence in him,” Streater said. “He came out very poised, made a lot of plays for us and helped us win the game. … We just got to go with the changes.”

— Running back Darren McFadden (hamstring), receiver Denarius Moore (shoulder) and defensive end Jason Hunter (foot) did not practice Wednesday.
Receiver Andre Holmes (shoulder), guard Mike Brisiel (knee) and defensive tackle Daniel Muir (knee) practiced two days after they underwent MRI exams for their injuries.
Allen said McFadden had a productive workout with a team trainer on the side Wednesday and that McFadden is “getting closer” to returning to practice. McFadden missed most of the past three games.

— The Raiders activated linebacker Miles Burris from the physically unable to perform list and placed him on their 53-man roster.
Burris started 15 games for the Raiders as a rookie last season. He missed all of the Raiders offseason workouts, training camp and the first 10 games this season while recovering from knee surgery.
Burris returned to practice with his teammates three weeks ago. The Raiders were obligated to make a move Wednesday. Allen said there’s a “chance” that Burris will play against the Titans.

— Allen said that he is targeting the Raiders game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving for the 2013 debut of left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer, who has spent the past 3 ½ months rehabilitating from triceps surgery.

— The Raiders also re-signed defensive end Brian Sanford to their 53 man roster. He was waived by the Raiders each of the past three weeks, only to be re-signed.

— Defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin was signed by the Raiders and placed on their practice squad. He played in one game for the Arizona Cardinals last season.


Steve Corkran

  • Good point it did set the tone

  • RTF916

    Nope. They’re white. A lot of them try to cash in on their darker hair and skin tone by hanging out with blacks when they’re younger, trying to pass themselves off as some kind of mediterrenean Spanish Latino or something, but when they get older they turn into bitter little white men.

  • RaidingTexas

    He’s got to defend that jersey purchase!

  • RaidingTexas

    Reminds me of a great part of Eddie Murphy Raw.

  • Nice work Beeeeeeech keep the funky rhymes coming.

  • Raider_Riff

    The fact that you dont see why he is so special is exactly where the disconnect is in this argument.

    Take off your blinders and maybe you’ll see it.

    But then again, you probably wont.

    The kid put up the highest QB rating since Gannon vs SD and you still hated on him. Agenda.

  • Raider_Riff

    That wasnt a big play. It was a WR doing his job.

    DMo’s big plays were the catches he made vs Buffalo, vs SD on Thursday Nite, etc.

    Those are the plays he went above and beyond.

    But they dont erase all the bone headed plays either.

    Like Ive said before, I think we kinda ruined him with all the coaching changes. Too many offensive systems. It doesnt just hurt QBs. It hurts your young WRs also.

  • I call him Mattador….. He killed Texans long horns with three sharp blades(td’s)….


    Fine, very Spanish!.

  • Raider O

    CJ Legend 34
    Raider O are we going to draft your boy Carlos Hyde? He’s been a beast here in Columbo!!! : )

    I hope so. He is not going to have a fast 40 time, but the guy has football speed, and he can break tackles. I will draft him 4th-6th round.

  • W.J

    I’m re-posting this:

    This all started with JR.
    The criticism of him passed from just typical bash the bust to something ugly and racial. It gave all the closet racists a chance to twirl their inner noose. Few people complained because he was the dumping ground for all things wrong with the Raiders. So black and white fans alike ignored it, embraced it , and felt a kinship in labeling him the
    greatest bust of all time. But it established an ugly, dangerous precedent. The banishing of the number 2 was symbolic. The ” no black (too stupid) qb” policy was well entrenched by fans and coaches, (thank goodness Al could see through this crap) and every excuse and justification in the world was created to keep one from EVER grabbing
    the reigns again. This is why we get fans touting Grads over Campbell. Hell Grads over McNabb! When so called fans began lobbying not to bring
    in McNabb in favor of Grads that’s when I knew the policy was for real. There are still so called fans who will swear that Grads was better than JC and that JC was just a mirage and did nothing for the team yet
    they will have wet dreams over Palmer and Grads, and Wilson, and Flynn. The coaches have done everything in their power from JC to Campbell, to
    Pryor to literally destroy, impede, marginalize, ignore, their careers and place their “favorite” , who always just happens to be white, ahead.To give their player every chance to succeed and do all that they can with a wink and nod to keep their non favorite, who just happens to be black, from succeeding. Keep in mind, as bad as JR was not a single qb could beat him out in practice. Not Grads, not Frye, not Campbell, and not even the media darling Gracia. It frustrated Garcia so much he
    quit. And don’t give me the Hue and RM are Black rationale. We know what Hue is. RM is looking to be set in the same mold, especially after out and out lying about Pryor getting a fair chance at competing for starter.

    This is why posters such as Dr Rob, and Alex have posted their bilge with near impunity. This was all brought to a spectacular head, with the neo-nazi postings and cartoons of stormbringer(?). He did it
    because he knew he could do it and there would be an eager and willing audience for his trash. Unless and until white “fans” relinquish the notion that the QB position is reserved for only “white” pocket passers we will continue to see this divide in the fan base.


    LOL I know. We don´t use the word “cojones” In Mexico, we say “huevos”.

  • the super gay danny

    Ur such a jackazz liar. Staw man arguments. Putting words in my mouth and changing what I said.

    My post was saying that it had nothing to do with color, but u changed it into black/dumb. U love to hide behind that.

    As if anyone who thinks Pryor sucks MUST be racist. Ur a clown.

    He’s not good. He can’t read defenses. Black or white, he can’t. But that doesn’t for YOUR agenda.

    Draft position is earned and dictates how much they are willing to put into u.

    Not “plenty of scouts”. Another lie. Only that idiot from the eagles. People said they were surprised he didn’t suck completely. All he did was complete some easy passes. The real Pryor showed up.

    He sucks.

  • Sounds tittilatiously tropical

  • J Hill

    17 is playing very well for us. Flawless? Of course not. Certainly nothing to be critical of. I bet we see a lot more big plays from him with the better QB play.

  • the super gay danny

    He’s not special at all, outside of being fast.

    All he did was complete done short passes and pad his rating.

    Never seen him complete a difficult pass.

    He sucks and his performance over 9 games proves me right.

    U go ahead stay in love. Have fun with that.


  • How exactly do Italians “cash in” on their dark hair? Please do tell…

  • Raider_Riff

    If that was the case he wouldnt have tanked it last year with CP3.

    He had a good QB last year. He got exposed for his lazy routes and not knowing the audibles. Got benched.

    You fans of 17 blamed the QB.

    Well, new QBs, same old #17.

    And what of CP3? He’s got new WRs and he’s got his team 6-4 and in the playoff hunt.

    Kinda hard to blame the QB now isnt it?

    Im critical of DMo because he kills me on the simple stuff. I can understand not knowing your audibles. He’s had a tough ride being a Raider. But dropped passes? Lazy routes? Poor body language? Eventually I get tired of it.

    You want to see more big plays out of DMo? Give him the same OC two years in a row for once. Maybe things will settle down for him and then he can just go out there and “play ball” without having to think so much.

    Then again, we dont see those issues with Streater or Holmes. Both in new systems this year. Maybe DMo is who he is?

    We’ve spent years waiting for Ford to blossom only to find out he is who he is. It might be the same case with DMo.

    I want to see progress out of players. I was a DHB supporter until it became evident he wasnt going to improve. And that kid has all the heart and work ethic in the world. I’d be jumping off the TP2 bandwagon in a year from now if he showed the same slow progress. I dont discriminate.

  • What if its a fix it ticket and the cop has a bad case of the Mondays?

  • the super gay danny

    This would be considered so racist if uttered about a black or Latino. Ur such a bigoted fool.

  • J Hill

    I said THIS season.

    I agree he wasn’t too good last year.

  • the super gay danny

    Moores numbers improved across the board last year compared to his rookie year.

    More catches, more yards, and more Tds.

    And they’re even better this year.

    He has shown all signs of a developing WR on target to become a quality nfl WR.

    Evidence and stats blow ur theories about Moore away just like they do with Pryor.

    It’s a production business. Put up or shut up.

  • Raider_Riff

    Letting draft position dictate how much a team is willing to put into a player is idiotic.

    The position played and the potential and work ethic of that player should dictate the timetable.

    But youre a HS coach. I should know better than to disagree with you. Haha.

  • J Hill

    Who should we be looking at in the draft to replace Hunter?

    The DE from Notre Dame will be gone.

  • the super gay danny

    There isn’t time to give everyone equal opportunity.

    That’s why u evaluate them before the draft.

    People will surprise u like McG just did. Then u reevaluate.

    Pryor never showed enuff to even play but he got a shot. And failed.

    Pro evaluators were correct about him before the draft but were briefly reconsidering based in the fact he didn’t suck as bad as they thought.

    But he quickly came back down to where they originally believed.


  • Raider_Riff

    I dont care for your stats. Save it for the other fantasy football nerds.

    I watch the tape. Stat sheets dont account for lazy routes or passes he should have caught.

  • the super gay danny

    If tuitt is available, he will be the next Reggie white. 6’6/300 and runs a 4.8 or 4.7.

  • Raider_Riff

    I know you did. But you also referenced the QB position. So I had to make the comparison.

    And I dont know if he’s any better this year than last. It just doesnt look as bad because this year we are running a simpler offense.

    Palmer was running that sugar huddle and trying to pick defenses apart when he got hot. His WRs werent up to the task and got exposed.

    Not really DMo’s fault. He was in his 2nd year. I blame the GM for not getting a vet in there. Or by simply not activating Hagan more.

    But as far as the simple mistakes. I still see ’em. Same with Ford. To me, I think they will have parallel careers.

  • the super gay danny

    Stats are simply truth. Production.

    Eye test counts but some mistakes can be expected if a 2nd year WR. But his production shows he’s capable.

    He’s a good WR. Pryor is a bad qb.

    Evidence proves what I see. It’s counter to what u see.

  • Raider O

    We don’t need to replace Hunter, we need to add a speedy edge rusher. Houston is our base end. I like Barr, Clowney, and Murphy in the 1st, and I like Morgan Breslin in the 2nd/3rd.

  • JLofty

    So, I see the new format hasn’t slowed down the trolling. Need a new post…

  • Raider_Riff

    McG is not a surprise.

    He simply didnt have the “measurables” to warrant a draft pick.

    His actual game tape said he could play.

    And save me your TP2 hate/rhetoric. I already know what you “believe” in that forum.

  • Raider O

    We have Houston 6’3, 285, and runs 4.7-4.8. We needy a speedy edge rusher.

  • Maybe we could build some kind of troll trap and put a controversial comment in there to entice or bait the troll into the trap…

  • Raider_Riff


    But I do like the new format. You get email updates of when people replied.

    And I like being able to keep a specific discussion in order.

    All its missing is a “ignore” function. Then the trollling would cease.

  • J Hill

    I knew you wouldn’t answer MY question.

  • Raider_Riff

    You thought Flynn was the answer.

    Your blog cred = 0

    Case closed.

  • the super gay danny

    Of course he’s a surprise. If people thought he could play like that, he would have been a high pick.

    I don’t think u understand anything at all.

    Lol. And I love how u slip in the “hate” crap. It’s all just part of ur dishonest sneakiness. Such a snake.

    I don’t hate Pryor. He sucks. That’s all.

  • Raider O

    I did, but it’s not the answer you wanted. Big difference.

  • J Hill


    I think he’ll be gone when we pick.

  • the super gay danny

    Reggie white was a good sack man.

  • J Hill

    You answered the question you want me to ask.

  • the super gay danny

    So is tuitt.

  • the super gay danny

    He was better than Pryor. All evidence proves it.

    He would have given us what McG will.

    I have been right in all player evals and Flynn will prove me right in GB.

  • Raider O

    Imho, we need interior pass rusher(s), a speedy edge rusher, and a DB. That will make our defense a top 5-10 defense with good coaching and an offense that can score some points. On offense we need a playmaker WR, a TE that can catch and block, a RB, OG, and a QB.
    We can do all that with a solid draft and 40+ million in cap space.
    Do I think RM will get it right? Not sure. I have my doubts.

  • 0ak R8rs


  • W.J

    “No owner or coach is going to sacrifice wins over complexion. ”

    This is absolute nonsense. See McNabb and Young.

    “Your rant
    is unnecessary. Imagine a white guy complaining that most RBs and WRs
    are black. ”

    They could complain all they want. Put all, Black and white on the field and let them compete fairly for the position. Nobody complained Hillis was unfairly taking a “black” player’s position. He kicked butt and won it.

    For you not to see or understand that Black qb’s have been held to to a different standard, historically, than white QB’s shows an appalling ignorance of the game. For you not to recognize that JC, and Pryor and even JR have been judged and handled completely different, by many Raiders “fans” and coaches alike than Grads or Flynn or Palmer is simply ridiculous. There would be no controversy if the coaches and GM simply let the qbs compete in open competition as they lied and said they would. And stick with them for a reasonable amount of time. Pulling JC after 6 quarters was absolutely ridiculous. Banishing Pryor to deactivation is another example. How many games were Matt McGloin deactivated?

    “Who really cares? ”

    Are you serious? Are you really that detached?

  • Raider O

    Dude. I don’t think we need to replace Hunter, I think we need to add a speedy pass rusher. That’s my opinion, and we can agree to disagree. No need to play games.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Nobody cares.

  • PlunkforHOF

    What up Lofty? How’re things up the hill? How much snow you get?