Final: Cowboys 31, Raiders 24


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The Raiders have been tired of losing for more than a decade.

In a 31-24 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Thursday at AT&T Stadium before 87,572 fans, the Raiders, according to coach Dennis Allen, were just tired.

The seeds of losing a 21-7 lead and ultimately the game were sewn in allowing the Cowboys to drive 73 yards inside of the final two minute of the first half.

Then the Cowboys’ previously anemic rushing attack simply flattened the Raiders and their eight-ranked rushing defense in the second half, gaining 132 of their 144 yards.

“With a short week after playing 82 plays the week before, our guys are beat up, our guys are banged up,’’ Allen said. “It wasn’t for a lack of effort. It wasn’t from a lack of planning. They blocked us, we struggled with our tackling and we weren’t able to stop them.’’

The Raiders, 4-8, are ensured their 11th consecutive non-winning season. They finish 0-4 against the NFC East with eight straight losses against teams with winning records dating back to a Nov. 27 win over the Chicago Bears in 2011.

While Dallas got 82 yards from 12 carries from undrafted free agent rookie Lance Dunbar and 17 carries for 63 yards and three touchdowns from DeMarco Murray, the Raiders fifth-ranked rushing attack managed just 50 yards on 25 carries. It was the second-lowest output on the ground this season, getting 49 yards in a Week 3 loss in Denver.

“It all starts with stopping the run, making them one-dimensional, and making plays on the outside,’’ Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said.

The Cowboys, 7-5 and a half-game up on Philadelphia in the NFC East, also got a 4-yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant and a 19-yard field goal by Dan Bailey in the fourth quarter.

The Raiders struck with a 23-yard fumble return on the opening kickoff, had a pair of 1-yard runs from Rashad Jennings in building their 21-7 lead, and managed only a too-little, too-late 45-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski late in the fourth quarter.

Momentum swung for good not long after the Raiders hit their high point, with Jennings scoring from the 1 following a 50-yard, 12-play drive engineered by quarterback Matt McGloin.

Previously, McGloin had taken the Raiders 79 yards in 12 plays _ also ending in a Jennings touchdown _ and in those touchdown drives was 5-for-5 for 81 yards and five first downs on third-down plays.

Romo, who completed 23 of 32 passes for 225 yards, had only 1:56 to work with but drove the Cowboys 73 yards with 10 seconds to spare, completing 5 of 7 passes for 71 yards against a defense that that had been stout up to that point.

“It’s a killer, and it’s happened to us a couple of times this year,’’ free safety Charles Woodson said. “Those are huge points. Those are momentum stoppers. And it gives them confidence going into halftime that they can move the ball on us.’’

Which is exactly what the Cowboys did, going on drives of 87 and 65 yards for touchdowns and 79 yards for a field goal, during which time the Raiders managed a single first down.

Oakland’s best chance for a second-half touchdown ended when McGloin (18 of 30 for 255 yards) threw a jump-ball to 5-foot-9 Jacoby Ford on third-and-9 from the 20 which was intercepted in the end zone by Brandon Carr.

Raiders players weren’t buying Allen’s fatigue theory.

“At this point everybody’s tired _ even Dallas, I’m sure,’’ McGloin said. “You’ve got to fight through it, you’ve got to push through it. That’s why you condition, that’s why you work all season to say in shape. That’s no excuse.’’

Said Woodson: “The opportunity was there. We’re up in that game and we didn’t find a way to finish it out. Going forward what you have to build on is being able to close games out.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    He’s a PG for Christ sake!!!!!



  • RaiderCDE

    That’s the part that has to be considered the *most* concerning thing. More of this same garbage is *not* going to get it done. I mean even the draft picks that have ‘worked’ out – are, average to below average players. There have been a couple decent FA signings – maybe 3-4 this year – but that in no way compares to the disturbing gaffes.

    Sad thing is next year will still be year 1 of a rebuild because Reggie has built nothing so far.


    3-5….we’ll win one were not supposed to…not sure which

  • The team as a whole is better with McGloin at QB

  • prometheus

    somebody here said clowney is one dimensional and shouldn’t be drafted. Clowneys 1 dimension happens to be exactly what OAK needs. PASS RUSH

  • severeraiderz

    Lmao sure you did

  • nolarick

    You’re a fruitloop.


    I know this….we need 11 heat seeking missles on “D” with vise grips for arms…..all this patty cake to the shoulders was killing me yesterday

  • severeraiderz

    Let’s see ur rebuttal then

  • 10centsworth

    I’m still working on “undo”.

  • Jim Jesus

    More like Keystone cops

  • The Big Banana

    Pretty good summation. Suffice to say the jury’s out on Reggie. Some will list the players he’s picked up that *have* turned out ok. And it’s a valid point, but consider their are some good players acquired by the previous regime as well, despite how hated it was by many in here. Guys like Wiz, Veldy, Barnes (solid, even though many of you hate him), Moore.

    Getting a few good players doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job. You’re bound to hit on some. As DA himself said, it’s a production business and, frankly, they’re not producing.

    Some will point to getting the salary cap in order. Come on. Anyone can cut salary.

    Others will justify it by saying they’re doing no worse than the previous regime. Again, not the standard we’re looking to match. Al was hired as a guru of his time, and he produced right away for for a few decades even. Just like Reggie was hired as a guru of the modern day, so matching a guy who’s time has long passed is a fool’s argument.


    Or 3 stooges…

  • RaiderCDE

    Guy has made very very poor decisions. Including taking on that $50 million in dead money that the believers keep selling as the excuse. But he must be a magician because he’s got some people believing he’s doing the ‘right thing’.

  • Jim Jesus

    Whoopwhoopwhoop whoop

  • nolarick

    Its not his one dimensionalness that is problematic. Its his attitude and poor work ethic. Dude has been a man among boys for his entire football life. He’s in for a rude awakening in the NFL because it is not going to come easy to him because he’s a physical freak. When challenged, he is probably going to fail because he does not know how to come to work every day to improve and has no motivation to do so.


    I would not draft him…we let one get away already this year….That kid BASS,,,had potential

  • Jim Jesus

    that’s what my X-wife said. LOL

  • Sir Raider Duck, OMS

    Bergs is 27, not 30.

    We only traded one draft pick for Flynn, not two.

    Palmer didn’t want to be here anymore.

    Hayden will be fine.


    666…I think the entire football world can see this….is why pryor was a healthy scratch twice…GOOD!!

  • marks hair

    he hasn’t been a healthy scratch.. McNugget just took the starting job away.


    You trained her well oby one…..

  • RaiderCDE

    Slashing coaching staffs and rosters, taking on dead money all the so-called necessary ‘rebuild’ moves all sound good – until the replacements are no better or worse. And the doormat Raiders reappear and the losses pile up. And the excuses mount. DA’s ‘tired’ excuse in his presser was one for the ages and shows the real ‘change in culture’ that they have brought to Oakland.

  • IMO Reggie is good at dismantling things but not as good at rebuilding them.

    He had a top 5 Running game when he came here he let Knapp flush that for Zone Blocking Scheme.

    Then we had the 8th ranked passing offense with Palmer her and he sent Palmer packing.

  • I’m with you here.
    Lack of depth is killing the team, and blowing draft picks kills your depth.


    And most of our starters are just depth…

  • No draft picks but compensatory ones? Come on man, that isn’t true.
    So should we just forfeit our picks after the 3rd round this year? You can get players, the starting Center for the world Champion Ravens was taken 3 picks after Bergs.

  • severeraiderz

    You are doing a lot of speculating about the thought process of a man that I feel I can safely assume that u don’t know personally. I’m sure McGloin did very well in practice in 7on7s, if he did markedly better than Pryor then why did it take so long for him to seize any playing time? Writing about an undrafted free agent working hard and earning a starting QB job is always a good story. When that undrafted QB comes from the scandalous Penn st, who happens to be one of the rival schools to ur former qbs college, played in the same state at the same time as your former starter, and was overlooked by schools because of that starter it makes a GREAT story

  • Nobody has played with Watson or Gurode all year basically.

  • J Hill

    I don’t see how Reggie was viewed as a guru when he had ZERO experience.

    I think the jury is still out on this year’s draft picks, but you’re pretty much right on all the rest of it.

  • And had zero…..everything. Didn’t even assist on a tackle.
    He did punch someone for a penalty that ultimately led to a TD.

  • lefty12

    Knapp didn’t bring the running game to a halt,McFadden did.Can’t dispute your Palmer take,but he didn’t want to be here.

  • marks hair

    2 new posts

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Al produced in those early days by spending money on guys. He wasn’t an owner yet either. When he became a partner, he spent and spent and spent, and the other owners, first those of the AFL, then those of the NFL, and then those of the merged NFL/AFL didn’t much appreciate Al’s profligate ways. It forced them to spend on these guys who heretofore had to become pro wrestling clowns in the off season, used car salesmen, etc. to supplement their passion for playing football.
    Al created the very economic system that, in the end, made his team irrelevant when he could no longer financially compete with the Krafts of the world.

  • RaiderCDE

    Mark should just sell the team. If he has any respect for what his father built and what this org used to be and represent he will step aside and at least sell his controlling stake to someone who can dig this franchise out of the abyss and take it to the 21st century. Not rebranded, mind you, but reborn as the Raiders of old – where toughness is front and center and losing is not an option. Other franchises have stolen that identity and used it to great success. Ravens come to mind. They stole our mojo, shield, color and even snaked on our name Ravens/Raiders… hmmm. And its sure working out for them this last decade.

    We harp on the joke GM and HC – and below average players but the real true *answer* is new ownership. The Davis family era is over and its time to move on. Mark could stay on as a minority partner to keep the Davis name part of it, but come on – he is no owner, this guy looks like he is more at home doing whippits watching Bugs Bunny reruns. Sell the team to the highest bidder, ensure the Raider brand will continue and thrive in a new stadium in the biggest market in the country. It would be the greatest move he could make and frankly the only one he has left.

  • 10centsworth

    That stuff is catching. Remember where it started, a caravan in the desert, a wife who demanded Sundays be Holy, a handmaiden who demanded he move…just a little…to the left. Ergo, here we are. I read the good book.

  • 10centsworth

    I’d worry about your fly.

  • Looks like your the one worried about my fly , smart aZ qu33r

  • Thank you sir, nice to get a straight answer

  • wildsach

    BINGO !

  • wildsach

    he hasn’t changed much since his Ohio St daze.

  • wildsach

    McG is the future of the Raiders. Right now, with this defense, only Brady & P Manning could win a few games with high scoring.

  • wildsach

    Agree. Hit the nail on the head. Need a few Clowneys.

  • wildsach

    don’t need many….Tarver only rushes 3.

  • wildsach

    OK w/ Johnny, just get him some stilts.