McGloin, Pryor both at practice today


Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor are on the practice field today, though McGloin is the one taking first-team reps in the early portion of the proceedings.
Coach Dennis Allen said Monday that he wanted to speak with Pryor about his injured right knee to get a better feel about Pryor’s health before he decided whether to go with McGloin or Pryor as his starting quarterback against the Tennessee Titans.
Pryor started eight of Oakland’s first nine games, with Matt Flynn replacing Pryor for one game after Pryor suffered a concussion. Flynn since has been released and McGloin has burst on to the scene as an intriguing prospect at an unsettled position.
Neither Pryor nor McGloin are slated to speak with the media in a formal setting today, which is the norm for the starting quarterback every Wednesday. Read into that what you will. One or both might be available in the locker room during the media-access window.

— In other news, running back Darren McFadden (hamstring), wide receiver Denarius Moore (shoulder) and defensive end Jason Hunter (foot) are not at practice today.
McFadden has missed most of the past three games. He was slated to test his hamstring Tuesday, Allen said. We won’t know more on how that went until Allen speaks with the media in about 90 minutes.
As for Moore, he suffered his injury against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Fellow receiver Andre Holmes also hurt a shoulder against the Texans. However, he is at practice today.
Hunter also got hurt against the Texans. His status is questionable as of now.

— Left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer is at practice once again. He is working at left tackle with the second-team offense in the early stages of practice.
It’s conceivable that Veldheer will be activated in time for Sunday’s game against the Titans. He currently is working his way back from a triceps injury that forced him to miss most of training camp and the first 10 games.

— Defensive tackle Daniel Muir (knee) and right guard Mike Brisiel (knee) are on the field, two days after they underwent MRI exams for their injuries.


Steve Corkran

  • lefty12

    The difference is Manziel is one hell of a passer.

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    Which was 1/2 the blog…Nice to see you admit though.

    Admitting your a troll is the first step to recovery!

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    I believe people complained.

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    he’ll get hurt often in the NFL

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    One, this is the first time I have ever said or done anything positive for Mista. He annoys me too much most of the time.

    Two, if you look at my post, I CLEARLY state that i want to be Jennifer Lawrence’s douche and that YOU can be Rosie’s. I never said that I’d be Rosie’s… But I guess you have to keep and trying, and failing, just like pryor…

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    Not debating that,or insinuating I’d like to get him.Just saying he can throw that pigskin pretty well.

  • He knows what he did.

    Whats so amazing is how he has lap dogs like Rico blindly following him.

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    The only people I saw complain were tr0lls themselves.

  • JOn Wooah

    Keshawn Johnson on 95.7 the game.. he is not buying the Matt Mgloin hype at all. said its one game.

    interview will be on 95.7 the game website in about half hour.

    Im not saying I agree with him.. but maybe we should stop with the hype right now.

    Rod woodson said the same thing. Romo wants Tp2 to start. said yest.

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    By announcing it we all know you’ll never actually do it

    Sorry dork, gots to keep it real

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    A good old man, sir. He will be talking. As they say, when the age is in, the wit is out.

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    Romo said we should sign Tebow-nuff said.The guy is a moron.

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    I am just looking forward to having an actual passer at QB for now.

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    and so do you…..how do you discount the fact that all of the Raider Offensive players are ecstatic with Mcgloin and say he’s like this everyday at practice….I also haven’t heard one player on the roster saying Prior QB is getting screwed

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    Us being your sock puppets?

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    Announced and confirmed again on the 7:00 local news (this time by the news anchor) that McGloin is starting against the Titans.

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    Ok, POV, maybe right. But sane people, HERE AND NOW? With even 2 saying his knee was tentative?
    Please. You stop.

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    Wow, you’re an idiot. I clearly point out your stupidity and you try to twist my post around, despite the fact that it is impossible to change what i said. I don’t see how me defending Mista over ONE post makes me his lap dog, but i guess that’d make you the troll this time, wouldn’t it, troll?

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    There will be growing pains with both QB’s. It just depends on who you believe has a brighter future, that’s who you give the experience to.

  • In my 6 years of being here Rico is the only blogger I have seen say anything somewhat nice to you.

    How does that make you feel?

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    and McGloin is starting Light years ahead of Prior QB as far as skill set…and prior QB has had a 3 year head start

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    I’m not the one crying, you are….

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    McGloin 1 – 0 as a starter and the O put up TDs, not FGs, let’s see if he gets to 2 – 0

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    Rico hasn’t said anything to me.

    Is your brain broke?

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    Thats why I said let McGroin play out the season and reset the open competition in 2014. Only an idiot would jump on his sack after 1 start.

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    Vehldeer will not be activated until Thanksgiving.

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