Allen sticking with McGloin, at least for short term

ALAMEDA – Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Friday that he intends to stick with Matt McGloin as his starting quarterback for now. However, Allen also wants to get another look at Terrelle Pryor before this season ends.
It’s all part of Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie gathering as much information as possible on their quarterback situation before they head into the offseason.
“I don’t think he’s done anything to play himself out of that position,” Allen said of McGloin.
At the same time, Allen stopped short of anointing McGloin the unquestioned starter the final four games.
Most important, the Raiders need to have a firm grasp on what they have in McGloin and Pryor. To that end, Allen said he wants to see more of Pryor this season, too.
“We need to have a good evaluation of what we have at the quarterback position as we move forward,” Allen said. “These last four weeks will be instrumental in us being able to do that.”
Next year’s NFL draft is regarded as a quarterback-rich one. The Raiders can’t afford to overlook that position if they aren’t sold on either McGloin or Pryor as the long-term answer at a position that has been unsettled since Rich Gannon retired.
Pryor backed up McGloin the past two games, and he is the only other quarterback on the roster now that the Raiders waived rookie Tyler Wilson, a fourth-round draft pick in April.


Steve Corkran

  • 0ak R8rs

    Haha. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t try to correct you! Jk.

  • Eldiabs

    Fair enough partner. MGMT needs to do something mind blowing to shake up the culture. Nobody believes in this org and the fact that Mark goes out in public dressed like a 12 year old mental patient doesn’t endear him to prospective coaches or players. I’m afraid that as long as he represents ownership you and I will be forced to come here to maintain what little sanity we have left…. Really sad f’ing kills me

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    for any rookie qb he’s been throwing great

  • Slap Happy

    Oh yeah give Pryor Denver. We don’t want to see the real McGloin againts a good team.

  • Slap Happy

    h McGloin really moved the ball against the Cowboys. And lets don’t forget he gave up 10 points on turnovers

  • Slap Happy

    Well said. McGloin hasn’t done a damm thing. he is 1 and 2 as a starter and can’t throw under pressure.

  • Slap Happy

    Yes it was. McGloin was 3 for 10 on third down conversion in that game. While the Titans were 10 of 18. The quaterback needs to move the team. And for the most part McGloin doesn’t.

  • Reggie Solis

    Yes we do… you have no idea what he can do with a real line don’t act like you do… look what he did without one

  • Reggie Solis

    Don’t worry reggae don’t get guys with bad character and bad work ethic

  • kuhlest

    dude we are drafting a QB in rounds 1-3…..get real

  • kuhlest

    agreed, DA hasn’t had a decent roster yet, 2 offensive systems….the most injured O-line that we have ever seen…..he is getting another year, like it or not!

  • kuhlest

    has our line looked like much of a problem with McGloin making quick decisions and getting the ball out?

  • kuhlest

    Fox, Carrol, Belichek, all retreads…..all competing for super bowl.

  • What QB? Derek Carr? Aaron Murray?

  • Wouldve went there, but I was too busy at the chicken ranch.

  • kuhlest

    Both are options (tho I am not a Murray fan) but Carr could Prolly be had in the 2nd or 3rd and I think he will be better than his brother. He might be a first-round guy ….but it is a. Deep qb class. There are around 7-8 qb possibilities in this draft that could start next year

  • MapleLaugher

    If Pryor doesn’t start again this year they haven’t finished due dilligence in evaluating him. No line all year, and I think the recievers made more plays last game than all Pryors starts combined.

  • Fales most realistic

  • Raidernation88

    If yall can remember TP. is leading rusher of quarterback, and set a record a NFL for longest run for a quarterback. DA need to show him some actions while the O-Line is doing good. And the play calling goes soft in second half. stop playing conservative football, Peyton manning doesn’t stop late in the fourth quarter, they be up by two touchdowns and never try to slow down the game keep playing to secure the win.

  • brad

    Not! he is another DC/HC that needs help at OC and that guy is not here yet!