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McDonald grades Raiders off loss to Titans

By Steve Corkran
Monday, November 25th, 2013 at 11:55 am in Oakland Raiders.

Beat writer Jerry McDonald doled out grades for the Raiders based on their performance against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in a 23-19 loss at the Coliseum:

It was a different Matt McGloin in the second half. He completed 11 of 15 passes for 155 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions for a passer rating of 128.5. His first half, which included an interception deep in his own territory that resulted in a Titans field goal, was 42.5. McGloin had four passes deflected by pass rushers in the first half. Rod Streater, with five receptions for 93 yards, was the most reliable wide out. McGloin correctly found Marcel Reece (covered by a linebacker) for a 27-yard touchdown pass which put the Raiders ahead.
Grade: C-plus

Rashad Jennings had 10 rushes for 55 yards in the first half, but got dinged in the second half, finishing with 16 carries for 73 yards. Reece got 14 yards on five carries and McGloin had a key scramble for a first down. Raiders finished with 93 yards on 23 carries with a long of 15 yards. Got steady yards for the most part, but never had the big breakaway run which would make it an exceptional rushing game.
Grade: C

In a game like this, it’s an “A” or “F” scenario. Once the Raiders scored with 6:10 left and were up 23-19, it was up to the defense — most specifically the pass defense — to put the game in the win column. Instead, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick sliced the Raiders to ribbons on third down and finished the game 30 of 42 for 320 yards and two touchdowns, including a brutal 54-yard touchdown pass to Justin Hunter where Brandian Ross and Phillip Adams wound up on the wrong side of the highlights.
Grade: F

Chris Johnson got 73 yards on 20 carries and Shonn Green 15 yards on four carries, with the two primary ball carriers averaging less than 4 yards per carry. Fitzpatrick managed 26 yards on five scrambles. The Raiders have consistently shown the ability to get multiple players to the ball. Whenever one player misses a tackle, one or more players are there to follow up.
Grade: B

Sebastian Janikowski missed from 32 and 48 yards out, while converting four kicks, including one from 52 yards. He also made a 48-yarder which was a low line drive that somehow made it in. It’s been a bad year for Janikowski, with seven misses after missing just seven kicks in the last two years. Taiwan Jones, one of the NFL’s top gunners, continues to do well on kick returns (26.7 average vs. Titans). Jacoby Ford is struggling on punt returns. Marquette King punted only twice for a 47.5 average.
Grade: D

The best coaching for the Raiders came at halftime, when adjustments were made which turned McGloin from a struggling rookie into a quarterback who looked like a confident veteran. Defensively, the Raiders were never able to rattle Fitzpatrick, considered for the most part a career backup. Allen admitted that on the game-winning 10-yard touchdown pass from Fitzpatrick to Kendall Wright, there probably should have been more pressure other than a three-man rush.
Grade: C

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  • 10centsworth

    I think DA, in his news conference, was thinking/saying he knew he SHOULD HAVE stepped in. Nothing wrong with airing that, with young assistant coaches. Nothing.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Many new posts. OK, two.

  • Davy Jones

    If DA wins another two games he’s safe for this year, but can be described as on the hot seat. This is year 2 of a rebuild, year 3 is the put up or shut up year. I think DA should get some credit (or blame?) for the D, but I’ve seen nothing from him that would keep me from preffing Gruden, if there’s any truth to those rumors.

  • 10centsworth

    It seems to me that ANY player not starting would love to come into a situation like this, just for the chance to showcase. Some of these guys we now HAVE to concern ourselves with losing, because they have done just that. It is not going to break our bank to keep most of the one year contract guys we want to keep. And that will also open up the coffers for 3/4 impact (on both sides of the ball) players in FAgency. This is also why I like the draft payroll sanity in effect. Yes…we do have that nucleus we haven’t had. IMO.

  • Theghostronin79

    It’s like, when they attempt a screen pass, the QB throws a stick of Dynamite instead of the football……Gets BLOWN the FUGG UP, every damn time…..

  • 10centsworth

    Pardon me, but which stat is the worse. 4 tipped passes or ten sacks? Let me ponder that a moment.

  • Jim Jesus

    I would be very interested to know how many 3rd down situations that have been converted against us were via the pass. I seem to recall a ton of 3rd and long plays being converted. How do the coaches not realize this is a problem. It seems like the ONE truly weak spot on the D.

  • spiff

    can’t understand how as the titans marched down the field for the game winning drive. I don’t know 3rd and goal might have been a good time to call a time out with the whole defense. at least to get a breather , regroup, make sure to call the right defense , get everyone on the same page. tell them the importance of this stop. but that’s just me……….dunno.

  • NYCRaider

    having cap flexability is always a good thing. eventually though you have to pick the right impact players. Hoping 2014 is the year we bring in those impact players bc we dont have alot of playmakers on either side of the ball right now compared to other playoff teams

  • wildsach

    I like DA. Think he’s getting a bad rap. QB’s just didn’t work out as he was hoping. What can you do. Hopefully, McG will work out for this team. Also, unfortunately we seem to be plagued with numerous injuries. Can’t put that on DA.

  • Theghostronin79

    The distance doesn’t seem to matter either. 3rd and short is almost a “Gimmie” for the opposition. But we could have them in 3rd and 17…..and give up an 18 yard pass……Or we stop them and get called for some stupid penalty on the opposite side of the field.

  • NYCRaider

    As a fan watching your defense give up 3rd and long all game is beyond frustrating

  • Gdog

    I doubt CP had a problem with DA. Its Reggie that he didn’t like (my guess). He tried to low-ball him with a contract with no guarantees. CP prolly said to Reggie “What do you think I am, a two bit rookie moron?”
    Wasn’t there a poster here that knew CP through his family? It would be interesting to hear CPs thoughts on the situation. I bet it has nothing to do with the Raiders or their fans… it was all Reggie.

  • Jim Jesus

    No it’s much better to just let the clock run and keep our D on their heels, Time outs are for Puzzies apparently

  • Jim Jesus

    Been that way all season. See if you can recall some 3rd and 17 or similar situations throughout the season. I sure seem to remember a bunch!

  • Jim Jesus

    That is how I recall it being a lot this year.

  • spiff

    seems like it’s only to the wideouts only.

  • spiff

    haven’t seen much success when we rush three and drop 8.

  • RaidingTexas

    I seem to remember hearing that the Raiders were #1 in the league for lowest third down conversion allowed rate several games into the season. It has clearly fallen off some lately. They’re middle of the pack now.

  • nolarick

    Right. I think that he is falling on his sward for that play, but that is very different from saying that DA called that play. That is DA taking up for Tarver. FWIW, I like DA and Tarver a lot. I think they can be giving some leeway considering that they are punching way above their weight.

  • loyal

    Griffin just suspended for nearly killing Rivera. Good

  • nolarick

    Those are two separate things. Porter is not the guy that let the Titans get to the red zone. The two scrubs at corner were responsible: Adams and Chekwa. The end. Just like if the Fish made those two kicks, if those two scrubs don’t allow the Titans to convert those two different 3rd and 100 plays, this game ends with a Raider win.

  • NYCRaider

    whats strange is the woodson blitzes dont seem to be effective either.

  • nolarick

    Hope that guy gets hit by a car. That is one thing I miss about the old days. If AD was still in his prime, there is no way Griffin leaves the Colosseum under his own power.