Titans Griffin suspended for hit on Rivera — UPDATED


Titans safety Michael Griffin was suspended by the league for one game for his hit on Raiders rookie tight end Mychal Rivera.
Rivera suffered a concussion and missed the rest of the game Sunday. At one point, he exited the field and went into the locker room for evaluation. A short time later, he rejoined his teammates on the sideline. However, he didn’t play again.
Griffin is deemed a repeat offender of the league’s policy prohibiting hits to the head and neck area.
Coach Dennis Allen said Rivera already is going through the league-mandated concussion protocol and that Rivera has passed some of the tests. Therefore, Rivera has not been ruled out for Thursday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.
“That’s the league’s decision,” Allen said of whether the suspension is fair. “That’s not for me to say whether it’s just or not just. It’s unfortunate that our guy got hit and was knocked out of the game. I’ll say that.”
Titans safety Bernard Pollard doesn’t seem thrilled by word of Griffin’s suspension. A short time ago, Pollard fired off this Tweet:
“We wear pads for a reason! Take the Defense off the field! You fine us for playing ball! 1 man and his minions. Show me where the $ going!”
Here’s the release from the NFL on Griffin’s suspension:

NFL release:

Safety MICHAEL GRIFFIN of the Tennessee Titans has been suspended without pay for one game for a repeat violation of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.

The suspension was imposed by NFL Vice President of Football Operations MERTON HANKS. Griffin may not practice this week nor play in the Titans’ game this Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. He may not participate in any football activities with the team during the suspension. Griffin will be reinstated on Monday, December 2.

Griffin was penalized for unnecessary roughness in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders for delivering a blow to the head of a defenseless receiver, Oakland tight end MYCHAL RIVERA.

The violation was Griffin’s second this season and fourth since 2011, all for striking defenseless players in the head and neck area.

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the suspension may be appealed within three business days and an expedited hearing and decision requested in advance of Sunday’s game. Appeals are heard and decided by either MATT BIRK or TED COTTRELL, the officers jointly appointed and compensated by the NFL and NFLPA to decide appeals of on-field player discipline.


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    Did not Holmes go there as well? He must be an awesome football player if that is the two critisms.

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    There’s some players whose production and attitude I can’t find fault with but just don’t want. Romo’s one of ’em.

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    I long ago knew that. But he’s still a great player. I look past his non-football faults.

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    I’m glad I can still get humor.

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    A LOT of haters and fence sitters (after years) on Romo in Dallas. A lot.

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    The guy is half a foot shorter than Gannon….but he is also Grads with a better arm and the least amount of mobility of the two…Id still take him over Grads though….

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    If anybody had, unfortunately we know who’d it have been.

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  • Hillsdale is considered the pre-imminent Conservative college in the country.
    I think Hannity writes a column in the school paper.

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    I realize JFB is tongue in cheek but some others on here would actually hold that against him.

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    I don’t care if that guy gets in the HOF. Not a Raider. McG I have hopes for.

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    He’s 5’8 now? Good thing we’re playing Thursday. Might not still be with us come Sunday.

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    No problem at all.

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    For one he has 23 TDs and 7 ints this year.

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    so DA didnt even think to challenge seabass’ kick over the goalpost? Lol…this coach doesnt even know hiw to answer the question…

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    The worst thing about this team this year is that we’ve had good leads on a few teams. We’ve been in a lot of games and seem to pizz them away. Dumb mistakes; special teams gaffs, bad coaching calls take your pic. This team just can’t seem to get it together.

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    I’m more concerned about his conditioning,weight lifting and warm up practices. Why did he get a tricep injury.

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    Yea. I hated that pick. More than any other pick. At least until Bass and Wilson got released. Hands of stone IMO. And slow.

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    If we get any kind of lead, Coaches shut down the team.

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    Suspend him for the rest of the season.

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    It was in two minutes not challengable and he stated he believes it is not a challengeable call anyway. That to be challenged it has to be within the post and not over.

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    Good question! Ford, lost the edge big time man. Time to let him go, I think he’s done.