McGloin, Pryor both at practice today

Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor are on the practice field today, though McGloin is the one taking first-team reps in the early portion of the proceedings.
Coach Dennis Allen said Monday that he wanted to speak with Pryor about his injured right knee to get a better feel about Pryor’s health before he decided whether to go with McGloin or Pryor as his starting quarterback against the Tennessee Titans.
Pryor started eight of Oakland’s first nine games, with Matt Flynn replacing Pryor for one game after Pryor suffered a concussion. Flynn since has been released and McGloin has burst on to the scene as an intriguing prospect at an unsettled position.
Neither Pryor nor McGloin are slated to speak with the media in a formal setting today, which is the norm for the starting quarterback every Wednesday. Read into that what you will. One or both might be available in the locker room during the media-access window.

— In other news, running back Darren McFadden (hamstring), wide receiver Denarius Moore (shoulder) and defensive end Jason Hunter (foot) are not at practice today.
McFadden has missed most of the past three games. He was slated to test his hamstring Tuesday, Allen said. We won’t know more on how that went until Allen speaks with the media in about 90 minutes.
As for Moore, he suffered his injury against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Fellow receiver Andre Holmes also hurt a shoulder against the Texans. However, he is at practice today.
Hunter also got hurt against the Texans. His status is questionable as of now.

— Left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer is at practice once again. He is working at left tackle with the second-team offense in the early stages of practice.
It’s conceivable that Veldheer will be activated in time for Sunday’s game against the Titans. He currently is working his way back from a triceps injury that forced him to miss most of training camp and the first 10 games.

— Defensive tackle Daniel Muir (knee) and right guard Mike Brisiel (knee) are on the field, two days after they underwent MRI exams for their injuries.


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    I think Pryor, McFadden, and Moore are all out. Holmes at wet with Streater, Rivera starts at tight end, Jennings and Reece of course; OLine could be any number of combinations only sure position start is Wisneiwski at center, Barnes will probably start at LT, could be moved if Watson has stepped up, Nix probably at LG, Brisiel at RG, will Pashos start at RT or Watson?

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    10 Punts is what he has to get better at! This Week! Go Raiders!

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