McFadden full go at practice, expected to play against Cowboys


Running back Darren McFadden made it through Wednesday’s practice at full strength, prompting the Raiders to list him as questionable for the Dallas Cowboys game.
That seems like a mere formality, given coach Dennis Allen and McFadden expect McFadden to play. McFadden missed all of the past three games and most of the fourth with a hamstring injury.
Defensive tackle Daniel Muir and offensive tackle Menelik Watson also were full go today. Watson is questionable for Thursday’s game, Muir probable.
Wide receiver Denarius Moore (shoulder), strong safety Tyvon Branch (ankle) and defensive end Jason Hunter (foot) will not play against the Cowboys.
The Cowboys also are going into the game short-handed, with linebacker Sean Lee, standout kick returner Dwayne Harris and cornerback Morris Claiborne among the players that won’t play.
The Raiders are on their way to the Oakland Airport right now for the flight to Dallas. They play the second of three Thanksgiving Day games.


Steve Corkran

  • seymour bush

    New post losers.

  • prometheus

    with the 10th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select Derek Carr.

  • AutumnThunderstorm

    Vehldeer officially on Raiders’ 53 man roster.
    Wisneiwski finally has the G label removed from his position status.
    And for those who think either Wisneiwski either should be playing guard over center or that he doesn’t deserve the pro bowl, he has the 2nd best pass protector ratings in the NFL the 2nd best in lead blocking for the run in the NFL as the center for the Raiders.

  • 0ak R8rs


  • 0ak R8rs

    What else would you expect from a guy they still says “brahs” and “dweeb”?

  • DJ Johnny

    New GM’s are NEW GM’s cuz the previous ones weren’t working out.
    So, it would stand to reason that almost EVERY new GM would be inheriting a “bad” situation.

  • The Big Banana

    Apparently, according to many in here, the new GM was hired to match or slightly improve upon the previous regime’s last 9 years (but nothing before then) and with less money.

    Objective complete…I guess.

  • 10centsworth

    Boy, that took some thought. Indicative of some that you even had to go there.

  • Hey, common ground for us, lol.
    Happy Turkey day Raider

  • 10centsworth

    Don’t be talking needless crap about Al Davis, Kook. I’ll extrapolate and point out how much you were spending on crack while others stole your listings. Just a guess, of course.

  • Let’s get a fookn win

  • Rico Stifler

    FA OLs are weak outside of Mack and Asamoah. Mack is a much better center than Asamoah is guard. I think Mack at C and Wiz at LG would be much better than Wiz at C and Asamoah at LG.

  • Rico Stifler

    I hope that will be true. lol

  • Raider Rick

    Going from inheriting a mess, to inheriting 50 mil Cap space or so with Mckenzie’s stellar draft record?? Im nervous, this guy could set us back ten more years. He may be a good person but as far as draft picks, he has fumbled alot. I dunno If even Gruden could come in and make an impact. One year deals on defense and Rookie Wide outs that cant catch a can of corn If it was thrown at em. Nervous guys….Ten more years of suffering guys. I would have to agree and say ” Fire Reggie NOW”

  • Rick, do you not see the difference in which their playing as opposed to years past? This reminds me of when gruden first came in , most of these losses we were in it at the end. Patience brother

  • So , Prometheus , what does that mean? Or are you just a big fan of the movie?

  • Freakyguy666

    Last I checked Hue Jax left the team with an 8-8 record. And they would have made the playoffs had Dmac stayed healthy as Jax actually designed plays to maximize his talents rather than continually banging his head into the middle of the line. So far we’d be lucky to win 6.

  • Freakyguy666

    Wrong. Objective was FAILED. Hue had this team on the verge of being in the playoffs and doing some damage before his ouster. How quickly you forget…

  • I agree , hue had them playin hard as well, bottom line injuries lack of talent , playing stupid football has doomed us

  • So we have crickets

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    ♌Tracy Porter♌